Christopher Tucker charged with spitting on a bouncer at Luke Bryan’s Bar in Nashville

23-year-old Christopher Tucker was booked on a citation this week, charging him with the assault of a bouncer at Luke Bryan’s Bar in downtown Nashville on April 21. Employees of the venue flagged down a Metro Nashville Police Officer when Tucker refused to leave the bar after he was being disorderly. He was threatening to fight both security and other patrons and had to be restrained. He reportedly spat on one of the employees, Jordyn Lockett, during the altercation.

Jacob Manley bounced from Luke Bryan’s Bar in downtown Nashville

30-year-old Jacob Manley was bounced from Luke Bryan’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Saturday morning. As he was escorted to the sidewalk his disruptive behavior continued and caught the attention of nearby officers. He was given the opportunity to leave multiple times but refused. Due to his level of intoxication, he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication. As he was being escorted to the patrol car, Manley let his feet drag making it difficult to secure him inside the vehicle.

MNPD interrupts William Jackson having sex in his car to search it, finds 1 gram weed & gun

22-year-old William Jackson was booked this week on two outstanding warrants from 2020, charging him with possession of marijuana and a handgun after Officer Sara Lober caught him with his pants down and engaged in sex with a woman in a car in a North Nashville apartment complex parking lot. Officer Lober interrupted the festivities and searched his vehicle, locating a .45 Taurus Judge and 1 gram of marijuana. She issued him citations on each charge, and he never showed up for booking.

Raymond Flores charged after aggressive behavior in downtown Nashville

41-year-old Raymond Flores was the subject of a disorderly person call outside of Luke Bryan’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning. He was reportedly becoming aggressive and threatening toward an unknown female at the location. Officers arrived to find him yelling and screaming at the woman and grabbing the back of her head while yelling at her. As officers attempted to place him into custody, he became aggressive with officers, who had to use force and “joint manipulation techniques” to get him cuffed. He told officers he was “very” drunk, and when asked to elaborate on the amount he had to drink, he stated “a lot!” He was placed into custody and transported to booking.

Police assist tourist in zipping up his ‘pole’ after he exposes it in downtown Nashville — Samuel Kefford

30-year-old tourist Samuel Kefford, from Australia, was found leaning against a pole in front of Luke Bryan’s Bar in the early hours of Monday morning, and had his own ‘pole’ out, displayed for anyone nearby to see. A Metro Nashville Police Officer approached him and assisted him in pulling up his pants, and took him into custody for his own safety due to his extreme level of intoxication.

Luke Bryan’s Bar bouncers pin an “unruly” man to the ground for several minutes — Shane Anthony Peters arrested

Metro Nashville Police received a call on Thursday mid-day, reporting that staff of Luke Bryan’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville had a man pinned to the ground and needed assistance. Officers arrived to find 40-year-old Shane Peters still being held to the ground. Security staff stated he was being unruly and was asked to leave but refused to do so. When he became combative, he was taken to the ground to await the arrival of the police. Peters told police he had been drinking during the day and didn’t like how staff approached him. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Brent Robinson kicked out of Luke Bryan’s after standing on bar, kicking liquor bottles

22-year-old Brent Robinson was kicked out of Luke Bryan’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville after he climbed onto the bar, where he stood and began kicking bottles of liquor. Once outside, he continued to be belligerent and was an annoyance to the public. Police attempted to locate friends to care for him, but were unsuccessful.

Man found drunk & laying in doorway of bar, gun in his waistband — Jacob Baker arrested

21-year-old Jacob Baker is charged with possession of a weapon while under the influence. Police were responding to a separate incident at Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge Bar at 301 Broadway Sunday night when they observed Baker laying down inside the doorway to the bar with a handgun clearly visible sticking out from his waistband.

Officers asked if he was OK, and Baker replied “No, I’m drunk!”. Police took him into custody and he was transported to booking. He is now free on pre-trial release.

Nashville man says he sold his soul to Luke Bryan… in arrangement to harm President Joe Biden — Jason Lind

37-year-old Jason Lind, who we covered last week after his outburst at Best Buy, is now being held on a federal warrant in the Metro Nashville Jail, after he called the FBI and told them he had sold his soul to Luke Bryan and would commit treason for him, including getting on a plane and carrying out a specific threat to President Joe Biden. He explained he was simply waiting on Luke Bryan to give him the orders.