Michigan tourist Julian Hall jailed after rowdiness at Jason Aldean’s bar

23-year-old Julian Hall told Jason Aldean’s bar security staff that they were “lucky” that police placed him into custody. Before he was arrested, police were flagged down by security about Julian outside, causing a disturbance. They told the police that they denied him entry due to improper identification. The officers saw Julian arguing with security when he refused to leave the building’s curt ledge. Julian was warned several times to leave, or he would be trespassed from the business. He continued to yell, so police placed him into custody. While in custody, he said to security staff that they were “lucky,” insinuating an altercation would arise if he were not placed into custody.

Tourist Michael Boyce drunkenly cat-calls women on Broadway in downtown Nashville

32-year-old Michael Boyce was cat-calling women on Broadway before his friends told the police they did not want to help him. Michael was seen on Broadway after MNPD officers were flagged down on August 3rd. The police were told he was intoxicated and made sexually explicit comments to women walking by him. They also saw him pretend to jump in front of vehicles passing by on 1st Ave. Michael was unsteady on his feet and smelled strongly of alcohol when police asked him about the comments he was making toward the women, per the report. He said that he did not remember the comments nor where he was staying. Michael called his friends when the police asked if he had any that could help him; the friend said that they did not wish to help.

Tourist Matthew Jacobson jailed after being bounced from Honky Tonk Central

39-year-old tourist Matthew Jacobson was kicked out of Honkey Tonk Central late Thursday night on Broadway in downtown Nashville and told not to return due to his disorderly and aggressive behavior towards staff. Just after midnight, Jacobson returned to the bar and attempted to get back inside while being aggressive with security once again. He was told he could not enter, and nearby Metro Nashville Police officers observed him to be highly intoxicated and having trouble standing. He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Jaleel Meadows charged with DUI in downtown Nashville

25-year-old tourist Jaleel Meadows was jailed on April 29th after blocking traffic on Dr. MLK Boulevard. He told police he had something to drink that night and admitted to then driving. Meadows had glossy eyes, was unsteady on his feet, and had alcohol coming from his breath. He agreed to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and refused a breathalyzer.

Tourist Todd Miller pooped in hotel elevator, scooted dirty butt across floor like a dog

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Hyatt Centric Downtown Nashville Hotel at 2 p.m. Monday, where 37-year-old tourist Todd Miller was due to check out as his stay had ended. Instead, he was reportedly extremely intoxicated and had just defecated in an elevator and was wandering the floors of the hotel while refusing to leave, including “scooting his poop-covered butt cheeks across the floor like a dog,” according to a witness account of the incident. As officers arrived, the staff pointed to a black Dodge Ram, which he had just gotten into and started the ignition, and that’s where police found the feces-covered man. Miller stated he had just finished a box of wine and asked for a lawyer. He was charged with DUI and transported to booking.

Michigan Tourist Craig Colpean says wife “corralled” him, police say he assaulted her

62-year-old Craig Colpean and his wife, Leslie Ann, are visiting Nashville from Michigan. Police responded to a call in the early hours of Thursday morning at the Opryland Hotel after Craig called 911 to advise of an incident that occurred an hour earlier, around 1 a.m. He told responding officers they had been drinking and that his wife had “corralled him” in the corner of the room during an argument over work and aggressively pushed him. His wife gave a much different account, stating that he had pushed her multiple times and was intimidating toward her. She says she only pushed him in self-defense. Officers observed multiple wine glasses knocked over, causing a lot of “mess” and damage inside the room. Based on the totality of the circumstances, the evidence inside the room, and the video of Craig casually leaving the room after the incident, he was determined to be the primary aggressor. Police say he also has prior arrests for domestic violence in Michigan.

Tourist Peter Mackley charged with DUI on a Lime Scooter in Nashville

47-year-old tourist Peter Mackley of Saginaw, MI, was charged with DUI late Friday night as he drunkenly drove a Lime Scooter on a major thoroughfare in East Nashville. Mackley was scooting on Ellington Parkway near Spring Street when officers conducted a traffic stop. It was immediately apparent to police that Mackley was extremely intoxicated. Mackley admitted to drinking 9-10 drinks, culminating with a “strong” drunk shortly before the traffic stop. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to booking.

Raymond Flores charged after aggressive behavior in downtown Nashville

41-year-old Raymond Flores was the subject of a disorderly person call outside of Luke Bryan’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning. He was reportedly becoming aggressive and threatening toward an unknown female at the location. Officers arrived to find him yelling and screaming at the woman and grabbing the back of her head while yelling at her. As officers attempted to place him into custody, he became aggressive with officers, who had to use force and “joint manipulation techniques” to get him cuffed. He told officers he was “very” drunk, and when asked to elaborate on the amount he had to drink, he stated “a lot!” He was placed into custody and transported to booking.

Gerik Pennock charged with DUI in downtown Nashville near Justice Center / Jail Booking

Metro Nashville Police say first responders found 32-year-old Gerik Pennock passed out in the driver’s seat of his vehicle at 200 James Robertson Parkway in downtown Nashville Monday night. Nashville Fire had had him loaded into their unit for evaluation when officers arrived and found an open container of alcohol in the black Jetta, which was registered to Pennock. There was only about 1/4th of the bottle remaining. Pennock admitted to drinking prior to driving but would not state how much he had consumed. He has a prior DUI conviction in Michigan.

Michigan tourist kicked out of Wanna B’s, elbows bouncer, talks on imaginary phone — Jarred Likins

Metro Nashville Police say 26-year-old Jarred Likins was kicked out of Wanna B’s in downtown Nashville for being disorderly inside the bar. While being escorted out of the venue, he elbowed a bouncer in the face. Once inside the patrol car and while being transported to booking he unbuckled his seatbelt to “get his phone”, which he then pretended to talk to someone on during the entire ride to booking. There was no phone, the officers had already bagged it as part of his property.