Michigan Tourist Craig Colpean says wife “corralled” him, police say he assaulted her

62-year-old Craig Colpean and his wife, Leslie Ann, are visiting Nashville from Michigan. Police responded to a call in the early hours of Thursday morning at the Opryland Hotel after Craig called 911 to advise of an incident that occurred an hour earlier, around 1 a.m. He told responding officers they had been drinking and that his wife had “corralled him” in the corner of the room during an argument over work and aggressively pushed him. His wife gave a much different account, stating that he had pushed her multiple times and was intimidating toward her. She says she only pushed him in self-defense. Officers observed multiple wine glasses knocked over, causing a lot of “mess” and damage inside the room. Based on the totality of the circumstances, the evidence inside the room, and the video of Craig casually leaving the room after the incident, he was determined to be the primary aggressor. Police say he also has prior arrests for domestic violence in Michigan.