DUI: Conor Coleman says he had “25 drinks” prior to crashing his vehicle

21-year-old Conor Coleman told police he had “25 alcoholic beverages” late Friday night before they found him crashed in his vehicle on Sylvan Heights at 8:45 a.m. Saturday. He elaborated that the drinks were a mixture of beer and vodka before deciding he no longer wanted to speak to officers. He refused all testing and was taken into custody, charged with driving under the influence.

Sydney Kendall jailed after tossing bottles at Play Dance Bar, kicking officer in groin at booking

27-year-old Sydney Kendall was at Play Dance Bar on Church Street in the early hours of Saturday morning when she left the club, got into her vehicle, and began to throw liquor bottles from her car toward other vehicles in the parking lot. Security altered MNPD, who approached Kendall, causing her to put the car in reverse in an attempt to flee. She eventually stopped the vehicle, exited, and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. Though initially agreeing to take a breathalyzer, once she was at booking she refused to comply with any testing. As she returned from the breathalyzer room, Kendall became irate and shoved officers. She dropped to the floor, kicked one officer in the groin, and pulled on their gear as she was being held against the wall.

Officer struggles to take Marine Nathanial Hoffman into custody after he’s flipped off

25-year-old Nathanial Hoffman was standing in the middle of Broadway just after 2 a.m. Saturday as officers were re-opening the roadway to vehicular traffic. Officer Dean Ferrari advised Hoffman to return to the sidewalk three times, each of which he refused. The officer noted that Hoffman was visibly intoxicated and was slightly unsteady on his feet. Hoffman then looked at the officer, who had his passenger side window down, extended his middle finger, and screamed, “fuck you!” The officer exited his patrol car and attempted to assist Hoffman to the sidewalk. He was then given the opportunity to go home or be placed under arrest for public intoxication. He once again told the officer to go fuck himself and stated he could “do whatever the fuck I want.”

The officer then decided to place Hoffman into custody, but Hoffman had other plans. As the officer attempted to gain control of Hoffman’s hands, Hoffman simply grabbed his wrist and pushed him away, then shoved him away again. The officer then admits he was unable to control him as long as he was on his feet, so he wrapped his arms around him to take him to the ground. He fell on top of Hoffman, who continued to push the officer away from him “as if he had grappling experience,” according to the report. Eventually, the officer “fully mounted” Hoffman and held his wrist to the concrete until backup officers arrived. Once multiple officers restrained Hoffman, he pulled away, causing all of them to fall to the ground, where he was held and hobbled after an extensive struggle. He reportedly damaged the patrol car as he was being forced into it.

Bree Sergent jailed after crash, charged with DUI

34-year-old Breanne Sergent, who is the Senior Corporate Counsel at HealthTrust Performance Group, was jailed late Sunday night and charged with DUI. Police responded to a vehicle crash on 11th Ave North and spoke to both of the involved parties. The person that “Bree” crashed into took her keys away from her until police arrived, believing that she was heavily intoxicated. Officers say Bree was stumbling, reeked of alcohol, and had slurred speech when speaking to them. She claimed she had not consumed any alcohol and was coming from the grocery store and hit the car because she “didn’t see it.” She declined all testing and was transported to booking.

Ryan Fussner charged with 2nd DUI offense after found asleep behind the wheel in Antioch

32-year-old Ryan Fussner was found asleep at the wheel of a Toyota Tundra in the early hours of Friday morning while at the exit ramp of I-24 to Bell Road in Antioch. Nashville Fire initially responded to the incident, and Fussner became irate with medics attempting to assist him. He reportedly could not stand steadily and reeked of alcohol. He refused to speak to police, and they had to identify him by the ownership records of the vehicle and his driver’s license photo. Fusser has a prior DUI conviction in Rutherford County in 2016. He was transported to booking and charged with DUI 2nd.

Atlanta Tourist Brian Gary jailed after partying too hard at Second Fiddle bar in Nashville

34-year-old Brian Gary was jailed after causing a disturbance at Second Fiddle bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville Thursday night. Security at the venue told police that Gary was so intoxicated he was falling into people. He was asked to leave and repeatedly refused. He told police he “wasn’t worried about it” when they repeated the demand to leave the property. He was given one last opportunity to walk away and was transported to booking when he refused.

Elijah Okesson charged with mushrooms and marijuana on Belmont campus

19-year-old Elijah Okesson was charged with drug possession on August 21 after staff at Belmont University searched his shared dorm room. Staff were notified of the smell of marijuana coming from the room and spoke to his Okesson, who emptied his pockets at the request of staff. A marijuana vape pen was produced, resulting in a full search of the room, per the school’s policy. Inside the dorm room were 28 grams of suspected marijuana in a backpack that reportedly belonged to Okesson, along with 28 grams of mushrooms, a digital scale, and a bond used with THC wax. He was issued citations for two counts of drug possession and drug paraphernalia. Okesson and was booked on the charges this week.

Tourist Johnathan Potoeski jailed after being bounced from Second Fiddle on Broadway

35-year-old Johnathan Potoeski was kicked out of the Second Fiddle bar in downtown Nashville early Saturday night due to his behavior and annoyance to other patrons at the venue. Officers arrived after he refused to leave the property, and after he refused a second time, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. 

WKRN Anchor Bob Mueller celebrates “Assault Weapon Golf” then apologizes for image

In a now-deleted tweet, WKRN news anchor Bob Mueller earlier today boasted about participating in “assault weapon golf” at Montgomery Bell State Park just weeks after the Covenant school shooting in Nashville. The image shows Muller with “Waylon, Will, and Sarah” and described the outing as a “fun day.” According to Mueller, “The gun shot a golf ball down the fairway.” He later apologized, stating it was a “mistake on my part” and that he’s “usually more attuned.” Mueller further explained, “All of it was a mistake. This was a booth set up by the tournament to raise money for charity. You paid $100 to charity to shoot the golf ball down the fairway to get it close to the hole. It was a fundraiser. I made a mistake posting the photo.”

Readers quickly shared their opinions on the tweet. Neil Kornutick posted “Personally just don’t think we should normalize guns like this.” Jeremy Rogers re-tweeted with the comment: “In a city that is still coming to terms with the Covenant shooting and failed special sessions… We have WKRN’s very own posting this? What even is AW Golf?” Cheryl Wright, who says she has been a friend of Bob’s for over thirty years, opined, “What is the meaning of this?” Why would you post a photo and a message that seem to associate a beloved sport with a weapon designed to kill people?” Ashford Hughes, Sr., had one of the final comments before the tweet was deleted: “The logic and necessity of this troubles my mind.”

For 25 years, Bob has hosted his own golf tournament. The Bob Mueller M.S. Celebrity Challenge has raised over $1,500,000 to fight M.S. Bob has also been a member of the Nashville Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Board of Trust for the past 20 years.

Robert Gerling charged with stalking woman from ‘Hinge’ dating app

36-year-old Rob Gerling matched with Alexandra Johnson on the ‘Hinge’ dating app in March of 2023. During their first conversation, he reportedly used derogatory terms toward women, and Johnson told him they were not a match and that was the end of their interactions. On August 19th, Gerling reportedly began to call and send threatening messages to her workplace. On August 26, he sent 19 texts and called eight times. He then showed up at her workplace, sent her photos of her workplace, and even confronted one of her coworkers. A neighbor’s security camera also captured him in his “Seamless Gutters” business vehicle around her home. The victim was placed in fear for her safety, and Gerling was charged with stalking.