Criminal Court Clerk hid an arrest record from public search, DA’s office

Imagine being arrested on two felony charges, and then convincing the criminal court clerk to remove your name from their database so no one would know about your arrest or charges. Not even the District Attorney could locate you in a search for your case. That was the reality for a Brentwood woman, who convinced Julius Sloss of Howard Gentry’s office to redact her name, and replace it with unsearchable initials. When Scoop: Nashville began to inquire about the special treatment, things quickly changed.

Morgan Wallen jailed after throwing chair from rooftop of Broadway Bar

30-year-old country music artist Morgan Wallen was jailed early Monday morning after throwing a chair from the rooftop of Chief’s, the new bar concept by Eric Church on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Wallen was detained in a Metro Nashville Police cruiser while onlookers took photos and videos of Wallen, who appeared to be screaming through the window. He was transported to the Metro Nashville Jail and booked at 12:36 a.m., charged with three counts of felony reckless endangerment/aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, along with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Police say video captured him hurling the chair from the 6th story of the building, landing within a few feet of three officers below. He was reportedly laughing and jovial at the time of the incident. Wallen is free on a $15,250 bond.

Parker Schram jailed after letting it flow in front of Barstool Sports Nashville

Police say 32-year-old Parker Schram was in the process of urinating on the sidewalk in front of Barstool Sports in downtown Nashville late March 15th. A crowd outside the bar could observe the exposed member attempting to perform its duty. Schram disregarded an officer’s commands to stop and continued about his business. Schram was taken into custody for public intoxication, and it was noted he was visibly intoxicated and unable to tell officers where he was or who he was with.

#MomTok influencer Gabbie Egan jailed in Nashville after assaulting police and bar staff on Broadway

24-year-old Gabrielle Egan, who has millions of followers on Tiktok mainly related to ‘#MomTok,’ as a mom influencer, was arrested in Nashville Saturday night. Police say she was at Rippy’s Honky Tonk on Broadway in downtown Nashville when she bumped into a waitress who was bringing food to a table. Egan reportedly told the server, “You need to watch out!” and struck her on the right side of her head using her left hand. Security detained her, and Metro Nashville Police Officers arrived at the venue. During the subsequent investigation, multiple witnesses stated they observed Egan push a second waitress and threaten other customers. As she was being arrested for disorderly conduct, the TikToker lunged forward and headbutted an officer, striking him in the head and causing visible injuries. She then used her right foot to strike the same officer’s thigh. She was eventually restrained and transported to booking to be processed for the additional charge of assault of a police officer.

Eric Batson found passed out drunk in Downtown Nashville

21-year-old Eric Batson was found passed out and slumped over on the sideway near the pedestrian bridge on 2nd Ave South late March 8th. Officers made initial contact with Batson and alerted nearby paramedics. Batson eventually became conscious and was able to answer basic questions. However, Batson was still unable to convey where he was from or where he was staying. Batson first said he was staying at the Hilton but later stated the Holiday Inn. Batson also wasn’t sure of the location of either hotel. Batson was unable to locate his cell phone or anyone to retrieve him, so he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Deven Campbell charged with DUI after four vodka & Redbull cocktails

33-year-old Deven Campbell told police he consumed four vodka and redbull cocktails before crashing his 2021 Toyota Tacoma in the early hours of Saturday morning on I-24. Responding officers noted he reeked of alcohol and was visibly intoxicated. He performed poorly on subsequent field sobriety tests and was taken into custody and charged with DUI.

Frank Viera scuffles with bouncers at Twelve Thirty Club in downtown Nashville

Police say 25-year-old Frank Viera refused to leave the Twelve Thirty Club bar in downtown Nashville late Saturday night despite being asked multiple times by security staff to leave the venue. Frank was by the DJ booth, becoming an annoyance, and the DJ did not want him to be in the location, causing a disturbance to his work. While he initially agreed to pay his bar tab and leave, he quickly became aggressive and told them he would have to be physically removed. As they escorted him out, he attempted to fight staff, but was taken to the doorway where he met police. Frank told police the bouncers still had his prescription glasses, phone, and debit card, so he refused to leave. Security returned his glasses, which they say were broken in the scuffle. His phone and debit card were located on his person.

MLS Coach Nick Theslof jailed after drunken night in Nashville

48-year-old soccer player turned coach, Nick Theslof was jailed in Nashville early Saturday morning after reportedly spitting on a female security guard and falling asleep in a parking garage after a night of heavy drinking. Officers located Theslof asleep in the travel lane of the parking garage and attempted to wake him several times. Theslof did not want to wake up and told officers to “fuck off” and “go fuck yourself” multiple times. He reeked of alcohol and was not sure of who or where he was. He was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication. Theslof is an assistant coach for the LA Galaxy Major League Soccer team.

Catholic High School President J. Marshall Hyzdu jailed after harassing women in Nashville bar

45-year-old Catholic school president James Marshall Hyzdu was jailed in Nashville Saturday after reportedly following women around a Nashville bar, making them feel uncomfortable. Security at The Twelve Thirty Club says Hyzdu came into the bar and began to follow women around, making them uncomfortable and annoyed with the behavior. Hyzdu was escorted out of the location, only to return and continue the behavior. According to security, he was escorted out of the building six times and continued to return, even changing his clothing once to change his appearance. He was eventually detained until Metro Nashville Police arrived and took him into custody. They noted his extreme level of intoxication and had no one to contact to retrieve him or assist him back to his hotel. J. Marshall Hyzdu is the President of Archbishop Moeller High School, an all-boys Catholic school in Cincinnati, OH.

Nashville Realtor Billy Pesaturo charged in strangulation of ex-girlfriend during argument

43-year-old Nashville Realtor William ‘Billy’ Pesaturo was jailed Friday Night on outstanding warrants from an earlier incident. His ex-girlfriend, Patricia Benitez, visited the Family Safety Center on March 1 to report an incident that occurred on January 30. She says the two were in a previous relationship but still living together when they became involved in a verbal argument at their home. She said when she attempted to leave the room, Pesaturo blocked her exit and grabbed her by the front of her throat, pushing her against a wall. She estimated he strangled her for approximately thirty seconds, during which time she was unable to breathe. She eventually escaped his grip and was able to leave the room.