Dakota Cole charged with BUI on Percy Priest Lake

21-year-old Dakota Cole was operating a boat at the Percy Priest Reservoir Saturday night when TWRA Officer Clayton Hetland observed a passenger on the board standing above the gunwales while the boat was underway. Cole reportedly reeked of alcohol and admitted to drinking while operating the boat. When asked to display the required safety equipment, such as a throw cushion, Cole presented a first aid kit. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody.

81-year-old Daniel Neyrete charged with BUI on Percy Priest Lake

81-year-old Daniel Neyrete was on a boat with a child under the age of twelve and told police that he had been drinking. MNPD officers were patrolling J. Percy Priest Reservoir around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday when they saw Daniel’s boat with no anchor light displayed. The officer stopped the vessel and saw a child without a safety vest on. When they spoke to Daniel, they said he smelled strongly of alcohol, and he admitted to drinking. Daniel performed sobriety tests on the officer’s vessel and showed several indicators of intoxication. He refused to give a blood sample and was arrested for boating under the influence.

Rory Kahler charged with BUI while on a jet ski at Party Cove on July 4th

39-year-old Rory Kahler says he took Adderall and then consumed beer while operating a jet ski in the Party Cove area of Percy Priest Lake on the 4th of July, along with a passenger, and neither wore life jackets. TWRA Officer Joshua Landrum noticed Kahler when he stood up on his jet ski and fell into the water as the jet ski was drifting. He reboarded the vessel, and the officer observed an open cooler of beer at Kahler’s feet. He admitted to having “a couple” of alcoholic beverages and had taken Adderall earlier in the day. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to booking.

Patrick Targun charged with BUI after drinking on Percy Priest Lake

34-year-old Patrick Targun was operating a vessel in the Seven Points area of Percy Priest Lake Sunday when he cut in front of a TWRA patrol vessel due to not keeping a proper lookout. TWRA Agent Joshua Landrum observed an open container of alcohol in the cupholder beside Targun and initiated a stop of the vessel. Targun was reportedly slow to move around while retrieving his safety equipment and admitted to having “two drinks” that day. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest on multiple charges.

Deandra Cannon jailed after boating under the influence on Percy Priest Lake

24-year-old Deandra Cannon was jailed late Saturday night in the Seven Points area of Percy Priest Lake after she was observed operating a red and white vessel without the proper navigation lights required after sunset. Once TWRA Agents Ethan Davis and Collin Jones stopped the vessel, they noticed Cannon was visibly intoxicated as she attempted to retrieve the required safety equipment. She reportedly reeked of alcohol, and officers observed multiple empty alcoholic containers aboard the vessel. She admitted to drinking and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. She was transported to booking and charged with BUI.

Jackson Vroon charged with BUI on Percy Priest Lake Sunday after crossing into the path of a TWRA boat

24-year-old Jackson Vroon was jailed Sunday evening after police say he was carelessly operating a boat while intoxicated. While on Percy Priest Lake, TWRA Officer Joshua Landrum says Vroon’s boat came into his path of travel as Vroon was not keeping a proper lookout. He also immediately noticed the registration number was not displayed properly on the vessel. Upon stopping the boat, an alcoholic beverage was observed at the Vroon’s feet, and he reeked of alcohol. When asked to retrieve various safety equipment items, he was slow to move about the boat and admitted to consuming “a couple of beers.” He then performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with boating under the influence (BUI).

Murfreesboro Man charged with BUI on Percy Priest Lake — Gary Patterson

60-year-old Gary Patterson was operating a boat on Percy Priest Lake late Saturday night with its docking lights on. This attracted the attention of TWRA Agent Joshua Landrum, who stopped the vessel. He immediately observed a Michelob Ultra in a cup holder by the driver’s console, and he noticed that Patterson was visibly intoxicated. Patterson stated they had been eating and listening to music at Elm Hill Marina and were en route back to Fate Sanders Marina. He admitted to “having a couple” of alcoholic drinks and then performed poorly on field sobriety tests. 

David Alberto charged with BUI on a jet ski on Percy Priest Lake

26-year-old David Alberto was jailed after police caught him operating a jet ski on Percy Priest Lake after dark. When he noticed police were approaching, he quickly opened a storage compartment on the jet ski and threw an item inside. Alberto wasn’t wearing a life jacket and had bloodshot watery eyes. He smelled of alcohol and slurred his words as he spoke with the police. They had him put on a life jacket and asked him to step aboard the patrol boat. He performed poorly on all field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for BUI. The item that was thrown in the storage compartment turned out to be a vape pen that Alberto said did not belong to him. However, after giving blood, he informed police that there would be drugs and alcohol in his blood from the marijuana in the vape pen.

Al Edmund Whitt jailed after drinking and operating a watercraft at Pary Cove

29-year-old Allie “Al” Edmund Whitt was operating a small personal watercraft near Party Cove on Percy Priest Lake Saturday afternoon when he took a sharp turn, causing his passenger to be thrown off. A TWRA agent observed this incident and initiated his blue lights to make contact with Whitt. Whitt was visibly intoxicated and was moving a can of Michelob Ultra from between his legs to the outside area of the watercraft. He reportedly reeked of alcohol but denied drinking anything all day. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody.

Chris Ferrara jailed by TWRA Officer Landrum after day of jet ski fun on the lake

TWRA Officer Joshua Landrum was attempting to make his bother proud Saturday when his eagle eyes alerted to a jet ski that had “stencil outline” letters for the boat ID, instead of the reportedly TCA required “block letters in contrasting colors,” also noting there was not the proper spacing between the letters. As his adrenaline pumped at the possibility of violations and fines he could issue before the season ends, the wildlife enforcement officer had his biggest moment of the day and initiated a stop on the vessel, which was operated by 52-year-old Christopher Ferrara. He asked Ferrara how long he had been out and how much he had to drink, to which Ferrera replied “man, we have been out here all day having fun,” — a concept possibly not fully understood or appreciated by Landrum. Ferrara completed field sobriety tests, which he reportedly performed poorly on. He refused blood or breath testing and was jailed for BUI, implied consent, and those pesky boat identification numbers.