BUI: Sean Brylow tells police he drank “probably 7 beers” before driving boat on Percy Priest Lake

27-year-old Sean Brylow was observed operating a vessel that did not display its registration on Percy Priest Lake in the evening hours of May 25th. Officers observed this and approached the boat, where they spoke with the driver, Brylow, who showed reeked of alcohol and showed signs of impairment. Brylow then admitted to drinking “a decent amount,” and later clarified that it was “probably 7 beers.” Officers had him board their vessel to take sobriety tests, during which he performed poorly. After being read implied consent, he agreed to provide a chemical sample. Brylow was taken into custody for boating under the influence.

Dakota Cole charged with BUI on Percy Priest Lake

21-year-old Dakota Cole was operating a boat at the Percy Priest Reservoir Saturday night when TWRA Officer Clayton Hetland observed a passenger on the board standing above the gunwales while the boat was underway. Cole reportedly reeked of alcohol and admitted to drinking while operating the boat. When asked to display the required safety equipment, such as a throw cushion, Cole presented a first aid kit. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody.

Patrick Targun charged with BUI after drinking on Percy Priest Lake

34-year-old Patrick Targun was operating a vessel in the Seven Points area of Percy Priest Lake Sunday when he cut in front of a TWRA patrol vessel due to not keeping a proper lookout. TWRA Agent Joshua Landrum observed an open container of alcohol in the cupholder beside Targun and initiated a stop of the vessel. Targun was reportedly slow to move around while retrieving his safety equipment and admitted to having “two drinks” that day. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest on multiple charges.

Murfreesboro Man charged with BUI on Percy Priest Lake — Gary Patterson

60-year-old Gary Patterson was operating a boat on Percy Priest Lake late Saturday night with its docking lights on. This attracted the attention of TWRA Agent Joshua Landrum, who stopped the vessel. He immediately observed a Michelob Ultra in a cup holder by the driver’s console, and he noticed that Patterson was visibly intoxicated. Patterson stated they had been eating and listening to music at Elm Hill Marina and were en route back to Fate Sanders Marina. He admitted to “having a couple” of alcoholic drinks and then performed poorly on field sobriety tests. 

Al Edmund Whitt jailed after drinking and operating a watercraft at Pary Cove

29-year-old Allie “Al” Edmund Whitt was operating a small personal watercraft near Party Cove on Percy Priest Lake Saturday afternoon when he took a sharp turn, causing his passenger to be thrown off. A TWRA agent observed this incident and initiated his blue lights to make contact with Whitt. Whitt was visibly intoxicated and was moving a can of Michelob Ultra from between his legs to the outside area of the watercraft. He reportedly reeked of alcohol but denied drinking anything all day. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody.

Too drunk for Percy Priest Lake: Lucille Gonyea & Dominic Napolitan arrested on jet ski

TWRA Officers observed 42-year-old Lucille Gonyea & 58-year-old Dominic Napolitan on a jet ski near Hamilton Creek while visibly intoxicated. Dominic was operating the vessel with a half-worn life jacket while holding a styrofoam cup he attempted to hide when the officer approached. Both parties reportedly reeked of alcohol, and Dominic performed poorly on field sobriety tests. TWRA Officer Joshua Landrum took both parties into custody.

BUI: Kristie Crabtree grabs joint from officer & tosses it into lake “oh, that’s just a little thing!”

When 48-year-old Kristie Crabtree was stopped on her jet skit just outside of the party cove area of Percy Priest Lake Saturday for not having her registration number property displayed, she retrieved her registration from her dry box, which also contained several other items. TWRA Officer Joshua Landrum says he could smell marijuana coming from the box, and asked her to hand it to him, which she did. As the officer observed a blunt in the box, he asked her how much she had smoked that day. In response, Crabtree immediately grabbed the small mostly smoked blunt and tossed it into the water, destroying the evidence — while stating “oh, that’s just a little thing!” Crabtree admitted to smoking every morning when she wakes up and that she had alcohol she was currently drinking while operating the jet ski.

BUI: Tyler Ruby admits to drinking beer & smoking weed prior to operating boat on Percy Priest Lake

TWRA Officer Joshua Landrum was patrolling Percy Priest Lake Sunday when he noticed a pontoon boat in the ‘no wake’ zone without any registration numbers properly displayed. As he encountered and spoke to the boat operator, 31-year-old Tyler Ruby, he noticed he reeked of alcohol and had slurred speech and glassy eyes. Ruby admitted to drinking “2 or 3 beers” and smoking marijuana prior to operating the boat. After performing poorly on field sobriety tests, Ruby was transported to booking on multiple charges.

Memphis man charged with BUI & reckless boating on Percy Priest Lake — Millard Byrd

TWRA Boating Officer Joshua Landrum says he noticed a pontoon boat traveling across Percy Priest Lake at 2-3 mph Saturday with no one at the steering wheel. He noticed the two occupants of the boat were seated at the very front of the pontoon boat talking, and 48-year-old Millard Byrd only returned to the driver’s console after the blue lights were activated on the TWRA boat, at which time he put the throttle in neutral and turned off the ignition. Landrum says the boat operator was obviously intoxicated, and when asked to put on a life jacket, he kept trying to put on a woman’s life jacket, which was much smaller and would not fit him. After performing poorly on field sobriety tests, he was taken into custody on multiple charges.

BUI: Man says he last smoked weed back when the ‘sun was still up’… it was currently 6PM & sunny

At 6 p.m. Saturday on Percy Priest Lake, TWRA Officer Joshua Landrum asked 24-year-old Jet Skier Orrie Reed Whitton when he last smoked marijuana. Landrum replied: “when the sun was still up”. The agent reminded him the sun had been up for the last 12 hours, and wouldn’t set for another 2. Landrum was jailed on 5 charges this weekend, and he reportedly told the officer he “doesn’t care what happens to him”.