2 blunts, totaling just over a tenth of a gram, found in boat after man claimed he smoked it all

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21-year-old Logan Anderson was charged with boating under the influence, implied consent, and possession of marijuana when police who were patrolling Percy Priest Lake stopped Anderson for a registration issue and found marijuana in his boat.

On September 20th, TWRA Officer Joshua Landrum was patrolling Percy Priest Lake when he noticed a boat that did not display registration and the driver, Logan Anderson, was not wearing his life jacket properly. When the officer stopped him and asked for his registration, the compartment that Anderson opened to grab it smelled strongly of marijuana.

Logan Anderson (MNPD)
Logan Anderson (MNPD)

Officer Landrum asked Anderson how much he had to drink, and he said one beer. He was then asked if he had any marijuana on board and Anderson stated that he smoked it all. However, when the officer searched the vessel he found two blunts and some weed in a grinder, the total weight of which was .12 grams. The officer asked Anderson to zip up his life jacket, which he struggled with and therefore was asked to take a field sobriety test. Anderson performed poorly, was placed into custody, and refused to give a blood sample.

Logan Anderson as arrested and charged with boating under the influence first offense, violation of implied consent, and possession/casual exchange of marijuana. His bond was set at $1,500.

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