Travis Garren goes inside Arby’s to eat after being revived by Narcan in parking lot

45-year-old Travis Garren was found unconscious with shallow breathing in the driver’s seat of a vehicle in the drive-thru for Arbys on Gallatin Pike on September 27th. Police arrived and spoke with the Nashville Fire Department medics, who gave Travis Narcan and revived him up. The medics asked for Travis’s vehicle key to keep him from driving, and they said he entered Arby’s and bought food. Police contacted Travis as he walked out of Arby’s and asked him what had happened. Travis said that he did not know and was profusely sweating. After he performed poorly on sobriety tests, he told police that whatever the medics gave him was making him feel weird. Police placed him into custody, and he had to ask them for a towel to wipe his face due to excessive sweating. When police confirmed his identity with his driver’s license, they reported that he had a previous DUI in 2016. He was transported to Metro General Hospital for a blood draw. While there, Travis complained of pain and was still sweating profusely.

Eric Beckman charged with DUI after having ‘a few beers’ at a bar before driving

58-year-old Eric Beckman was following a vehicle too close in a Toyota Camry on I-24 with the high beams on while doing 85 mph in a 65 mph zone, according to police. Officers conducted a traffic stop and contacted Eric, with the inside of the vehicle smelling strongly of alcohol. Police described Eric as having signs of intoxication, and he admitted to having a few beers at a bar before driving home. After he performed poorly on sobriety tests, he gave a breath sample yielding a .089% BAC.

Tanya Barnes had “two drinks” at TNT’s bar before DUI arrest

52-year-old Tanya Barnes was observed traveling at over 70 miles an hour on Briley Pkwy, in a 55 mph zone, on September 27th. While driving, she had trouble maintaining her lane, crossing over the fog line, and fluctuating her speeds. She was stopped on Briley Pkwy around the mile marker, with an odor of alcohol on her breath and watery eyes. Tanya admitted to drinking two drinks at TNT Sports bar before heading home and performed poorly on sobriety tests. When she provided a breath test for the police, it showed her having a .15% BAC.

Melony Motley punches boyfriend in face eight times during drunken domestic assault

31-year-old Melony Motley argued with her boyfriend after drinking at a residence on Zermatt Ave on September 26th. Her boyfriend, Jonathan Harper, told police that Melony broke his mirror and television. He said that she punched him in the head at approximately eight times. Police noted the broken mirror, broken television, a large bump on Johnathan’s forehead, and his ear bleeding. She was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Deneisha Goodner says she ‘found’ stolen car she was caught in

18-year-old Deneisha Goodner was in a stolen 2020 Kia Forte that pinged in North Nashville around noon on September 26th. Air surveillance spotted the Forte on Kingview Dr. as it came to a stop and backed into a parking spot at Skyline Village Apartments. Deneisha’s description and another occupant, Phil Renza Owes, exiting the vehicle and walking into a breezeway of the apartments near the Forte were given. Shortly after, they were both apprehended and read their Miranda rights. She told police that earlier that morning, she and the codefendant found the vehicle with a broken window at Mildrey Gonzalez’s residence, entered the vehicle, and the two drove away.

George Levine founding roaming inside restricted areas of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

28-year-old George Levine was reportedly roaming around Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Tuesday afternoon. Vanderbilt Police contacted George, who staff said snuck into the hospital through the back loading dock door. After that, he began entering into restricted areas through stairwells without permission to do so. He ignored staff who attempted to talk to him, causing a disturbance. Eventually, they helped George out of the hospital and to Vanderbilt University Police. He then ignored the police, who arrested him because he had no reason to be on the property.

Ashly Cruz, 18, jailed after her mother finds her marijuana stash in her room

On the morning of September 25th, Leticia Cruz found a stash of marijuana in her household belonging to her daughter, 18-year-old Ashly Cruz. Leticia then threw the marijuana away. Later that night, it was reported that Ashly began to vandalize the property in retaliation. Ashly shattered her mom’s bedroom window, destroyed her makeup, destroyed two pairs of her pajamas, and dumped all her shampoo in her shower, causing $380 in damages.

DUI: Heaven Mohammed consumed four drinks and sip of DeLeón Tequila before crash

On the morning of September 24th, Officers responded to a car accident on Donelson Pike and I-40 West entrance ramp. Officers observed 33-year-old Heaven Mohammed and her passenger trapped inside a damaged White Nissan Murano. The Nashville Fire Department helped remove them from the vehicle. When the passenger door was pried open, officers noticed an open bottle of DeLeón liquor on the floorboard. The passenger was incoherent and was transported to Summit Hospital for medical attention regarding the accident. The driver of the other vehicle involved was in visible pain. Heaven refused medical attention. Officers reportedly smelled an alcoholic odor on Heaven’s breath. She then admitted to having four alcoholic beverages from 9 pm- 5am. She was transported to a nearby location for a standard field sobriety test, where she showed signs of impairments on all three tasks. Heaven was then advised of her Miranda rights and TN’s implied consent law. After being advised of Miranda, Heaven consented to provide a blood sample and admitted to having a sip of the DeLeón after the four drinks she already admitted to.

Florida man Daniel Augustine jailed after causing disturbance at downtown Nashville bars

46-year-old Daniel Augustine was “harassing bartenders and staff between bars on Division St.” on September 25th, according to an arrest report. When officers arrived, they were told by the bartenders that Daniel was inside the Loser’s Bar and they wanted him off the property. One of the bouncers told the police he was not welcome, and the police followed Daniel and the bouncer, who began to fight. Police intervened and attempted to place Daniel into handcuffs. Instead, he grabbed an officer’s ankles. While fighting the bouncers, the police told Daniel multiple times to stop or they would taze him. An officer deployed the Taser into Daniel’s side, but he attempted to grab the Taser out of the officer’s hand. After he was unsuccessful, police were finally able to take him into custody. Multiple staff members told police that he had displayed this annoying behavior all day, and he had the smell of alcohol emitting from him. He had no friends or family in the area to care for him, so police placed him into custody and transported him to booking.

DUI: Water Green crashes into pole after leaving strip club & drinking Hennessy

30-year-old Water Green fell asleep at the wheel before hitting a telephone pole at Chestnut St. and 2nd Ave on September 25th. When police spoke to him, he told them about the incident and said that he was injured by the airbags being deployed. When he displayed signs of intoxication, police asked him if he had been drinking that night. He told police that he had four double shots of Hennessy at a strip club but could not remember which club. Police had him perform sobriety tests, which showed more signs of intoxication, and he was taken to the hospital to provide a blood sample being being booked into jail.