Jacobi Austin assaults girlfriend at her workplace, tells police to shoot him

23-year-old Jacobi Austin had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Iyohnna Galloway, at her job on Marriott Drive in the afternoon of April 12th. When the officers arrived, they spoke with Galloway, who explained that she and Austin argued after she asked to use the car to get to work. Austin did not allow her to use the car, so she walked to work. Then, a few hours later, Austin showed up unannounced and started getting aggressive toward her for leaving. One of her co-workers, Dwight Williams, witnessed Austin start tensing up and had to tell him to calm down. Galloway stated she was scared and went downstairs to the lobby to be around other employees. After they spoke briefly, she entered the elevator to return to her workspace, where he followed. Once the elevator door closed, Austin pushed and pinned her several times on the wall. After investigating, officers obtained a warrant for Austin’s arrest and went to his listed address at The Highland on Briley Apartments to serve him. When they arrived, he was not there, so they checked the rear of the complex near the leasing office and located his vehicle. Officers then entered the gym, found him hiding, and detained him. While they were escorting Austin to their patrol car, he started resisting, stating that he needed officers to shoot him because he was not going to jail. Officers then placed him on the ground and hobbled him. When officers tried to put Austin in the car, he grabbed ahold of the rear door seal, damaged it, broke out of the hobbles, and tried to run away until officers finally caught him. Austin was taken into custody for resisting arrest, domestic assault, vandalism, and evading arrest on April 13th.

Ohio tourist Marilyn Richards assaults man after accepting his invitation to dinner at Opryland Hotel

40-year-old Marilyn Richards is charged with the assault of Justin Slade Dowdy, a man she met while in Nashville Friday. Dowdy invited her to dinner at 9 p.m. at a restaurant inside the Opryland Hotel, and she accepted. He arrived at the hotel before her, and she arrived a short time later with multiple members of her family. A male family member begins to assault Dowdy while Marily stands beside him. Marilyn then reaches down, picks up an item, and hits Dowdy in the forehead, causing him to bleed. She was charged with assault and transported to booking. 

Andrew Larson bites wife during argument

36-year-old Andrew Larson admitted to biting his wife in their RV home outside Quality Inn Motel during an argument on September 1st. Police arrived at Quality Inn on Music Valley Dr to speak to the wife, Christina Emanus, about the domestic disturbance. She told police that she and Andrew lived in the RV together, and they had argued earlier. During the argument, Andrew began pushing her. She said she put her arms up in self-defense, but Andrew bit her right arm. After he bit her, he stepped outside to separate the two of them. Police observed a bite mark on Christina’s right upper arm.

Jarrod Smith drunk and at the wrong hotel in Nashville

30-year-old Jarrod Smith was stumbling through the lobby of the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Nashville Airport just after 10 p.m. Thursday, and staff alerted police when he could not stand on his own. He was extremely intoxicated and stated he had a room at the hotel. The front desk staff stated he was not a registered guest at this hotel and wanted him escorted off the property due to his state of intoxication. Officers attempted to find him alternative arrangements, but he was unable to contact anyone to pick him up, and he refused medical transportation. Smith was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Ryan Kennie charged after brawl at Jason Aldean’s bar in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Ryan Kennie faces a half-dozen charges after a brawl in the early hours of Saturday morning at Jason Aldean’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Officers responded to 307 Broadway to break up a fight that was spilling onto the sidewalk outside the venue. During the struggle to separate parties, Kennie kicked a police Sergeant in the leg, rolled over an offer’s hand by force, kicked an officer, breaking his body-work camera, and eventually puked in the back of a patrol car once he was hobble-restrained in custody. Kennie was transported to Metro General for medical clearance and then to booking.

Titans fan brandishes gun when Dolphins fans attack car outside Nissan Stadium — Austin Morris arrested

Metro Nashville Police say Miami Dolphins fans were hitting and kicking a Nissan Altima and taunting the four Titans fans inside the vehicle just before 3 p.m. Sunday outside Nissan Stadium. That’s when 27-year-old Austin Morris emerged from the passenger seat of the vehicle and brandished a black handgun at the individuals in the Dolphins jerseys.

Morris remained in the middle of the street and appeared heavily intoxicated. Officers additionally located an open bottle of liquor where he had been sitting, and he admitted to having several drinks during the game. Morris was charged with possession of a weapon under the influence and transported to booking.