DUI: Michael Krone caught with multiple empty wine bottles in Dominos parking lot

40-year-old Michael Krone drove his white Jeep Grand Cherokee with expired tags near Murfreesboro Pike and Thompson Lane on June 4th. Officers also noticed that his right brake light was out, so they initiated a traffic stop in the Dominos parking lot. Officers approached the vehicle and spoke with Krone, who reeked of alcohol and admitted to drinking and taking Gabapentin, which he had a prescription for. Krone denied using illegal drugs as he showed signs of impairment. Krone exited the vehicle for sobriety tests, which he performed poorly on. During a subsequent search of his Jeep, officers located multiple empty wine bottles in a backpack on the front seat, Chore Boy, which is used to help smoke crack cocaine, and numerous pill bottles. After being read implied consent, Krone agreed to provide a blood sample. A computer check revealed Krone had two prior DUIs: one from 2017 in Kentucky and one from 2014 in Pennsylvania. Krone was transported to Nashville General Hospital and was taken into custody for driving under the influence-3rd offense on June 5th.

Phillip Cooney urinates on sidewalk after walking into traffic

45-year-old Phillip Cooney stumbled into the street disregarding traffic and was nearly hit by two vehicles near Rosa L Parks and Broadway in the early hours of March 11th. Cooney continued southbound on 8th Avenue South and took a right onto McGavock Street near the intersection. This is where he started urinating on the sidewalk. Officers observed this and approached Cooney, who showed multiple signs of impairment as he admitted to being intoxicated. Cooney was deemed a danger to himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Ohio tourist Marilyn Richards assaults man after accepting his invitation to dinner at Opryland Hotel

40-year-old Marilyn Richards is charged with the assault of Justin Slade Dowdy, a man she met while in Nashville Friday. Dowdy invited her to dinner at 9 p.m. at a restaurant inside the Opryland Hotel, and she accepted. He arrived at the hotel before her, and she arrived a short time later with multiple members of her family. A male family member begins to assault Dowdy while Marily stands beside him. Marilyn then reaches down, picks up an item, and hits Dowdy in the forehead, causing him to bleed. She was charged with assault and transported to booking. 

James Dimanoff drunkenly steals man’s phone on Broadway

51-year-old James Naum Dimanoff took an individual’s phone on Broadway in the later hours of January 21st. Officers were flagged down by the citizen, who advised them of the incident, pointing out Dimanoff as the one who stole his cell phone. Dimanoff consented to a search, which led to officers locating the phone. He was visibly intoxicated as he told them he did not have anywhere to go tonight or anyone to care for him. Dimanoff was taken into custody for public intoxication.  

Jacob Marsden drives into an unrelated DUI traffic stop… while also intoxicated

Metro Nashville Police were conducting a DUI investigation in a parking lot with another individual when 25-year-old Jacob Marsden drove his grey Ford F-150 into the same parking lot of the closed business. Officers advised him the business was closed, and he gave a confused look in response, prompting officers to see if he needed further assistance. Marsden reportedly had slurred speech, could not form coherent sentences, and was unable to walk without assistance. He told police his anxiety and depression were causing his impairment; despite this, he refused all medical assistance offered. He reportedly reeked of alcohol, refused all sobriety testing, and was transported to booking.

Anthony Branch throws girlfriend on ground multiple times during altercation

20-year-old Anthony Branch was involved in a domestic altercation at Central Pike with his girlfriend, Queenie Phan, in the early hours of Thursday afternoon. Phan called a friend and told them to call 911 when she and Branch began arguing. Branch proceeded to take her phone and money and tried to call 911, saying “someone was in route to assault him.” Phan attempted to get her phone back from him, but he grabbed her by the arms and “threw her” to the ground multiple times, causing bruising to her arms. He then took the cash, Phan’s car keys, and two large knives and left the apartment. When the police arrived, Branch returned with the bag of money, car keys, and knives. Branch was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.