DUI: Ashley Williford drives while high on weed

38-year-old Ashley Williford drove her silver Honda Pilot without wearing a seatbelt near Fairfield Avenue and Trimble Street on April 23rd. Officers observed this and initiated a traffic stop, where they noticed she showed signs of intoxication. Officers administered sobriety tests, and she performed poorly. Williford was then detained and Mirandized, during which she admitted to smoking marijuana earlier and agreed to provide a blood sample. Williford was transported to Nashville General Hospital and then was taken into custody for driving under the influence.  

DUI: Jack Reeves smokes crack cocaine, tells police he’s “looking for girls”

57-year-old Jack Reeves was driving in his black Altima with expired Texas tags, not wearing a seatbelt, late April 18th. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop. Reeves admitted to not wearing a seatbelt, adding that he was over there “looking for girls.” During their interaction, officers noticed his eyes were dilated, so they asked him to perform sobriety tests. Reeves consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Then, under Miranda, Reeves admitted to smoking crack cocaine the night before and being intoxicated. Reeves agreed to provide a blood sample and then was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Anthony Smith flees police after driving on revoked license to avoid getting his car towed

50-year-old Anthony Smith almost caused a collision in his Grand Marquis near Murfreesboro Pike and Thompson Place on March 20th. Officers observed Smith drive through a parking lot and in front of traffic as he turned left onto Thompson Lane, so they activated their emergency equipment. Smith then stopped in the middle of the road, dropped his passenger off, and sped off, disregarding officer signals to stop. Officers decided not to pursue, deactivated their sirens, and followed him, keeping him in sight. During this, officers followed Smith several blocks as he drove through the grass and pulled up to his apartment, where they detained him. Smith told officers he decided to flee to avoid getting his car towed. Smith was taken into custody for driving with a revoked license and evading arrest by motor vehicle.

DUI: Heather Mcdevitt-Barton blows triple the legal limit on breathalyzer after crash

37-year-old Heather Mcdevitt-Barton fell asleep while driving on Commerce Street Wednesday night. Police say she then abruptly woke up, drove another block, and rear-ended another vehicle, leaving that driver with an injury to the leg. She denied using alcohol or drugs, yet was visibly intoxicated. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests. An inventory search of her vehicle found two empty and one half-filled can of hard lemonade. She blew a 0.275% BAC on a breathalyzer, more than three times the legal limit.

DUI: Jonathan Bos charged after crashing into utility pole

40-year-old Jonathan Bos was charged with DUI Wednesday night after driving off the road and hitting a light pole on Amherst Drive. Nashville Fire arrived on the scene first and told police that Bos was disoriented and smelled like he had been drinking. He was transported to the hospital, where officer grace spoke with him. Bos had slurred speech, was very disoriented, and smelled strongly of alcohol. He showed multiple indicators of impairment. Based on all the evidence, it was explained to Bos that he was under arrest. He consented to blood testing and was transported to booking.

Man charged with DUI of marijuana; Commissioner denies MNPD’s blood warrant request — Javarrian Boddie

#MNPD Officer Coleman Womack says 25-year-old Javarrian Boddie was driving under the influence of drugs, and believes the specific drug to be marijuana, after an initial stop for a brake light being out. An arrest affidavit, which he signed under oath, states this is due to “watery eyes being a sign of drug use”, and Boddie “smelling like marijuana”.

Despite Boddie showing no clues of impairment on some tests, and only minimal clues on others, Officer Womack took him into custody, where he says Boddie fell asleep in the back of the patrol car while he was completing paperwork and his speech was “so slurred it was hard to understand”. Coleman drafted a warrant for a blood draw, however, Night Court Commissioner Steve Holzapfel denied the warrant, for insufficient cause. Bodie was booked on charges of DUI, implied consent violation, and driving on s suspended license. He is free on a $2,000 bond.

DUI: Man charged after 2-3 glasses of wine, marijuana, expired tags — Scott Jones arrested

26-year-old Scott Jones was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail wearing his fall-colored turtleneck in the early hours of Tuesday morning after police initially observed him driving a vehicle with tags that expired in 2020. During the traffic stop Officer Womack determined he was intoxicated, and though he initially claimed only “one drink”, he later admitted to having 2-3 glasses of wine and smoking marijuana before driving. Jones is charged with DUI, and free on pre-trial release.

DUI: Woman blows .211 BAC, claims she had 1 beer — Jessica Mackinnon arrested

Poice found 27-year-old Jessica Mackinnon asleep/passed out behind the wheel in the middle of an intersection in Antioch. After medics and others eventually got her awake and alert she told first responders she drank one beer and smoked marijuana. She blew a 0.211 BAC, nearly three times the legal limit. She remains jailed in lieu of a $1.500 bond.

DUI: Man drives his smart car through Music City Grand Prix construction, nearly striking patrol car

29-year-old David Dreas drove his blue smart car into the Music City Grand Prix track construction area early Wednesday in East Nashville. Police say he was intoxicated, and nearly hit one of their vehicles after ignoring all signs to stop.

DUI: Woman charged after causing a 6-car pileup on I-40 overnight: Erika Bracht

Metro Police have charged 26-year-old Erika Bracht with driving under the influence, after they say she was responsible for a six-car pileup that shut down I-40 Westbound near mile marker 196 in the early hours of Wednesday morning, sending two people to the hospital.