Couple overdoses in Mapco as son waits in the car

53-year-old Sharyn Wells and 29-year-old Mark Yurt were charged with child neglect and unlawful possession of a controlled substance after the couple overdosed in Mapco while their 13-year-old son was waiting in the car.

2 adults overdosed on Heroin in hospital parking lot, 2 children in car

When officers arrived to Summit Hospital after midnight Thursday night, they found a vehicle running, with the rear doors open, no heat on, with two adults passed out in the front seat, one with a syringe inserted into his arm, the other with an uncapped syringe beside her on the console. In the back seat were two small children, ages 9 and 7, crying and shivering while the 30-something degree wind blew through the open rear doors.

Narcan used for inmate overdoses every 12 days on average inside Nashville jails

A medical incident earlier in November prompted some questions about how frequently overdoses are happening in Nashville’s jails. So far in 2018, medical staff have responded to, and used Narcan in, a total of 29 cases within Davidson County Jails – once every 12 days, on average. On what was an otherwise normal Friday morning at 7 A.M. in the D1 housing unit inside a Nashville jail, which houses 61 inmates in an open barracks style unit, there was a sudden medical emergency with an inmate. 32-year-old James Livingston, who…

2 visitors overdose while visiting patient at Vanderbilt Medical Center

Christopher Ernest Woods & Sandra Lee Phillips were visiting a friend on the 8th floor of Vanderbilt Medical Center this week, when on Wednesday May 9th, staff found them in the room of the patient they were visiting, unresponsive and both showing signs of an apparent overdose. Nurses and doctors immediately began treatment, and then contacted police to report the incident at 7:40 AM. While treating the male, Christopher Woods, 2 prescription bottles were found in his pockets, and turned over to police. It was immediately noticed that the pills…

Kristi Smith Arrested. DCSO: She had a syringe WHERE?

If you thought your Monday was bad this week, here’s a line from a charging affidavit for Kristi Lea Smith, from the DCSO (Davidson County Sheriff’s Office): “UPON A SEARCH IN DCSO CUSTODY, DAVIDSON COUNTY SHERIFF DEPUTIES LOCATED A SYRINGE IN THE DEFENDANT’S VAGINA.” Kristi Lea Smith was initially arrested on drug paraphernalia charges on Monday, after she was found to have been in a vehicle with someone that had overdosed, who medics eventually found slumped over the steering wheel in the vehicle. Witnesses place her in the vehicle, and…