DUI: Man overdoses in middle of traffic: “shooting up Roxy”

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32-year-old Patrick Grimes was charged with DUI Monday night after he was found overdosed in a vehicle in the middle of two lanes of traffic. Nashville Fire used Narcan to reverse the effects of the drugs.

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to 180 Wallace Road late Monday night to a report of a driver overdosing while in the middle of two lanes of traffic while attempting to turn. Nashville Fire Medics were already on scene and reported that Patrick Grimes, 32, was found slumped in the driver’s seat of the still-running vehicle with a needle in his arm, and were initially unable to wake him. A dose of Narcan was administered, and Grimes became fully awake and alert soon after.

Patrick Grimes (MNPD)
Patrick Grimes (MNPD)

Grimes refused all medical transport, and the medics didn’t feel they had reason to force a transport, so he was taken directly into custody for driving un the influence. He agreed to speak with police, and according to an arrest report, told them he was shooting up Roxy pills into his arm. Officer Taylor Hurley noted that Grimes said he “made a mistake and it was stupid”.

Patric Grimes, who lists addresses in both Nashville and Florence, AL, was charged with DUI and freed on pre-trial release just over two hours after being booked.

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