Man calls 911 to report imaginary intruders; Police find cocaine purification operation in home

Zachary Winton, 32, called 911 Friday afternoon to report intruders inside his Nashville home. Officers arrived and entered the home to apprehend the reported intruders, but they didn’t exist. They did find a cocaine purification operation, which Winton said he used to give out free cocaine at local Nashville bars.

Nashville Man Does Cocaine, Hides in Grocery Store Freezer from Invisible People

Edward Vernell Claybrooks was found in the walk-in freezer of the Cee Bee Food Grocery Store just south of downtown on Tuesday evening. According to him, he was hiding from people that were chasing him with firearms. MNPD officers were dispatched to the location, as employees reported Claybrooks has shut himself in the freezer, and stating that people were outside trying to harm him. Employees state no suspicious activity has occurred, and had no idea why he thought that. Once officers got him out of the freezer, he stated there…