“I take crack, and I want crack, give me crack!”

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Metro Police say 34-year-old Carmeka Worthington told them “I take crack, and I want crack, give me crack!”, while they attempted to arrest her for disorderly conduct on Christmas day. She then spat on the windows, glass, and seats of the patrol car on the way to booking.

Metro Nashville Police responded to just south of downtown Nashville on Christmas day, in response to a burglary. While on that call, officers were waved down by a citizen at the Big G Deli & Bakery Restaurant, who wanted to report a person causing a disturbance inside the store. The person, identified as Carmeka Worthington, 34, was removing items from the store shelves, pushing things over inside the store, and yelling. She refused to exit the store when commanded by officers, so they took her into custody, despite her attempts to flee and resist.

Carmeka Worthington (MNPD)
Carmeka Worthington (MNPD)

While attempting to restrain Worthington, officers say she told them “I take crack, and I want crack, give me crack!”. Once inside the back of a patrol car, she began to spit on the windows, glass, and seats, and then kicked the window multiple times, attempting to shatter it. Her feet were then restrained, and she was transported to booking.

Carmeka Worthing was charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and resisting arrest. She remains jailed in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

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