Fort Campbell Soldier Timothy Glass charged after raping woman at Red Roof Inn

24-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Timothy Glass was taken into custody for rape on May 15th. On the night of February 10th, a young woman and her friend, Samantha Smith, returned to their room at the Red Roof Inn from downtown Nashville around 11 p.m. She, Smith, and Tanner Willmon intended to stay there for the night. Glass and his friends were staying on the floor above them and had visited their room earlier in the evening. Glass went back to their room stating he left his bottle of alcohol in the room, so they allowed him to enter and retrieve it. The young woman was heavily intoxicated and fell asleep after she and Smith got there. She stated she woke up around 2 a.m. on her back to Glass having sexual intercourse with her. He shook her to see if she would respond, but she was too intoxicated and fearful to respond. Glass then started performing other sexual acts on her, during which she tried to wake Willmon, but he would not get up. She passed back out and woke up on her side with Glass continuing to have intercourse with her. She then sat up quickly, stating she needed to pee, waking up Willmon. Willmon asked if she needed help getting to the bathroom, which she said she did. When they got into the bathroom, she informed him of the occurrence, and he went to confront Glass. Willmon then forced Glass to leave the room. The group observed what appeared to be Glass’s ejaculate on the bed and her panties on the floor nearby. She was transported to Vanderbilt for an MLE kit. On February 21st, during an interview, Glass was Mirandized and declined to make a statement. On March 22nd, the DNA report showed his DNA present in her medical swabs. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and Glass was later detained.

Tanner Patterson was charged with the rape of two women in Nashville; suspected of a third.

31-year-old Tanner Patterson was charged with the r4pe of two women, suspected of a third, on different occasions at his Brentridge Drive apartment between January 14th and January 24th. On January 14th, Patterson contacted the first woman, responding to an advertisement she placed on List Crawler, and she agreed to go to his apartment. A friend dropped her off around 6 a.m., and she met with him as she approached building one. He had her walk around the breezeway on the right side of the building and demanded to know who dropped her off, so she video-called her to prove it. This scared her, so she tried to walk away, but Patterson pulled out a black handgun, pointed it at her, and wrapped her face so she could not see before striking her multiple times in the head with the pistol. He began to drag her and hit her two more times with the firearm, and when they got to his unit, he covered her nose and mouth with his hand, making it difficult for her to breathe. She struggled, trying to get away, when he told her, “B!tch you’re making it worse on yourself,” and made her sit on the couch. Then, he applied a makeshift blindfold and told her to do what he said, and if she removed the blindfold, he would kill her. Patterson searched her purse, asked where the money was, and took her phone to see if she was sharing her location with anyone, to which he said if she were, he would “Bust a cap in her and kill her.” He demanded to know if anyone knew she was there, made her give him her passcode to her phone, and had her text her friend who dropped her off that she was good and would stay for two hours.
Then he patted her down, checking if she had anything on her, before undressing her, groping her breasts, and moaning. She started to cry, and he told her to be quiet, stood her up, escorted her to the back of the apartment, and pushed her down onto an air mattress. Patterson removed her boots, began to take off her clothing, and told her, “Take this shit off now.” He told her to open her legs, but she refused, so he slapped her thigh and said, “Open your f**king legs.” Then, Patterson pulled out his pen15, had difficulty achieving an er3ction, and began m@sturbating while touching her. He had her get on the floor and attempted to have v@ginal intercourse with her from behind but was unable due to impotence. He made her get on her knees and “give him head” and told her she better not bite his d!ck. He struck her in the face and began to have or@l s3x with her, telling her to open her mouth, and removed her blindfold, demanding that she look him in the eyes during it. Then, he got an er3ction, put the blindfold back on her, spit on his hand, put on a condom, and r4ped her v@ginally from behind until he ejacul@ted. Patterson told her to put her clothes back on, helped her put on her pants, and rummaged through her belongings again. She gathered her items as he pulled her hood over her head, telling her not to call the police, to which she said she would not. Then, he walked her toward her friend’s vehicle, stopped, and pushed her away, telling her to count to ten before removing the blindfold and that if her friend did pull off within ten seconds, he was going to start shooting. She waited before she ran away, removed her blindfold, and got in her friend’s vehicle. Her friend told her she had seen a man run away towards the woods in a red hoodie, which was believed to be Patterson. She called 911 and realized that he had taken $60 and her ID out of her purse. Officers arrived and were advised of the incident, as she gave them the blindfold for evidence and provided the phone number Patterson used to call her, which he previously used to place calls for service to his known address. They knew his identity due to him being the suspect in a recent rape that occurred on November 29th. She identified him through a photo lineup.
Then, on the night of January 23rd, Patterson contacted the second woman on a social networking app called Monkey Run. They began video chatting around 8 p.m. and discussed hanging out, so he provided transportation through a ride share to pick her up and bring her to his apartment. She advised officers that no arrangements had been made for s3x. She arrived at building one around 1 a.m. They went up the stairwell to the last apartment on the left, and when she got inside, he led her straight to the bedroom and made her sit on his air mattress. Then, Patterson left the room and returned with a handgun, causing her to try to run out of the room. He stopped her, hitting her in the head repeatedly with his pistol while stating, “I can’t believe you made me do this.” He tied her hands in front of her with a black strip of cloth, took her to the living room, and forced her to get on her knees before grabbing a knife from the kitchen to place near him, next to his gun. Patterson then told her that she “Better make him c*m in five minutes, or he would kill her.” She performed or@l s3x on him until he ej@culated in her mouth, and then put on a condom and proceeded to r4pe her from behind v@ginally. He forced her to take a shower at gunpoint, demanding that she wash her face well, especially around the mouth area. During the shower, he showed her bowls containing what she believed to be his ur!ne and asked if she was going to drink it.
Once she was dressed, Patterson took her to the living room and questioned her, asking if she was sharing her location with anyone, to which she said yes, with her friends. Then, he pointed the gun at her head, told her to unlock her phone, went through it, deleted certain things to conceal any communication between them, and took $100 from her purse. Then, he took her ID and took a picture of her mother’s social media profile to ensure he would find her or her family if she reported the incident. Patterson ordered her transportation, and she left, telling the driver to speed away. He stopped at the BP on Old Hickory Boulevard for her, where she called the police around 3 a.m. She had a ligature mark with redness, swelling on her right hand, and a small laceration with bruising beside her left eye. Detectives responded to Vanderbilt Hospital and interviewed her, where she provided information that caused officers to believe Patterson attacked her due to previous rapes involving him and similar descriptions. They gave her the photo lineup they used on January 14th, and she positively identified him. Patterson was taken into custody for two counts of aggravated kidnapping, two counts of aggravated robbery, and two counts of aggravated r4pe.

Jordan Gillenwaters charged with punching ex-lover during dispute

22-year-old Jordan Gillenwaters and Antawaun Lacy had recently ended their relationship of two years, and each still resides within the same apartment building. On August 29th, Lacy was sitting on the breezeway steps when Gillenwaters approached him, yelling and calling him names. When a neighbor stepped out and told them to take their problems elsewhere, Gillenwaters punched Lacy in the mouth and fled the scene. Officers documented an injury to Lacy’s lip and took out a warrant for the arrest of Gillenwaters.

Elias Olea snorts meth, smashes angel, says he’s opening & closing gates of hell in Madison

30-year-old Elias Olea told Nashville police he snorted “a whole bunch of crystal meth” and was “opening and closing the gates of hell” after he ripped the screen off a window and smashed out three glass window panes of a home on Gibson Drive. He also destroyed the resident’s garden angel. Officers located him barefoot and clenching his shorts tightly with both hands. He is charged with vandalism and public intoxication. Olea was indicted in 2018 for a 2009 First Degree Murder case, however, in 2021, Glenn Funk’s office nolled the case.

Man given $1500 bond for eating $2 worth of donuts inside Antioch Mapco — Robert Fathera arrested

53-year-old Robert Fathera was found sitting on the floor of an Antioch Mapco just before 10 a.m. Tuesday, his lips covered in white powder. Police determined he had taken two honey bunds and a pack of white powdered donuts from the shelf and consumed them while inside the store without any way to pay for them.

He was reportedly intoxicated, and had urinated on himself. Police charged him with public intoxication ($250 bond) and theft of merchandise ($1500 bond) and transported him to jail. The value of the stolen items was determined to one $2.00 by store management.

Woman rams gate of Antioch Apartments when she feels threatened by security, she’s arrested — Emi Amador Canales

19-year-old Emi Amador Canales arrived at her gated apartment community, The Club Apartments in Antioch, at 4 a.m. but was unable to get the gate to open. She began honking her horn, alerting AEGIS Security Officer Jonathan Rickaway who began shining a light in her car, and causing the situation to quickly escalate as words were exchanged and she smacked the flashlight from his hand, hitting him in the arm. Taking offense to her reaction, Rickaway took it upon himself to reach into her vehicle and attempt to put her vehicle in park.

In reaction to a man reaching inside her vehicle, she began fighting Rickaway and eventually rammed the gates with her vehicle in an attempt to flee away from this security guard. Rickaway got one cuff on her arm during the struggle, however, she escaped to the backseat and grabbed her loaded handgun. Police eventually arrived and charged Canales with assault and vandalism. Rickaway faced no charges. Canales is free on pre-trial release.

Armed man threatens store clerk who offers him a job instead of giving him free money — Kevin Morelos

20-year-old Kevin Morelos walked into the Linbar Market in South Nashville and asked the clerk for a dollar. The clerk offered him a job, instead. In response, Morelos lifted his jacket, revealing a gun, and told him they needed to go outside and talk about it. The clerks called police, who responded to find Morelos as a passenger in a vehicle still outside the store. The vehicle gave chase and eventually stopped to let Morelos out, who was then taken into police custody. He is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and possession of heroin. Morelos is free on a $5,500 bond.