Hussein Jabbar robs man of $500 at gunpoint after painting his car tires

26-year-old Hussein Jabbar was taken into custody for aggravated robbery and two counts of violation of an order of protection on May 9th, 2024. On December 22nd, 2022, officers responded to the apartments on Ocala Drive, where they spoke with Ari Shukri, who stated that Jabbar robbed him. He then explained that Jabbar works on vehicles and was supposed to paint the wheels for his car. Shukri said that on December 16th, 2022, Jabbar dropped off the painted wheels, and he came outside to speak with him. Shukri said he turned away for a second, which is when Jabbar grabbed Shukri’s Glock 26 GEN 4 9mm from his waistband and pointed it at him. Shukri stated that Jabbar said he was “just playing around” but then proceeded to aim it at him and demand everything he had. Shukri said Jabbar took $500 from him and then fled in an unknown vehicle with Shukri’s gun and money.  

Then, Jabbar had a domestic incident with his ex-wife and mother of his son, Zainab Al-doori, at her Hickory Highlands Drive residence on December 25th, 2022. Al-doori advised that she and her son had an active order of protection against him, adding that he had come to her house and knocked on the front door, wanting to see his son. A witness recorded him inside the residence, showing him there for about 30-35 minutes before leaving. A warrant was then issued for his arrest.

On January 4th, 2023, detectives called Shukri and obtained Jabbar’s information. Shukri advised officers that Jabbar had family in Nashville, Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee, and Arizona before providing them with Jabbar’s date of birth. Then, on February 8th, 2023, officers interviewed Shukri, and he told them he was very familiar with Jabbar and knew some of his family members. Shukri added that he had worked with Jabbar in the past and had seen him numerous times since late 2022. Then, Shukri identified Jabbar in a single-picture lineup. On February 9th, 2023, a warrant was issued for Jabbar’s arrest. Jabbar was later taken into custody and charged with two counts of protection order violation and aggravated robbery on May 9th, 2024.

Kevin Luna points gun at woman while stealing a wheel off her Infinity Q50

18-year-old Kevin Luna was one of several people attempting to take one of the wheels off Breanna Contreras’s Infinity Q50 at her Bridgeway Circle unit on May 6th. Contreras’s boyfriend, Jesus Chavez, observed them and two vehicles, one a red sedan and one a black Infinity Q50. Chavez woke Contrera, and she went outside to start filming the occurrence. Chavez called the police while she recorded them, during which Luna noticed her and began pointing his handgun at her. She stated she heard him saying something to her but was afraid to get any closer due to him having a gun. She added that she had not returned inside until Luna started pointing a laser at her. After several minutes, the red sedan drove away while Luna removed Contreras’s wheel before aiming his handgun at her, firing multiple times, and driving away in his black Infinity. Police got the tag from his vehicle as he left the scene. Officers responded to the registered Murfreesboro Pike address, where they heard him approaching due to the flat tire, and conducted a traffic stop as he pulled in. When officers searched his vehicle, they discovered her wheel in the trunk with a box for a 9mm Glock pistol consistent with the 4 9mm casing recovered at the scene. Luna was then taken into custody for aggravated robbery.

Brayan Escobar jailed after attacking man with his father

27-year-old Brayan Escobar was taken into custody for aggravated robbery on May 3rd. On May 2nd, David Ray McCormick told the police that he was driving his truck down Roosevelt Avenue toward Gallatin Pike North when he stopped at the stop sign. McCormick stated a small silver sedan pulled up in front of him, cutting him off. Then, he said, two male Hispanics, later identified as Escobar and his father, exited the car and approached him, trying to open the door, during which they started attacking him. This forced McCormick to defend himself during the altercation. McCormick said one of the men picked up a large brick and threw it at him, hitting his chest and leaving a large abrasion and several bruises. McCormick added that they pulled his keys from his truck and tried to take his wallet and phone. Video footage from a nearby store captured the incident, corroborating McCormick’s statements.

While officers assisted McCormick, Escobar and his father flagged officers down near Gallatin Pike South, requesting medical assistance for a stab wound. They were transported to Skyline Hospital, where Escobar provided a statement of how his father was stabbed. While speaking with officers, Escobar described the location and aspects of McCormick’s identity as well as providing a picture of his car’s tag. McCormick later admitted to defending himself with a 10-inch piece of rebar to fight them off but stated he did not believe he stabbed anyone. Escobar and his father were deemed the primary aggressors. Escobar was then detained for the incident.

Amilya Green breaks into cousin’s home, robs her after learning she’s home alone

23-year-old Amilya Lane Green and three unidentified individuals forced their way into Marissa Green’s, her second cousin, home on Crutcher Street in the early hours of March 16th. Marissa alerted the authorities and provided them with a vehicle description, stating that they had fled before they arrived in a red, early 2010s Nissan Altima missing a driver’s side mirror. She further explained that Amilya and the three others had dropped her off, one being a female and two being male. Marissa said she had received a text from Amilya, which was when Marissa told her she was home alone. Moments later, Marissa heard a knock on her door and answered it to find Amilya and the other three. Amilya and the other individuals rushed through the door and ransacked Marissa’s house. Marissa told officers that one of the males grabbed her PlayStation 4 from her bedroom, so she tried to stop him. The man grabbed Marissa by the neck and pinned her to the ground. When Marissa broke free, she called the police. Marissa said that they stole her PlayStation 4 and various prescription medications, adding that they were there for about 10 minutes. Marissa told officers that the males had handguns during the burglary and advised that she wanted to prosecute all four of them but could only identify Amilya, her second cousin. Amilya Green was taken into custody for aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery on March 19th.

Devon “Devo” Guerrier shoots man in leg during robbery

18-year-old Devon “Devo” Guerrier was involved in the shooting of Robert Bell Jr at the MAA Nashville West apartments on December 3rd, 2023. One of Bell’s neighbors found him on the sidewalk, suffering from a gunshot wound on his leg. The neighbor transported him to Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital West, where officers made contact. Bell stated that he was trying to sell a handgun to a person named Devo so he could make rent. Devo arrived at the apartment complex with an unknown driver and texted Bell so he could conduct the transaction. He sold the gun to Devo for $450. Once the transaction was completed, Devo got out of the car with a different handgun and pointed it at Bell, demanding that he get the money back. When Bell refused, Devo shot him in the leg, and his driver stole the $450 back from him. Devo and his driver sped off. A witness stated that she heard a gunshot and looked outside. When she looked outside, she saw Devo with a handgun standing next to Bell. During the investigation, Guerrier was developed as a suspect and was later identified by Bell in a photo lineup. Devon Guerrier was taken into custody and charged with aggravated robbery.

19-year-old Shatoya Farmer jailed after helping baby-daddy rob man at gunpoint

19-year-old Shatoya Farmer met with Timothy Beach and another friend on April 13th, 2023. Amare Ramey, the father of Farmer’s child and Farmer’s brother, MF, were there and asked the victims if they wanted to shoot their guns. Ramey pulled out a rifle, MF produced a handgun, and they pointed their weapons at Beach and the other victim, telling them, “Give me everything you’ve got.” Before fleeing in Farmer’s black Buick, they took Beach’s CashApp card, $50 in cash, a vape, and a pair of Gucci slides. After Ramey, MF, and Farmer drove off, they turned around and sped towards the victims, nearly hitting Beach with the car. Officers created photo line-ups for Beach and the other individual with the information provided. Both victims identified Farmer and Ramey, pinpointing Farmer as the driver and person they met up with. Farmer was taken into custody for conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery on February 14th.

Tanner Patterson was charged with the rape of two women in Nashville; suspected of a third.

31-year-old Tanner Patterson was charged with the r4pe of two women, suspected of a third, on different occasions at his Brentridge Drive apartment between January 14th and January 24th. On January 14th, Patterson contacted the first woman, responding to an advertisement she placed on List Crawler, and she agreed to go to his apartment. A friend dropped her off around 6 a.m., and she met with him as she approached building one. He had her walk around the breezeway on the right side of the building and demanded to know who dropped her off, so she video-called her to prove it. This scared her, so she tried to walk away, but Patterson pulled out a black handgun, pointed it at her, and wrapped her face so she could not see before striking her multiple times in the head with the pistol. He began to drag her and hit her two more times with the firearm, and when they got to his unit, he covered her nose and mouth with his hand, making it difficult for her to breathe. She struggled, trying to get away, when he told her, “B!tch you’re making it worse on yourself,” and made her sit on the couch. Then, he applied a makeshift blindfold and told her to do what he said, and if she removed the blindfold, he would kill her. Patterson searched her purse, asked where the money was, and took her phone to see if she was sharing her location with anyone, to which he said if she were, he would “Bust a cap in her and kill her.” He demanded to know if anyone knew she was there, made her give him her passcode to her phone, and had her text her friend who dropped her off that she was good and would stay for two hours.
Then he patted her down, checking if she had anything on her, before undressing her, groping her breasts, and moaning. She started to cry, and he told her to be quiet, stood her up, escorted her to the back of the apartment, and pushed her down onto an air mattress. Patterson removed her boots, began to take off her clothing, and told her, “Take this shit off now.” He told her to open her legs, but she refused, so he slapped her thigh and said, “Open your f**king legs.” Then, Patterson pulled out his pen15, had difficulty achieving an er3ction, and began m@sturbating while touching her. He had her get on the floor and attempted to have v@ginal intercourse with her from behind but was unable due to impotence. He made her get on her knees and “give him head” and told her she better not bite his d!ck. He struck her in the face and began to have or@l s3x with her, telling her to open her mouth, and removed her blindfold, demanding that she look him in the eyes during it. Then, he got an er3ction, put the blindfold back on her, spit on his hand, put on a condom, and r4ped her v@ginally from behind until he ejacul@ted. Patterson told her to put her clothes back on, helped her put on her pants, and rummaged through her belongings again. She gathered her items as he pulled her hood over her head, telling her not to call the police, to which she said she would not. Then, he walked her toward her friend’s vehicle, stopped, and pushed her away, telling her to count to ten before removing the blindfold and that if her friend did pull off within ten seconds, he was going to start shooting. She waited before she ran away, removed her blindfold, and got in her friend’s vehicle. Her friend told her she had seen a man run away towards the woods in a red hoodie, which was believed to be Patterson. She called 911 and realized that he had taken $60 and her ID out of her purse. Officers arrived and were advised of the incident, as she gave them the blindfold for evidence and provided the phone number Patterson used to call her, which he previously used to place calls for service to his known address. They knew his identity due to him being the suspect in a recent rape that occurred on November 29th. She identified him through a photo lineup.
Then, on the night of January 23rd, Patterson contacted the second woman on a social networking app called Monkey Run. They began video chatting around 8 p.m. and discussed hanging out, so he provided transportation through a ride share to pick her up and bring her to his apartment. She advised officers that no arrangements had been made for s3x. She arrived at building one around 1 a.m. They went up the stairwell to the last apartment on the left, and when she got inside, he led her straight to the bedroom and made her sit on his air mattress. Then, Patterson left the room and returned with a handgun, causing her to try to run out of the room. He stopped her, hitting her in the head repeatedly with his pistol while stating, “I can’t believe you made me do this.” He tied her hands in front of her with a black strip of cloth, took her to the living room, and forced her to get on her knees before grabbing a knife from the kitchen to place near him, next to his gun. Patterson then told her that she “Better make him c*m in five minutes, or he would kill her.” She performed or@l s3x on him until he ej@culated in her mouth, and then put on a condom and proceeded to r4pe her from behind v@ginally. He forced her to take a shower at gunpoint, demanding that she wash her face well, especially around the mouth area. During the shower, he showed her bowls containing what she believed to be his ur!ne and asked if she was going to drink it.
Once she was dressed, Patterson took her to the living room and questioned her, asking if she was sharing her location with anyone, to which she said yes, with her friends. Then, he pointed the gun at her head, told her to unlock her phone, went through it, deleted certain things to conceal any communication between them, and took $100 from her purse. Then, he took her ID and took a picture of her mother’s social media profile to ensure he would find her or her family if she reported the incident. Patterson ordered her transportation, and she left, telling the driver to speed away. He stopped at the BP on Old Hickory Boulevard for her, where she called the police around 3 a.m. She had a ligature mark with redness, swelling on her right hand, and a small laceration with bruising beside her left eye. Detectives responded to Vanderbilt Hospital and interviewed her, where she provided information that caused officers to believe Patterson attacked her due to previous rapes involving him and similar descriptions. They gave her the photo lineup they used on January 14th, and she positively identified him. Patterson was taken into custody for two counts of aggravated kidnapping, two counts of aggravated robbery, and two counts of aggravated r4pe.

Dexter Leggins jailed after rushing into an apartment with a knife

42-year-old Dexter Leggins uninvitingly entered Daryl Armstrong’s apartment on Glastonbury Road in the early hours of November 27th. Armstrong advised officers that Leggins knocked on his door and rushed in when he opened it with a black knife, putting him in fear. Then, Leggins stole his television, phone, a bag containing social security documents, and a black-wheeled cart. Officers observed Leggins with Armstrong’s belongings as they arrived, and he insisted that it was his property. They were able to locate all the items Armstrong listed. Leggings was taken into custody for aggravated robbery on December 5th.

18-year-old Robin Weatherall robs family at gunpoint

18-year-old Robin Weatherall was taken into custody on November 15th for the robbery of Yesenia Judith Yoc Coronado and her husband in June at the parking lot of Central Transport. Coronado advised officers that she, her husband, and their three children went to Central Transport to purchase a nail gun and an impact gun that was being sold on Facebook Market. Coronado’s husband texted the seller, letting him know they were at Central Transport. Then he pulled alongside a red SUV and got out to meet the seller, where Weatherall came from behind him, pointing a handgun at him before pistol-whipping him. Weatherall demanded money from Coronado’s husband as he told him and the seller to get on the ground. Coronado was able to record parts of the robbery with her cell phone as Weatherall took her husband’s phone and stomped on it. Weatherall went through Coronado’s purse, and she was able to get a close-up video of him before he took pictures of their license plate, threatening to come after them later, stole $700, and fled with the seller. An investigation was conducted, and officers were able to identify Weatherall as the suspect, charging him with two counts of aggravated robbery and vandalism.

Jeurmell Hendrix robs ACE Cash Express… after applying for a loan with his personal information

29-year-old Jeurmell Hendrix filled out an application for a payday loan at ACE Cash Express with his actual name, social security number, address, bank card information, and phone number. When his application was denied, he robbed the location.