Dexter Leggins jailed after rushing into an apartment with a knife

42-year-old Dexter Leggins uninvitingly entered Daryl Armstrong’s apartment on Glastonbury Road in the early hours of November 27th. Armstrong advised officers that Leggins knocked on his door and rushed in when he opened it with a black knife, putting him in fear. Then, Leggins stole his television, phone, a bag containing social security documents, and a black-wheeled cart. Officers observed Leggins with Armstrong’s belongings as they arrived, and he insisted that it was his property. They were able to locate all the items Armstrong listed. Leggings was taken into custody for aggravated robbery on December 5th.

18-year-old Robin Weatherall robs family at gunpoint

18-year-old Robin Weatherall was taken into custody on November 15th for the robbery of Yesenia Judith Yoc Coronado and her husband in June at the parking lot of Central Transport. Coronado advised officers that she, her husband, and their three children went to Central Transport to purchase a nail gun and an impact gun that was being sold on Facebook Market. Coronado’s husband texted the seller, letting him know they were at Central Transport. Then he pulled alongside a red SUV and got out to meet the seller, where Weatherall came from behind him, pointing a handgun at him before pistol-whipping him. Weatherall demanded money from Coronado’s husband as he told him and the seller to get on the ground. Coronado was able to record parts of the robbery with her cell phone as Weatherall took her husband’s phone and stomped on it. Weatherall went through Coronado’s purse, and she was able to get a close-up video of him before he took pictures of their license plate, threatening to come after them later, stole $700, and fled with the seller. An investigation was conducted, and officers were able to identify Weatherall as the suspect, charging him with two counts of aggravated robbery and vandalism.

Jeurmell Hendrix robs ACE Cash Express… after applying for a loan with his personal information

29-year-old Jeurmell Hendrix filled out an application for a payday loan at ACE Cash Express with his actual name, social security number, address, bank card information, and phone number. When his application was denied, he robbed the location.

Nicholas Perrino charged in movie-worthy heist of Great Pyrenees dog from Nashville home

Police say 76-year-old Nicholas Perrino drove his white Cadillac Escalade from Woodstock, IL, to an alley behind Veron Winfrey Ave in Nashville in August 2022. He retrieved tools and gloves from the rear of the vehicle and then began working on a locked gate at the residence as a female exited the vehicle and joined him as the gate was defeated. He then drilled through a lock of the residence and made entry inside, where he took a Great Pyrenees dog belonging to Tiffay Spencer, which the female accomplice assisted in getting into their vehicle. Warrants were issued, and a Grand Jury indictment was obtained. Perrino was booked into custody this week.

Trevell James charged after robbery and shoot-out with victim & friend

19-year-old Trevell James was booked this week on outstanding warrants for felony aggravated robbery, drug possession, and theft during two incidents on December 27. Police say he entered a business and asked to use the restroom. He then went to the employee locker room, took the jacket of Adam Peler, which contained the keys to his vehicle, and walked out the front door wearing the jacket. On that same day, Trevel James and Alfred Rodriguez attempted to rob Shandarie Barrett of $2,000, which he had been sent to the bank to get. When he was unable to withdraw the money and returned to his residence, he was pistol-whipped and robbed of his phone and passport.

James and Rodrigues then fled the location, and the victim and his friend, Everald Nelson, pursued them throughout South Nashville. Nelson exchanged gunfire with the suspects in the parking lot of a Waffle House. The two suspects then abandoned their car and fled the scene. Inside the abandoned vehicle, officers found four bags of marijuana, totaling one pound in weight. Warrants were issued for their arrest, and James was booked on those this week.

Avaunt Savannah charged with robbing girlfriend of rent money at gunpoint

21-year-old Avaunt Montez Savannah and an accomplice were reportedly in the apartment of his girlfriend, Jessica Stephens, on December 31. Avaunt’s friend and his girlfriend were arguing back and forth and swapping insults. As Jessica opened the door for all three of them to leave the apartment, she says the friend grabbed her purse and demanded her money. She says Avaunt and his friend both then pulled handguns and pointed them at her and took her rent money ($1380), her cell phone, and her car keys from her purse. The friend stated he was “about to smoke” the victim while acting like he was about to pistol whip her. The two ordered her to go into her bedroom and stay there for twenty minutes while they fled. Arrest warrants were issued, and Montez was booked into custody this week.

Giovanni Johnson charged with robbing roommates at gunpoint — 2 other men still at large

Metro Nashville Police say 21-year-old Giovanni Johnson came by his home to grab some things and left after a short period of time. Moments later, he returned to the home, which he shares with his two roommates, Lavonn Nevels, Jr., and Ricky Peoples, Jr. — except this time he brought two unknown men back to the home, and all were armed with handguns. The trio held the two roommates at gunpoint and robbed them while pistol-whipping them in the face and forehead. Nevels says he was robbed of $4,000 in cash.

Man holds another man at gunpoint, demands he delete a video of him, and give him $100

Police say 19-year-old Jahzeel Gayle came to see another man, supposedly to pay some money that was owed. While there, he reportedly racked the slide of a handgun and demanded the victim delete a video he had recorded of him, and CashApp him $100 or he would shoot him.

Man robs his mother of her tax refund with a gun to her head

24-year-old Austin Travis Pulley is charged with felony aggravated robbery after he held a gun to his mother’s head and demanded her H&R Block tax refund card. When she didn’t oblige, he struck her on the right side of her face, took the card from her wallet, and fled the residence.

Man jailed in connection with 2 robberies that happened less than an hour apart

20-year-old Larry Claybrooks was charged with two counts of aggravated robbery when he was discovered with stolen property from the victims of two separate robberies that occurred around 30 minutes apart.