19-year-old Shatoya Farmer jailed after helping baby-daddy rob man at gunpoint

19-year-old Shatoya Farmer met with Timothy Beach and another friend on April 13th, 2023. Amare Ramey, the father of Farmer’s child and Farmer’s brother, MF, were there and asked the victims if they wanted to shoot their guns. Ramey pulled out a rifle, MF produced a handgun, and they pointed their weapons at Beach and the other victim, telling them, “Give me everything you’ve got.” Before fleeing in Farmer’s black Buick, they took Beach’s CashApp card, $50 in cash, a vape, and a pair of Gucci slides. After Ramey, MF, and Farmer drove off, they turned around and sped towards the victims, nearly hitting Beach with the car. Officers created photo line-ups for Beach and the other individual with the information provided. Both victims identified Farmer and Ramey, pinpointing Farmer as the driver and person they met up with. Farmer was taken into custody for conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery on February 14th.

Taliyah Wallace attempts to run over her baby daddy with car, smashes his mother’s car instead

18-year-old Taliyah Wallace was booked Tuesday on two outstanding felony warrants charging her with aggravated assault and vandalism. The warrants allege she was upset with the father of her child, Travontez Turner, because another female had talked to him. She was parked on the street behind the vehicle of his mother, Tarhonda Turner, and Travontez was standing between the two vehicles as they talked. She grew more upset and suddenly floored the gas pedal of her vehicle in an attempt to strike him; however, he was able to jump out of the way as he heard the engine. She drove into his mother’s car, up into the yard, and then fled the scene, with her one-year-old child in the vehicle with her the entire time.

Des’ree White demanded an escort to her car; she got an escort to jail #DisorderlyConduct

27-year-old Des’Ree White approached Metro Nashville Police Officers on Broadway in downtown Nashville and demanded they escort her to her vehicle. As the conversation continued, another female approached White and asked White if she would like her to walk her to her car instead of the police. White became visibly upset and angered and threw her cell phone at the other female. Officers took White into custody for disorderly conduct.

Everyone goes to jail: Carlandro Branch, Destinee Turnipseed, & Maicole Shelton

Police responded to a domestic disturbance call on April 25th to find that 22-year-old Carlandro Branch had taken the phones of both 20-year-old Maicole Shelton and the mother of this child, 20-year-old Destinee Turnipseed, as they attempted to call the police to report that Branch had pulled her hair when during a child custody exchange. As he fled with their phones, Maicole Shelton grabbed a baseball bat and chased Carlandro Branch. The mother of the child, Destinee Turnipseed, also busted out two windows at the residence. She says she broke the first one in an attempt to get someone’s attention and the second one in anger. Everyone went to jail and bonded right out… the end. 

Father pulls daughter’s wig back, rips her eyelashes off, calls her a b***h during assault

40-year-old Derrick Lamont Carter faces child abuse and vandalism charges after felt his daughter was taking too long to get ready for work and being ‘smart’ with him. He is alleged to have pulled back her wig, ripped off her faux eyelashes during a physical assault on her. The child’s mother was on the phone and overheard much of the incident.