James Blake Milliken vandalizes his girlfriend’s car when confronted about his drinking

Olivia Corneto says she drove her boyfriend, 23-year-old James Blake Milliken, to his Bellevue apartment from a bar downtown on August 1st, just before 2 a.m. She confronted him about his frequent volume of alcohol consumption, and the two argued. She had enough and began to leave his residence when he followed her and tried to get back inside her vehicle. She says he kicked and punched the doors while yelling and cursing at her. Three doors on the vehicle sustained damage, including dents. Officers documented smears and footprints all over the vehicle and viewed a video of a portion of the incident as Milliken fled when he realized he was being recorded. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was booked on the felony vandalism charge this week.

Taliyah Wallace attempts to run over her baby daddy with car, smashes his mother’s car instead

18-year-old Taliyah Wallace was booked Tuesday on two outstanding felony warrants charging her with aggravated assault and vandalism. The warrants allege she was upset with the father of her child, Travontez Turner, because another female had talked to him. She was parked on the street behind the vehicle of his mother, Tarhonda Turner, and Travontez was standing between the two vehicles as they talked. She grew more upset and suddenly floored the gas pedal of her vehicle in an attempt to strike him; however, he was able to jump out of the way as he heard the engine. She drove into his mother’s car, up into the yard, and then fled the scene, with her one-year-old child in the vehicle with her the entire time.

Takeia McDavis smashes out her ex-husband’s windows with a crowbar

39-year-old Takeia McDavis is facing a felony vandalism charge after witnesses say she arrived at the workplace of her ex-husband, Juston Lawrence, and smashed the windows out of his parked vehicle using a red crowbar. His supervisor went outside and disarmed McDavis. She was transported to booking without further incident.

Woman kicks officer in groin after struggle over gun

20-year-old Keleshia Massey was charged with assault of an officer, domestic assault, vandalism, resisting arrest, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after wrestling with her ex-boyfriend and stabbing his current girlfriend.

Landlord caught on video smashing tenant’s car windows

70-year-old Vernon Criswell was charged with vandalism after he was caught on video smashing the car windows of a man renting his property. He originally showed up at the property to tell the renter to stop harassing him.

Police stop woman from sabotaging mother’s gas tank with gravel

25-year-old Dominique Chapman was charged with two counts of domestic vandalism after officers witnessed her trying to put rocks in her mother’s gas tank.

Angry nephew attacks his aunt and shatters her car window

feat Fierro Omar

27-year-old Omar Fierro was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he jumped on his aunt, punched and kicked her, then took a stepping stone and threw it through her car window.

Man wrecks girlfriend’s apartment when he believes she was cheating on him

31-year-old Lewis Brown was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he caused $1,000 worth of damage to his girlfriend’s house because he thought she was cheating on him.

Vandal caught by witness breaking all the windows of his ex-roommate’s apartment

34-year-old Lashaune Cosey was charged with vandalism after he smashed all the windows and broke the door of his old roommate’s apartment, per report.

Man holds knife to woman, says “if you come at me or try to touch me I will cut you up”

37-year-old Gregory Dotson was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism, theft of property, and interference with a 911 call after he told a woman “if you come at me or touch me, I will cut you up” while holding a butcher knife during an argument and then cut her tires and threw a ceramic statue at her back windshield.