DUI: Jordan Roberts drives crashed car to gas station & passes out at the pumps

Police say 22-year-old Jordan Roberts crashed his car in the early hours of Sunday morning and fled the crash site in his damaged vehicle. He was later found unresponsive in his vehicle at the 7-Eleven on Hwy 70 South. Nashville Fire was the first on scene and observed Roberts to be unresponsive behind the wheel while parked at a gas pump, with the car covered in debris from the earlier crash. Inside the vehicle was a half-consumed can of beer. Roberts had regained consciousness by the time police arrived, and they reported he reeked of alcohol. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and would later blow a 0.144% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Alex Glover breaks straightening iron after fiancée is “over them not having intercourse”

31-year-old Alex Glover told police that he and his fiancée, Angela Stafford, had a verbal argument at 4 a.m. because she “was over them not having sexual intercourse.” As the argument escalated, he admits to breaking her straightening iron for her hair into three pieces. He also says Angela attacked him physically, but there were no indications of any assault from either party. Officers took Glover into custody and charged him with domestic vandalism, requiring a 12-hour hold before he could be released.

James Blake Milliken vandalizes his girlfriend’s car when confronted about his drinking

Olivia Corneto says she drove her boyfriend, 23-year-old James Blake Milliken, to his Bellevue apartment from a bar downtown on August 1st, just before 2 a.m. She confronted him about his frequent volume of alcohol consumption, and the two argued. She had enough and began to leave his residence when he followed her and tried to get back inside her vehicle. She says he kicked and punched the doors while yelling and cursing at her. Three doors on the vehicle sustained damage, including dents. Officers documented smears and footprints all over the vehicle and viewed a video of a portion of the incident as Milliken fled when he realized he was being recorded. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was booked on the felony vandalism charge this week.

DUI: David Iturriaga crashes into pole after leaving Alley Pub

28-year-old David Iturriaga crashed his vehicle in the early hours of Saturday morning after leaving Alley Pub on Hwy 70 South. He told officers he consumed 2-3 alcoholic drinks at the bar prior to leaving and crashing his vehicle into a utility pole, causing the pole and wires to fall to the ground. He would later blow a 0.125% BAC on a breathalyzer as he was booked into custody and charged with DUI.

Alex Collier charged with sexual battery & statutory rape of 16-year-old in Dairy Queen bathroom

30-year-old Alex Collier confessed to detectives he had sex with a 16-year-old employee when he was a manager at the Bellevue Dairy Queen on Hwy 70 S. The sex occurred at least 15 times in the men’s restroom of the Dairy Queen, and at least once in the back hallway of the restaurant. Additional sex happened in the store’s parking lot, the PDK parking lot, the Staples parking lot, and at his grandmother’s residence. Court records show the two had “many conversations about their age difference” over the course of the relationship.

DUI: Khristen Jones flees into woods after crash, claims her friend ‘Brad’ was driving her car

Witnesses say 31-year-old Khristen Jones rear-ended another vehicle near Old Hickory Blvd & Bellevue Rd and continued to drive toward Highway 100 before she exited the driver’s side of her vehicle and walked into the woods. As first responders arrived she emerged from the woodline, reeking of alcohol. She told police she had “could have had a couple of drinks” but her friend ‘Brad’ was driving, not her. She refused field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI.

DUI: Bria Brooks charged after crossing 3 lanes of traffic, crashing into airport fence

When Police found 34-year-old Bria Brooks wrecked into a fence near the airport on Murfreesboro Pike at 4:30 a.m. Sunday, she wasn’t sure what had happened, where she had been, where she was going and insisted her credit card was her identification.
She admitted to drinking “a little” according to an arrest warrant.

Bellevue man rips dress off girlfriend, threatens to kill her, on his birthday — Byron Baisy

Byron Baisy was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on Tuesday, his 35th birthday, after he and his girlfriend, Tiffany Mayfield, had reportedly argued all morning long. His girlfriend says the argument escalated when it wasn’t going his way, and he pushed her onto the bed, held her down, ripped off her dress, and treated to kill her. Police documented injuries on the victim when they responded to the Bellevue residence and took Daisy into custody.

After Baisy was in custody, officers asked if he had anything on him they should be aware of, and he disclosed there was “weed” in his pocket. Officers retrieved 27.3 grams of marijuana. Byron Baisy is charged with domestic assault with bodily injury and drug possession. He is free on a $1,000 bond.

Drunk woman texts ‘POW POW!’ threat, storms front door, falls on sidewalk, lays there until police arrive — Angie Chapman

49-year-old Angie Chapman, who is in the middle of a heated divorce, decided to track her husband down Tuesday night at his brother’s home, just a few streets over. She sent texts on the way over, stating “Do you remember how to shoot? I do!”… and “POW POW!”. Once she arrived, she texted him to “look out your window, a–hole” so she could “zero in”. She stormed the front porch, opened the storm door, and attempted to push her way into the home, but the homeowner pushed her back out the door, causing her to fall down the steps, firmly plopping her body on the sidewalk below, where she remained laying until police arrived. They took her into custody while she screamed “I will come back and get them!”. A loaded Smith & Wesson revolver was located in her front passenger seat, and she was extremely intoxicated. Police only charged her with misdemeanor aggravated trespass, and she posted a $2,500 cash bond after being booked. She recently removed $40,000 from the joint checking account, which has been a contentious point during the divorce proceedings.

Woman charged with assaulting ex-boyfriend, dropping rock on his hood, busting out rear window, keying 3 sides of car

28-year-old Kelley Colbert is charged with domestic assault and vandalism, after police say she was caught on video scratching her ex-boyfriend and destroying his vehicle by smashing it with a large rock, breaking out windows, and keying it on three sides.