Shontarrius Word assaults ex-girlfriend for not making him something to eat

26-year-old Shontarrius Word had a domestic incident with his ex-girlfriend, Miracle Sledge, at her residence on Mountain Valley Drive late February 8th. Sledge stated that she and Word argued because he demanded that she make him something to eat. She then went to her son’s bedroom to pack. Word followed her and asked why she was packing before slapping the back of her head two to three times. She exited the room to get her cell phone charger and told him not to be loud because he would wake the kids. Then, she had her hand on the bedroom door frame when he said, “F*ck you, you are going over to that n*gga’s house,” and slammed the door a couple of times on her hand, leaving a small cut on her right middle finger. She called the police, and Word left the area. Word returned as she was being transported to the hospital for medical attention, but initially did not provide his information, claiming to be her friend. Then, Word said he never assaulted her, but she hit him. Officers deemed him as the primary aggressor, and Word was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Jennie Frank-Gambill charged for fleeing accident on General George Patton Road

43-year-old Jennie Frank-Gambill was issued a citation on October 4th after causing an accident at the intersection of Sawyer Brown Road and General George Patton Road. A witness, Mr. Defeo, heard the crash, stepped out of the house, and observed a Nissan Rogue and Kia Soul in the road. After the crash, Ms. Frank-Gambill drove away, but Mr. Defeo got in his vehicle, followed her to where she was parked on General George Patton Road with the vehicle’s airbags deployed and notified the police. When officers arrived, Ms. Frank Gambill admitted to being the driver. She explained to officers that she left because she thought the other driver had left the area.

DUI: Tabatha Perry says she only smoked marijuana before having to be revived with Narcan

38-year-old Tabatha Perry was booked on a citation from August 28th after running off the road and hitting a metal guardrail on the shoulder of I-40 near Old Hickory Boulevard. When police responded to the crash, they found Perry unconscious in the driver’s seat of her Dodge Caravan. She was shallowly breathing, and her skin was purple. Police administered a dose of Narcan in an attempt to revive her. Once awoken, she was transported to Centennial Hospital for medical attention. Police interviewed Perry at the hospital, where she told them that she smoked a joint at her mother’s house before taking her to Vanderbilt and that she hadn’t had much sleep within the past 24 hours, which is why she dozed off while driving and hit the guardrail. Perry consented to field sobriety tests, but only one could be performed due to her being in the hospital bed.

Booster Macey McMinton caught at Bellevue T.J. Maxx

Police say 23-year-old Macey McMinton brought a T.J. Maxx shopping bag with her when she entered their store on Hwy 70 S on January 16. She then filled the bag with merchandise and walked out the door. Loss prevention detained her and took possession of the boosted items, which were valued at $207.85. She was issued a citation for shoplifting, and was booked on that citation this week.

Brandon Glass jailed on $50K bond after girlfriend wakes up naked, bruised, strangled & with no memory

Kirsten Carter says her boyfriend, 33-year-old Brandon Glass, began to bite her after they went to bed on July 3rd, in an attempt to initiate sex after the couple had been drinking all evening. She told him to stop biting her, and hit him. She says he then pulled her hair, and everything went black. Carter says the next thing she remembers is waking up naked on July 4th with bite marks all over her body, bruises on her legs, back, and torso, two black eyes, and a busted lip. Additionally, she had red marks on both sides of her neck/throat and it appears as if her air and blood flow had been restricted for a period of time. When first responders arrived, she was still seeing spots and flashes of light, and had a raspy voice and a hard time swallowing. She was transported to a local hospital for treatment and Brandon Glass was charged with felony aggravated assault/strangulation.

A very drunk Maximilian Baker asked officers to take him to jail… so they did

22-year-old Maximilian Baker was found passed out from intoxication on the second floor of Boot Barn on Broadway in downtown Nashville. He reeked of alcohol and refused all medical assistance when offered. He told police to just take him to jail. officers assisted him in standing and escorted him out of the store. While en route to booking, he attempted to kick out the window of the patrol car.

Hillary Lynette Lyles jailed after an outburst when staff wouldn’t let her use the men’s restroom

Security at Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa in downtown Nashville say 29-year-old Hillary Lynette Lyles became aggressive toward them and began to swing at them when they prevented her from using the men’s restroom. Police quickly arrived and located Lyles in the elevator of the venue, which she refused to exit. She was loudly yelling and cursing, and when police attempted to take her into custody for disorderly conduct she grabbed the cuffs in an effort to not be cuffed. She screamed the entire way out of the bar, continuing to be a disturbance. She stated she had been drinking prior to her arrest.

DUI: Khristen Jones flees into woods after crash, claims her friend ‘Brad’ was driving her car

Witnesses say 31-year-old Khristen Jones rear-ended another vehicle near Old Hickory Blvd & Bellevue Rd and continued to drive toward Highway 100 before she exited the driver’s side of her vehicle and walked into the woods. As first responders arrived she emerged from the woodline, reeking of alcohol. She told police she had “could have had a couple of drinks” but her friend ‘Brad’ was driving, not her. She refused field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI.

Woman’s attitude takes control and she pops off on everyone at Brookmeade Greenway

32-year-old Jennifer Mcfarlin was arrested for disorderly conduct when she began screaming at people on the Brookmeade Greenway.

Woman tells Target employee she is Beethoven and threatens to slit her throat, per report

39-year-old Angela Beasley was charged with assault with a deadly weapon when a loss prevention employee confronted her about a pocket knife she was wielding. The report states Beasley identified herself as Beethoven, that she owned the state, and threatened to slit the Target employee’s throat.