Shontarrius Word assaults ex-girlfriend for not making him something to eat

26-year-old Shontarrius Word had a domestic incident with his ex-girlfriend, Miracle Sledge, at her residence on Mountain Valley Drive late February 8th. Sledge stated that she and Word argued because he demanded that she make him something to eat. She then went to her son’s bedroom to pack. Word followed her and asked why she was packing before slapping the back of her head two to three times. She exited the room to get her cell phone charger and told him not to be loud because he would wake the kids. Then, she had her hand on the bedroom door frame when he said, “F*ck you, you are going over to that n*gga’s house,” and slammed the door a couple of times on her hand, leaving a small cut on her right middle finger. She called the police, and Word left the area. Word returned as she was being transported to the hospital for medical attention, but initially did not provide his information, claiming to be her friend. Then, Word said he never assaulted her, but she hit him. Officers deemed him as the primary aggressor, and Word was taken into custody for domestic assault.