Samuel Jennings angrily snaps door handle off Airbnb

49-year-old Samuel Jackson Jennings was banging on a door to the Airbnb apartments above Boot Barn on Broadway late April 4th. Officers overheard this and went to the noise, where they located him snapping the handle off a steel door. When officers approached him, he was very irate and showed signs of impairment, so they deemed him a danger to himself and others. Jennings was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

A very drunk Maximilian Baker asked officers to take him to jail… so they did

22-year-old Maximilian Baker was found passed out from intoxication on the second floor of Boot Barn on Broadway in downtown Nashville. He reeked of alcohol and refused all medical assistance when offered. He told police to just take him to jail. officers assisted him in standing and escorted him out of the store. While en route to booking, he attempted to kick out the window of the patrol car.