Tourist Alex Lopez assaults bouncer at Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa in downtown Nashville

25-year-old tourist Alex Lopez was being removed from Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Saturday morning. While being escorted from an upper floor of the venue, Lopez reportedly became aggressive with security. Once outside, he began to throw hands, striking bouncer Candice Holloway in the face. The incident was captured on video, and Lopez was taken into custody, charged with assault.

Kevin Alexander kicked out of Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa, upset he isn’t allowed back in

22-year-old Kevin Alexander was jailed on November 12th after officers were flagged down by security at Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa on Broadway. When the officers arrived, they observed Kevin kicking the bar sign and being aggressive toward security. He then became aggressive with the officers and was detained. Security advised that Kevin was kicked out of the bar earlier in the day and became aggressive when he couldn’t re-enter.

Ah Neesa Spencer jailed after fighting at Miranda Lambert’s bar in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Ah Neesa Spencer caused such a drunken disturbance at Miranda Lambert’s bar in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning that she had to be detained by security after attempting to fight them. Metro Nashville Police officers arrived, and she was transferred into their custody. Due to her level of intoxication and being a danger to herself, Spencer was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Anthony Mayen drags wife down 2nd Ave by her hair during downtown Nashville assault

Metro Nashville Police say 39-year-old Wisconsin tourist Anthony ‘Tony’ Mayen was observed by multiple witnesses dragging his wife, Adrianna Mayen, down the sidewalk on 2nd Ave in downtown Nashville by her hair. Witnesses Rebecca and Megan Mogetz say the victim appeared helpless, and they yelled at Tony to stop. When he noticed police were approaching, he stopped assaulting his wife and walked toward Broadway. The victim stated she was afraid of further assault if they arrested him. As Tony was taken into custody, he yelled obscenities at the officers. Another officer confirmed that had taken a report involving Tony and another patron fighting at Miranda Lambert’s bar shortly before the assault on his wife.

Joshua Berrios too drunk and disorderly for downtown Nashville

23-year-old Joshua Berrios was very drunk and disorderly outside Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa late Friday night. Metro Nashville Police officers working the Entertainment District Initiative say he was instead and reeked of alcohol. He was unable to care for himself and was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Hillary Lynette Lyles jailed after an outburst when staff wouldn’t let her use the men’s restroom

Security at Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa in downtown Nashville say 29-year-old Hillary Lynette Lyles became aggressive toward them and began to swing at them when they prevented her from using the men’s restroom. Police quickly arrived and located Lyles in the elevator of the venue, which she refused to exit. She was loudly yelling and cursing, and when police attempted to take her into custody for disorderly conduct she grabbed the cuffs in an effort to not be cuffed. She screamed the entire way out of the bar, continuing to be a disturbance. She stated she had been drinking prior to her arrest.

Tourist defecates on himself in downtown bar, says security is “trying to kill me” — Hunter Brooke Macfarlane

38-year-old Hunter Brooke Macfarlane, a tourist from North Carolina, was found on the floor of Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa on Broadway in downtown Nashville with his pants around his ankles, having defecated on himself while screaming: “They [security guards] are trying to kill me!” Security flagged down officers after the man refused to leave, and he was transported to booking, where he was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. He is free on pre-trial release.