Alba Aldridge assaults security guards who held her boyfriend to the ground at Jason Aldean’s Bar

48-year-old Alba Lucy Aldridge and her boyfriend, “David,” had an altercation with security, at Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar on April 14th. When officers arrived, she and her boyfriend were being held down on the ground by security until they secured them in handcuffs and escorted them outside. While the two were being escorted, Aldridge passed out, so she was transported to Nashville General Hospital for medical treatment. Later, officers spoke with Gabriel Gonzalo Fernandez, the security manager, who stated they observed an unrelated male they believed was over-intoxicated, so they decided to escort him out.

While security attempted to remove the male, David tried to intervene, stepping between him and security, pushing them, and then punching another guard, Candice Holloway, on her chin. Security officer Thomas Donnelly advised that David tried to bite him, causing him to take him to the ground. While holding David to the ground, Aldridge pushed several security guards approximately four times. Fernandez wished to prosecute for the incident. The other security officers did not seek prosecution for David’s attack.

Tourist Alex Lopez assaults bouncer at Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa in downtown Nashville

25-year-old tourist Alex Lopez was being removed from Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Saturday morning. While being escorted from an upper floor of the venue, Lopez reportedly became aggressive with security. Once outside, he began to throw hands, striking bouncer Candice Holloway in the face. The incident was captured on video, and Lopez was taken into custody, charged with assault.