Curtis Fletcher Jr. shoots gun at juvenile ex-girlfriend’s car during altercation

20-year-old Curtis Fletcher Jr. was booked on an outstanding warrant from December 3rd, 2023, after police were dispatched for a shooting. When officers arrived, they spoke with Juvenile Victim One and Madison Hines, who advised that they were at a gathering with some friends when Curtis approached them with his girlfriend. Curtis then began arguing with the juvenile victim and Madison, so they decided to leave and started heading toward their car. They noticed Curtis and his girlfriend getting into a car as well, and as soon as they pulled off, Curtis sped up to them and fired shots into their car before driving away. Officers observed holes in the vehicle and a flat tire from being shot. The bullets hit neither Madison nor the juvenile. The two advised officers that Curtis was upset with the juvenile for an unknown reason. Apparently, Curtis used to be in a relationship with the juvenile victim, and they have mutual friends, which could be why he was also invited to the gathering. According to the juvenile, Curtis is known to carry a gun and has done things like this in the past. Police tried to contact Curtis but could not until he was arrested for the incident on March 3

Dude, where’s my hotel? Chelsey Bailey too drunk to know in downtown Nashville

In the early hours of Saturday morning, just after last call, 38-year-old Chelsea Bailey appeared at the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Nashville. She insisted she had a room there and needed to get to it. She became quite disorderly in her drunk state, and security eventually assisted her as she became extremely loud and disruptive when the front desk staff informed her she was not registered at the hotel. She was unable to provide the name of anyone she may be staying with and was eventually asked to leave the property, which she refused. Metro Nashville Police officers arrived, and she named the Hyatt and various other hotels when asked where she was staying at during her trip to Nashville. She continued to be disruptive and unable to assist herself in avoiding jail.

Anthony Barrie — screaming, crying, and drunkenly playing in traffic in downtown Nashville

24-year-old Anthony Austin Barrie told police he had been drinking at a downtown Nashville bar and had a “few drinks” before employees of Bar Louie in the Gulch noticed him drunkenly running through traffic and screaming and crying before arriving at their bar, where he cursed at employees. Metro Nashville Police arrived and attempted to facilitate a ride, but he refused and attempted to walk away. Barrie was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Skyler Eller drunkenly assaults other attendees at Jelly Roll concert in Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 26-year-old Skyler Eller was extremely intoxicated and assaulting people inside the Bridgestone Arena at the Jelly Roll concert Friday night. In addition to throwing punches, she was yelling and screaming at other attendees. Due to her level of intoxication and inability to care for herself in any shape, form, or fashion of adult behavior, she was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Marco Takla was handcuffed at Hustler Club Nashville – but not in the way he wanted

22-year-old Marco Takla caused a disturbance at Hustler Club Nashville in the early hours of Friday morning, and security called Metro Nashville Police for assistance. Officers arrived to find Marco Takla arguing with security, who had asked him multiple times to leave the property. Officers gave him the opportunity to walk away and off the property, at which point he began arguing with the police officers. He was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass.

Florida man Nathaniel D’amico found wandering Broadway with broken teeth at sunrise

28-year-old Nathaniel Elias Damico was found standing in the middle of Broadway in downtown Nashville in the early daylight hours of Saturday morning, looking distraught and intoxicated. As officers stopped to check on his welfare, he approached them and stated he wanted to make a report of an assault. As they collected his ID for the report, they quickly realized he was the same person who had called 911 earlier to report his “teeth were broken,” requesting medical assistance. Nashville Fire Department medics responded to the scene, but when they arrived, Damico refused all treatment or transport. He changed the description of the suspect, who he claims assaulted him multiple times while telling the story to officers. After the report was completed, Damico remained very intoxicated and was unable to arrange a ride home nor confirm he even knew how to get home. Unable to leave him in his current state, he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Anthony Mayen drags wife down 2nd Ave by her hair during downtown Nashville assault

Metro Nashville Police say 39-year-old Wisconsin tourist Anthony ‘Tony’ Mayen was observed by multiple witnesses dragging his wife, Adrianna Mayen, down the sidewalk on 2nd Ave in downtown Nashville by her hair. Witnesses Rebecca and Megan Mogetz say the victim appeared helpless, and they yelled at Tony to stop. When he noticed police were approaching, he stopped assaulting his wife and walked toward Broadway. The victim stated she was afraid of further assault if they arrested him. As Tony was taken into custody, he yelled obscenities at the officers. Another officer confirmed that had taken a report involving Tony and another patron fighting at Miranda Lambert’s bar shortly before the assault on his wife.

Paul Wanner charged after sucker punching man at Tin Roof Broadway

22-year-old Paul Timothy Wanner was taken into custody at Tin Roof Broadway after multiple witnesses reported he had just walked up to another citizen and sucker punched him in the face. Just before this altercation, he was walking around and screaming on Broadway antagonizing others to fight him. Wanner says he was angry at the guy but provided no other explanation. He was obviously intoxicated and unable to care for himself. He was charged with public intoxication and transported to booking.

Tourist John Gach assaults rooftop bar server by licking her without consent

57-year-old John Gach, who was visiting Nashville from Connecticut, is charged with assault after he suddenly and without consent licked the hand of his server at the L.A. Jackson bar on the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel downtown. The victim, Crystal, told police she had come to the table where he was holding out his hand, and when she held out her hand while attempting to determine what he needed, he suddenly licked her. Gach says he doesn’t recall what happened; however, his wife stated that he likes to “joke around” and asked if they could apologize to the victim. Security had escorted him from the bar to his hotel room, which is where police charged him with assault.

Thomas Dwyer punches cop in face multiple times in downtown Nashville during struggle

At 2 a.m. Friday, Metro Nashville Police responded to an officer needing assistance call on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Officer Brenton Adcox says he came upon 38-year-old Thomas Dwyer, who was assaulting another man. As he commanded Dwyer to stop, Dwyer turned on the officer and began to punch him in the face and head multiple times before Officer Adcox could get him restrained. Dwyer stated he had “a few drinks” but felt he wasn’t drunk, and he claimed the man he was fighting had stolen his hat.