Emily Hamilton attacks boyfriend when he refuses to take her to strip club

24-year-old Emily Hamilton was jailed after attacking her boyfriend during the ride home on March 24. On I-24, police responded to a possible car accident, but when they arrived, her boyfriend, David Slater, advised that she was just changing a flat tire. Emily was banging on the window from inside the car and was put in the ambulance to be medically examined and to check on her welfare. Slater told police that he and Hamilton were driving back from a karaoke bar downtown. She became very drunk at the bar and then wanted to go to a strip club, but Slater told her he wasn’t going to take her, so they got into an argument, and Hamilton became aggressive and started attacking him. There were visible scratch marks on his neck. When officers questioned Hamilton, she was so drunk all she could remember was being at the bar, crashing, and then being in the ambulance.

Anthony Bates had ‘2 beers at a strip club’ before DUI hit-and-run crash

30-year-old Anthony Bates says he and his friend Zachary Dickson were driving home from a strip club in his silver Dodge Caravan when he struck a vehicle at 46th & Charlotte and fled the scene. Officers caught up with the Caravan on White Bridge Road and observed it to have heavy front-end damage. When asked about the damage, Bates stated he “may have hit a bump but was not aware of hitting a vehicle.” He admitted to consuming “two beers” at the strip club prior to driving and almost fell over during field sobriety tests.

Marco Takla was handcuffed at Hustler Club Nashville – but not in the way he wanted

22-year-old Marco Takla caused a disturbance at Hustler Club Nashville in the early hours of Friday morning, and security called Metro Nashville Police for assistance. Officers arrived to find Marco Takla arguing with security, who had asked him multiple times to leave the property. Officers gave him the opportunity to walk away and off the property, at which point he began arguing with the police officers. He was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass.

Man crashes work van into strip club fence after leaving inside; drank “half-bottle of jack” — Robert Fontaine

33-year-old Robert Fontaine was dressed in his work shirt and driving his Nashville Machine Elevator work van when he arrived at Pure Gold’s Crazy Horse Nashville Friday evening. As he was leaving the strip club, security attempted to dissuade him from driving due to his level of intoxication, however, he fled the parking lot, crashing into the fence along McCann St. He would later tell officers he had a “half-bottle of Jack”. Due to being transported to the hospital, field sobriety tests were not completed. Fontaine was charged with DUI and is free on pre-trial release.

Crazy Horse Strip Club Employee Calls Police on Herself, Gets Arrested for Public Intox | Jessica Bray

In the early hours of Sunday morning, MNPD received another call for service to Nashville’s Crazy Horse Gentleman’s club – this time the caller said she was was an employee there, and management was refusing to let her leave the property. 29 year-old Jessica Bray, who works at Crazy Horse, called police and stated that her employer was preventing her from leaving the property. Once police arrived, they found Bray showing obvious signs of alcohol impairment, including bloodshot water eyes, slurred speech, and a strong odor of alcohol coming from…

Shots Fired At Crazy Horse Strip Club. Shooter says he doesn’t like “Those Places” & Threatens to Kill Employees | Bryan Woodard

Late on Friday night (01/05/18), Bryan Woodard went to the Crazy Horse Nashville, a strip club, parked in the parking lot, got a handgun from the backseat of his vehicle, and began firing shots in the parking lot. According to witnesses, Bryan Woodard then approached employees of Crazy Horse Nashville and said… “I fired those shots, and I’ll kill you and rip your nose off your face” Woodard then pointed the gun at the employees, removed the magazine to expose the loaded 9mm rounds to them. He then returned to…

The Ultimate Uber/Lyft Guide to Nashville Strip Club Kickbacks (Cash Money)

Are you an Uber/Lyft driver in Nashville? You may be losing hundreds of dollars a week that you don’t even know about, especially if you drive a lot of bachelor parties, or late night fares. The secret is in the kickbacks. Just like taxis & food delivery places give kickbacks to hotel front desks for recommending them, Nashville Strip Clubs will certainly slide some cash your way for bringing riders to their door! The highest we’ve found in Nashville has been around $15 per person on avg, the lowest around…

Nashville Firefighter Brennen (Martin) Tatum calls East Nashville citizen a ‘Bitch’, encourages him to confront others | ALSO: NFD employees on strip clubs, politics, transgender restrooms, & more! *UPDATED*

UPDATE: See Part II: Nashville Firefighters taking pics and selfies on scene? Also, the IAFF Local 140’s response. Also, Nashville Fire Department: VIDEO! Stop the Engine! Stripping for a Drag Queen while on Duty! NEW: Tim Lankford says he was “So Disturbed” by the Gay Marriage Ruling that he can “Barely Even Function” at his job as District Chief! Of all the Nashville Metro Departments to have issues with their employees and social media, the Nashville Fire Department seems to be leading the pack. Perhaps it’s the typical ‘Type-A’ personalities…