1.5 Kilos of Xanax, 324 LSD stamps, 8 lbs weed & more seized during arrest of Kevin Tuttle $385K Bond

24-year-old Kevin Tuttle is jailed on a $385,000 bond and a probation hold after Metro Nashville Police coordinated with Smyrna PD to take him into custody. After fleeing from Smyrna Police’s traffic stop, he took MNPD on a chase through the city in his Nissan Maxima from a Nolensville Rd Kroger through Antioch where he tossed out a safe with a large sum of money, all the way to Richard Jones Rd and Villa Place, all while being tracked by AirONE. Police would eventually recover 8 pounds of marijuana, 1.4 Kilos of Xanax, 324 LSD stamps, 62 grams of liquid THC, 243 grams of THC wax in 9 jars, and 88 grams of crystal meth. His mugshot was not immediately available before publication.

Clubhouse Bar: Man can’t afford 2 beers after fake $100 bill is caught- #ARRESTED

When 26-year-old Dylan Myles went to the Clubhouse Bar in Madison Wednesday night with a fake $100 bill, he thought his plans were set. All that changed when the bartender caught the funny money, and he was arrested for the theft of the 2 beers he had no other way to pay for.

You can’t cash in stolen lottery tickets: Cordell Williams #Arrested

Cordell Williams was arrested on Monday for outstanding warrants involving the theft of, and redeeming of, lottery tickets. He is currently being held on 5 counts of theft, and on an out of county warrant. It all stared the morning of 02/15, when Cordell L Williams (29), entered the Mapco at 629 Old Hickory Blvd, and removed 22 lottery tickets valued at $25 each from the display box, and exited without paying. The total value was $550. Williams then fled the location in a gray Chrysler 300. Later that same…

ARREST: Former Black Hawk Pilot Assaults Cab Driver When He’s Locked In for Non-Payment #WhatDidYouExpect?

We’re not sure why anyone is still using taxi-cabs in 2017, but here we are. Cab driver won’t unlock doors for military veteran when he can’t pay the $35 fare. Army vet assaults the cab driver, driver keeps him locked in, drives back to original location where cops are waiting. There’s SO much wrong with this, not the first of which is that a cab driver locked a customer in their vehicle and drove for 10 miles back to downtown. Kidnapping, anyone? Brandon Kaiser, 24,  was partying the night away…

The Ultimate Uber/Lyft Guide to Nashville Strip Club Kickbacks (Cash Money)

Are you an Uber/Lyft driver in Nashville? You may be losing hundreds of dollars a week that you don’t even know about, especially if you drive a lot of bachelor parties, or late night fares. The secret is in the kickbacks. Just like taxis & food delivery places give kickbacks to hotel front desks for recommending them, Nashville Strip Clubs will certainly slide some cash your way for bringing riders to their door! The highest we’ve found in Nashville has been around $15 per person on avg, the lowest around…