BreAnna Atkins charged with assaulting mother and sister during dispute

19-year-old BreAnna Atkins was involved in a domestic dispute with her mom, Miranda Haygood, and her little sister at their residence on East Old Hickory Blvd on October 27th. Haygood and her younger daughter spoke with deputies as they arrived and stated she was going to report Atkins for child abuse for letting her two-year-old son walk barefoot on the deck outside. In response to this, Atkins assaulted both her mother and her little sister, who tried to stop Atkins from attacking their mother. Officers observed red marks on Haygood’s chest and the little sister’s ear. Atkins admitted to assaulting Haygood and was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault.

Nossi Adriana Lamb steals hard drives from ex-lover, refuses to return them

In November, 32-year-old Nossi Adriana Lamb arrived at the home of her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Muller, with movers to gather some of her belonging. At some point during the morning, he discovered Nossi and the movers in the basement where he keeps his recording equipment and told them to leave the basement as they had no business down there. After they left, he discovered a printer and external hard drives had been stolen. He provided the police with receipts for the items. A conversation with Nossi’s father revealed she had taken the hard drives, and he claimed they would be returned after her “intellectual property” was removed from the drives. After she never returned the drives, a warrant was issued for her arrest.

81-year-old Luther Brooks caught with hand down child’s pants, says depression made him do it

81-year-old Luther Wayne Brooks of the AVIVA Maybelle Carter Senior Living Center was at a residence on January 5th where a young child was present. The child’s mother noticed it was unusually quiet in the room where Brooks and the child were, and she went to check on them. As she entered the room, she observed Luther sitting in a chair and the child standing between his legs, facing outward. Luther’s hand was inside and down the front of the child’s pants, and he was moving his hand around while bouncing the child up and down. As the mother immediately confronted him, Luther stated, “You caught me!” During a recorded phone call with the child’s father and detectives, Luter stated he “was not talking about it” when asked about the situation. He further stated that his depression was to blame, it had gotten worse, and he needed the release.

Jaime Lyons charged in brutal assault of girlfriend

Metro Nashville Police met with Rose Suttle, who presented with multiple bruises on her face and arms and stated she was beaten by her now ex-boyfriend, 47-year-old Jaime Lyons. She states she went into her living room, and the next thing she remembers, she was waking up and being dragged down her hallway by Lyons. She says she made multiple attempts to escape, and all were met with her being slammed into walls throughout the home. Lyons was charged with domestic assault with bodily injury and is free on a $10,000 bond.

Tiffany Williams charged after busting girlfriend’s nose; breaking vases and pots in rage

31-year-old Tiffany Marie Williams is charged with the assault of her girlfriend, Rebecca Page-Dolnick. Officers arrived at their Walton Lane residence to find Rebecca bleeding from the bridge of her busted nose and an assortment of broken pots and vases. The victim says the couple had an argument when Williams suddenly attacked her. She attempted to defend herself, but not before she was punched in the nose. Williams admits they were in an argument but states she had been drinking and wasn’t sure of many details.

Police: Man raised his head to watch oncoming train before it ran over him Friday in Madison

Metro Nashville Police say a 43-year-old man appears to have committed suicide Friday morning as he was struck and killed by a train near the Nesbitt Lane Crossing in Madison at approximately 1:15 a.m. Detectives interviewed the train crew and reviewed footage from the train’s forward-facing camera. The footage shows the man lying on the tracks alone, and he is seen raising his head to watch the oncoming train before laying back down on the tracks as the train approaches him. Police say his body did not have any other obvious injuries other than those consistent with having been run over by a train.

Genesis Gillenwaters charged with child abuse after concealing her son was raped by a family member

Metro Nashville Police say that during an interview with 23-year-old Genesis Gillenwaters, she confessed to knowing that her six-year-old son had been raped by a family member for approximately three weeks before the child made a disclosure about it to authorities. She stated she was “handing it through the family” and was getting both the child and the offender counseling instead of getting the police involved. She also stated she was aware that the offender still had access to and had been around the child even after she knew about the rape. She is charged with child abuse for allowing the child to continue to be around the perpetrator after the rape, and with failure to report child abuse.

Ruth Beltran charged with ripping up her husband’s passport during an argument

Police responded to Rothwood Ave after Marcos Martinez contacted police to report his wife, 33-year-old Ruth Beltran, took his passport from their vehicle and ripped it up before tossing the remaining pieces into a dumpster. Marcos says the two were in an argument about her cheating on him. She had fled the scene before offices arrived and a warrant for her arrest was issued, charging her with vandalism. She was booked on the charge the following day.

Measia Lasha Johnson brandishes handgun & pours Kool-Aid in gas tank of party bus in downtown Nashville

Police say 28-year-old Measia Lasha Johnson entered a downtown Nashville stripper party bus on May 20th near the intersection of 1st Ave S. & Broadway, brandishing a handgun and threatening to shoot. She used the pistol to bust out a TV screen at the front of the strip club on wheels and then exited the bus, firing a live round into the air. She then took a bottle of Kool-Aid and poured it into the gas tank of the party bus. One witness states they overheard the male victim tell Johnsonson “give me back my gun”. One person reports hearing a gunshot, but most witnesses would not confirm hearing it. The three victims of the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon are identified as Keia Lopez, William Miller, and Ednia Sharks (diadadoll).

Mechanic shoots customer who pulled an “assault-style” rifle on him, upset over his work — Tony Hutcherson & Stevarius Midgett

19-year-old Stevarius Midgett was upset over the work 29-year-old Tony Hutcherson had completed on his Honda sedan. When he showed up at his Gallatin Pike repair shop on Saturday he pulled an “assault-style rifle” to intimidate the man, according to police, but didn’t fire it. As he returned to his car to leave, Hutcherson, who is a convicted felon, pulled a handgun from his waistband and fired into his car, striking the customer in his torso. Both men were jailed.