Matthew Hall replaced expensive Best Buy orders with cheaper items during deliveries

24-year-old Matthew Hall was jailed this week on two outstanding warrants stemming from his work as a Roadie delivery driver for Best Buy. An investigation showed that on multiple occasions he pick up an expensive item at Best Buy for delivery to a customer, but replace it with a much cheaper item, which was delivered to the customer’s home. One of the customers received a Walmart alarm clock instead of the Samos Speakers Hall had been entrusted with, while another ordered a $700 Google Pixel phone and received a $20 Nintendo Switch adapter. During the investigation, he implicated himself in the thefts by stating “Well, what if I know what happened to the phone, what’s the best way to handle the situation?”

Employees charged with stealing tires from Dunlap & Kyle Tire— Bryan Hagenbuch & Zachary Orr

24-year-old Bryan Hagenbuch & 30-year-old Zachary Orr are both charged in a plot to steal from their employer, Dunlap & Kyle Tire Company. Management became aware of the thefts of approximately 100 tires when they noticed the pair were loading tires into their personal vehicles to take them to resell, after removing them from the company’s inventory system. Management was able to obtain an audio recording of Orr confessing to stealing tires for “approximately two months”. While the investigation is ongoing, the current estimated loss is at least $5,000. A third person is mentioned in the investigation but had not been charged at the time of publication.

Amber Coe charged with slashing tires and shooting through front door of Ayonna Brown’s home

19-year-old Amber Coe is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism after reportedly slashing the tires of Ayonna Brown and then approaching her front door with a handgun. She then shot through the front door as the victim hid in a nearby closet after she observed her through the peephole. The bullet traveled through the front door and through two interior walls of the apartment.

#SWAT: Chayston Taylor surrenders after pulling multiple guns on mother and her boyfriend

18-year-old Chayston Taylor surrendered to Metro Nashville SWAT Team negotiators Friday after pulling both a .357 pistol and his grandfather’s 16-gauge shotgun on his mother, Sharika Taylor, and her boyfriend, Phillip Hamilton. He reportedly told her she was going to die and he was going to “blow her brains out”. When Hamilton stated “never point a gun at your momma”, Chayston told him he had 5 rounds and he was going to fire them. Once Taylor barricaded himself in a bedroom and police resources arrived on-scene, the two victims were able to escape the home.

Nashville Police charge Morgan Gray with prostitution & illegal handgun possession during West End sting operation

Nashville police conducted a sting operation this week, placing ads online and meeting respondents at a hotel near Elliston Place & 24th Ave North. 26-year-old Morgan Gray responded to one of the ads and agreed to have sex with an undercover detective in exchange for $400. Once she arrived and accepted the payment she was taken into custody. During a search incident to arrest, officers located a handgun in her purse, and it was discovered she was a convicted Utah felon.

75-year-old admits to destroying neighbor’s Ring doorbell camera with her cane— Linda Jones

75-year-old Linda Jones, who carries a homemade shield crafted from the same aluminum foil that lines the interior of her car, was jailed Thursday after she failed to appear on a citation charging her with vandalism. She believes that voices, which were reported at different times to be the voice of the property manager or the Nashville Chief of Police, had told her to destroy her neighbor’s ring doorbell, and at a later time, to kill them. She succeeded in destroying the Ring video doorbell camera, admitting to police she used her cane.

Kinoshia Taylor charged in assault of woman at bar who no longer wanted to be friends

Police arrived at Ponobe’s Party Bar & Grille in response to a fight call and found Danyell Taylor “crying and in obvious distress” – she was bleeding from her hand and her head was red and swollen. She later detailed that 23-year-Kinoshia Taylor was the person who assaulted her with her fists after Danyell told Kinoshia she no longer wanted to be friends.

Ryan Stone goes into a brutal “fit of rage” when PlayStation 5 is unplugged by girlfriend

24-year-old Ryan Stone accused his girlfriend, Ashanti Moore, of “playing with him” when she had gone out to get contacts and her phone died. When she returned, he confronted her in their bedroom and pushed her to the floor. She then told him he had to leave the house and unplugged the HDMI and ethernet cords from his PlayStation 5, which “sent him into a fit of rage” during which he pushed her into a wall, grabbed the back of her head, pressed her face onto the floor, and struck her in the back of the head. She believes she lost consciousness during the assault.

Zakeri Greer fires shot outside baby mama’s house, threatens to come back with AK-47 — free on $1K bond

Metro Police responded to a shots-fired call on Briarwick Drive on February 17th, during which 20-year-old Zakeri Greer had threatened his child’s mother, Jasmine Howse, then allegedly drove by her home and fired a gun. As police were taking her report, Greer texted the victim, stating he was heading back over, and this time he was bringing his AK-47, placing her in imminent fear of her life.

39-year-old charged with assault of mother when told to quiet down — Kenyatta Brown

Police say 39-year-old Kenyatta Brown slapped her mother in the face and pushed her to the ground when her mother, Gladys Wills, came to her room and asked her to “keep it down” as she was reportedly talking loudly on the phone. Her mother suffered an injury to her elbow from the assault.