Mechanic shoots customer who pulled an “assault-style” rifle on him, upset over his work — Tony Hutcherson & Stevarius Midgett

19-year-old Stevarius Midgett was upset over the work 29-year-old Tony Hutcherson had completed on his Honda sedan. When he showed up at his Gallatin Pike repair shop on Saturday he pulled an “assault-style rifle” to intimidate the man, according to police, but didn’t fire it. As he returned to his car to leave, Hutcherson, who is a convicted felon, pulled a handgun from his waistband and fired into his car, striking the customer in his torso. Both men were jailed.

Flipping Music City CEO Lukas Ham pulls assault rifle on neighbor during street parking dispute

26-year-old Real Estate investor Lukas Ham, who owns Flipping Music City / Modern Investments, was jailed over the weekend after the baby-faced CEO reportedly popped his trunk and pulled an “assault-style rifle” on his neighbor during an argument about a parking lot on the public street where they both live. The victim, Billy Jimenez, says Ham walked toward him with the rifle asking “do we have a problem”, causing him to fear for his life. Ham’s wife, Tehya, confirmed he pulled a gun and confronted their neighbor. Ham refused to speak about the argument or gun, and said the victim’s “verbal aggression was inappropriate and that wasn’t going to happen”.

Man threatens act of terrorism: “I’m gonna shoot everyone I can in downtown Nashville…”

30-year-old Joshua Jones was charged with an act of terrorism when he called the Emergency Communication Center and Mobile Crisis with threats specific towards their staff, courthouse occupants, the general downtown Nashville population, and others.

MNPD detectives take cover when man opens fire with assault rifle on Church Street overnight

Marion Blue, 20, walked out of 1805 Church St overnight, upset that a security guard pulled a gun on him. He walked to his car, which was parked in front of undercover detectives, retrieved an assault rifle and opened fire as he turned in several directions.