MNPD detectives take cover when man opens fire with assault rifle on Church Street overnight

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Undercover detectives from the Metro Police Department were conducting surveillance from the parking lot of the U.S. Post Office at 1718 Church Street Wednesday morning at 2:17 a.m. when they observed a person leave a lounge at 1805 Church Street, while arguing with security from the establishment.

The man leaving the establishment would later be identified as Marion Blue, 20. He was said to be angry that a security guard pulled a gun on him. Detectives watched the argument escalate for several minutes before Blue and the 2 individuals he was with went to the parking lot adjacent to the undercover detectives. Due to the layout of the parking lots, Blue’s vehicle was directly in front of the unmarked police car the two detectives were sitting in.

Marion Blue (MNPD)

Police say Marion Blue then reached into his vehicle, retrieved what they described as an ‘assault rifle’, and fired several shots into the air as a part of the continuation of the argument with the security guard. He then held the assault rifle in one hand and continued to fire the assault rifle, while turning in several different directions. The detectives ducked below the dash of the vehicle, in fear of being shot by the Blue.

Blue then got into his vehicle and fled the scene. Responding officers stopped the vehicle at Murfreesboro Road at Wilhagan Road, and Marion Blue was taken into custody, and the rifle recovered from beneath the seat he was sitting in.  Marion Blue is charged with two counts of aggravated assault of an officer with a deadly weapon, and public intoxication. He is currently held in lieu of a $21,000 bond. One other person in the car, Jeremiah Childs Cole, was also charged with public intoxication, records show.

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