David Reed strikes parking garage manager with vehicle when line takes too long

50-year-old David Reed of Glasgow, KY, was in a parking garage on Broadway in downtown Nashville Saturday afternoon when the manager of the garage was controlling traffic to ensure the license plate cameras were recording each plate. Reed became angered at the slow pace and began to yell profanities out the window and honk his horn at the traffic and the manager, Brandon Mefford, who was now in front of his vehicle. Witnesses say he then yelled for the manager to “get the f*/k out of the way!” and drove forward, pushing the manager with his vehicle and continuing up the ramp without stomping, which was also documented on video. 

Samika Cohen charged with aggravated assault after shooting at husband; “Go ahead and shoot me!”

48-year-old Samika Cohen was jailed Tuesday afternoon after an argument with her husband turned violent at their home on Waterford Way. Samika told police that her husband, Jameel Cohen, left for a short time after an argument, and when he came back inside, he head-butted her, causing her upper lip to swell. As he was walking away, Samika pulled out a revolver. Jameel said ‘Go ahead and shoot me.” As he walked toward the front door, Samika fired one shot, striking the stairs in front of her. Jameel wasn’t in the direct line of fire but was in the immediate vicinity. Samika told police she was only firing a “warning shot” to keep her husband away. There is video footage of Jameel running out of the home immediately after the shot. According to Samika, before the incident, Jameel had pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at their son Ricky Smith.

Ryan Taugher charged in felony aggravated assault of influencer girlfriend, McKinli Hatch

29-year-old Ryan Christopher Taugher was jailed in Nashville early Wednesday morning for the domestic assault of his social media influencer girlfriend, McKinli Hatch. There was an initial argument Tuesday night after Ryan became intoxicated and reportedly hit McKinli. She says he then tossed her clothes around the home and threw a piece of frozen candy at her. Still intoxicated, Ryan then threw a glass bottle at McKinli, which shattered across her buttocks, causing injuries and bleeding. She ran outside and called 911 and stated she had been hit and was being chased, but seconds later, he grabbed the phone and disconnected the call.

Officers responded to the hang-up call, but Ryan pulled her into the bushes, where they successfully hid from officers. The officers knocked on the door, but no one responded, so they pulled around the corner. Once they left the immediate area, he escorted her back into the home and threw her into a room. Due to their past, she was afraid she would be assaulted if she attempted to leave. He then made her text her family and tell them she was OK, as she had previously texted them for help. He then forced her to change out of her bloody clothing. She found a moment to escape out the front door, and he chased her as she screamed. The nearby officers heard the screaming and observed Ryan holding her as she struggled when they approached. The parties were separated, and Ryan Taugher was taken into custody

Bruce Lee arrested after fight family

32-year-old Bruce Lee was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from July 2021, when he assaulted family members at their apartment on Hollow Terrace. Police spoke with Ada Taylor, Tashina Taylor, and Christian Taylor, who all lived in the apartment with Lee. Ada is the mother of Tashina and Christian and the Godmother of Lee. Tashina and Lee were in an argument where he was cursing at her, and her brother Christian intervened, telling Lee not to speak to his mother and sister with disrespect. The family said that’s when Lee lost control and started attacking them. He hit Christian with a metal step stool, and they began to fight. Police observed a bloody gash on Christian’s left forearm. The fight continued into the living room on the couch, where Ada and Tashina helped break it up. That’s when Lee grabbed Ada’s cell phone and threw it to the ground, breaking it. At the time of his arrest, he had additional outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions.

Aaron Scarlett attacks ex-boyfriend with metal candle holder

22-year-old Aaron Scarlett was jailed after hitting his ex-boyfriend in the head with a candle holder during an argument on Plus Park Boulevard. Police spoke with Trey Garriques, who said that Scarlett came to his apartment to pick some things up. When he arrived, they started to argue, and Scarlett started to hit him. He then picked up a metal candle holder and hit Garriques over the head and arms several times; Police could see Garriques bleeding from a cut on his head while he was giving his statement. He also had several minor cuts on his left arm and neck.

Garriques told police that Scarlett lived in the same apartment complex. When police found him, he admitted to arguing with Garriques and hitting him over the head with a candle holder. Officers then spoke with a witness who is Garriques’ roommate, and he stated that he heard Garriques call for help from the living room and he saw Scarlett holding something that looked like a knife while Garriques was bleeding heavily from his head. Scarlett fled once he saw the blood. The officers found blood, broken glass, and the broken metal candle holder as evidence.

Tyler Hutcherson-Scott charged after driving car directly at ex-girlfriend

24-year-old Tyler Hutcherson-Scott was jailed on April 17th on an outstanding warrant from the 7th when he tried to hit his ex-girlfriend Hannah Sullivan with his car. Sullivan was arriving at her storage unit on McNally Drive to get some items out. As Sullivan was pulling into the unit, Hutcherson was pulling out and drove his car directly at her. Sullivan sped off, and Hutcherson drove in reverse after her. While she was on her way home, she called the police and stated that he tried to hit her car several more times, placing her in fear. Sullivan finally returned home safely, and Hutcherson fled the scene. The incident at the storage unit was caught on video.

On the morning of the 17th, prior to his arrest, Tyler was also at the courthouse for a hearing when he stepped into the line beside Hannah, stared at her, and began to say “yeah, yeah…” to her repeatedly. He then followed her to the elevators while expressing that she ruined his life, all of which was in violation of an active order of protection.

Porsha Leggs assaults brother with ashtray vase, threatens to kill him, per report

31-year-old Porsha Leggs was jailed on April 18th on an outstanding warrant from November 2022 after allegedly threatening to kill her brother. Porsha and her brother Ellis Leggs lived together on Rosa Parks Boulevard. When Ellis got home from work, he was talking to his mother on the phone about how Porsha had recently been assaulted. She didn’t like that they were discussing her, so she started yelling and picked up a vase that they kept on the coffee table to ash their cigarettes in and tried to hit him with it.

Ellis was able to swat the vase before it hit him, causing the ashes to be scattered. He told police that’s when Porsha picked up a pink kitchen knife that was in the room and said, “You’re going to die today.” This put Ellis in fear of being stabbed, and he ran out of the backdoor. Chavez Lewis was a witness in the room when Porsha started yelling at Ellis, and he saw her try to hit him with the vase and threaten, “You’re going to die today,” but did not see her grab a knife. Porsha left the scene before officers arrived, and Ellis told them that she left with about $900 worth of his property.

Brayden Ezell charged in assault of her brother, breaking into her parents’ room

20-year-old Brayden Ezell was jailed on April 8th after slapping her brother in the face and holding a knife in his direction. Officers responded to Highland View Court, where her brother Joe Yarrito told police that their parents had left the house, and they were given specific instructions not to go into their bedroom. Ezell used a kitchen knife to break into the parents’ room. Yarrito stated that he confronted his sister and told her she shouldn’t be doing that, but she went into their parents’ bedroom anyway and carried a box of documents to her room.

Yarrito followed her and tried to take back the box. He placed one hand on her to prevent her from attacking him and picked up the box when she slapped him across the face. He returned the box of documents to his parent’s room, and Ezell followed. He was standing on one side of the bed, and she picked up the knife she used to pry open the door and pointed it at him, saying, “You don’t know what I’m capable of.” He told police that her statement made him fear for his life. Ezell admitted to using the knife to break into the room and pointing it in her brother’s direction. There was evidence of a forceful entry through the parents’ bedroom door.

Melodie Lowe charged after waving a gun around from her stoop toward elderly lady

46-year-old Melodie Lowe was booked this week on an outstanding summons, charging her with aggravated assault. In June of 2022, a grandmother says she was holding her infant grandchild as she was loading the infant’s belongings into a vehicle when Melodie Lowe suddenly approached the vehicle while being confrontational. Lowe was screaming profanities at the grandmother for reasons unclear. Lowe then reportedly returned to her townhome and stood on her stoop, waving a gun around while yelling at the woman once again.

Kaydence Armstrong charged in Wedgewood shooting of her boyfriend

19-year-old Kaydence Armstrong confessed on New Year’s day to shooting her boyfriend, Christon Collins. Officers responded to the Wedgewood Ave apartment to find Collins with gunshot graze wounds to his left arm and right leg. The couple had been in a physical altercation earlier, but according to a witness, the argument was already over when Kaydence retrieved the gun and fired eight shots. Officers recovered the gun from her purse, along with eight spent shell casings at the scene. She remains jailed in lieu of a $100,000 bond.