Revolver road rage: “you’re a big guy, I ought to just shoot you” — 62-year-old man arrested

62-year-old Don Lewis Cox is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he fired 2 rounds during a road rage incident after first motioning to the victim he would “beat his ass”, and rescinded that offer, replacing it with “Actually, you’re a big guy. I ought to just shoot you”.

Nashville Realtor charged with attacking husband with scissors, he locked himself in car until police arrived, for his own safety.

39-year-old Nashville realtor Tawntane Yates is free on a $10,000 bond after her husband had to lock himself in a car in their driveway to stay safe until police arrived, after she came at him with scissors, attempting to stab him.

Stiletto Stabbing: Nashville woman charged with stabbing boyfriend with shoe

19-year-old Stachiana Lewis was arrested Monday on an outstanding warrant charging her with attacking her boyfriend and stabbing him in the face with a silver high heeled shoe. The boyfriend screamed for someone to call an ambulance as Lewis fled the bloody scene.

Woman beats roommate bloody with broom after she gave oral sex to her boyfriend

Metro Police say Jerri Feinstein beat her roommate with a broom until the floor was ‘covered in blood’, then called the cops and claimed self-defense. The fight was over her roommate having ‘sexual relations’ with her boyfriend.

She said “it’s over”, he licked a steak knife and said “I’ll cut your throat”, then ripped a gauge out of her ear

Phillip Boyd, 32, didn’t take a breakup well Tuesday night. He licked a steak knife before threatening his girlfriend, with it, then ripped a gauge out of her ear, causing a tear injury.

One boyfriend. Two women. Three felony charges.

Sherricka Alexander then went to the kitchen and grabbed a can from the pantry, stuffed it into a sock, and returned to the bedroom, where she attempted to strike Alexus with the makeshift weapon. She was unable to strike her, because the sock slipped out of her hand when the attempted to do so.

Monee Smith runs into her ex-boyfriend with her car (Caught on video)

Early Monday morning, at around 8 AM, Monee smith drove her vehicle into a car her ex-boyfriend was driving, then tried to stab him, before she was wrestled to the ground and held for police. It’s worth noting that when this incident happened on Monday, Monee Smith was currently out on bail for striking her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend with her car in February. Video: Michael Martin ( Herman Blacksmith & his girlfriend, Lamonteisha Johnson, were driving east on Clarksville Pk when they encountered Herman’s ex-girlfriend, Monee Smith, driving west toward…

Cayce Homes: Mom Has Daughter Arrested for Shattering Glass Ashtray – Shamario Jones #SmokingIsBad

In this weekend’s James A. Cayce Homes petty drama – a mother has her daughter arrested and charged with vandalism for shattering an ashtray, and with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, because she threw it at her, but by all reports, missed. On Sunday, Shamario Jones was served an outstanding arrest warrant and taken into custody from an incident with her mother on 11/18. The only legal issues that Shamario had previously was 3 driving with no license infractions which were all dismissed. Now she’s facing a felony aggravated assault…