Orlin Vareala-Zuniga destroys father’s car after going out to drink

22-year-old Orlin Isaac Vareala-Zuniga had a domestic altercation with his father, Orlin Joel Vareala-Media, at their Cedarmont Road residence on May 10th. When officers arrived, Media advised them that Zuniga had gone out to drink and had asked to be picked up. Media initially refused due to his son’s level of impairment until he told him he was going to walk home.

After picking him up, an argument ensued in the car, which escalated once they got to their house. Zuniga started hitting the windows before jumping atop the car, kicking the windshield, and breaking the glass. Media stated when he tried to stop his son from further damaging his car, Zuniga began striking him in the face, leaving visible redness. Dereck Rosales-Carbanal, a witness, stated he observed the attack after he heard the commotion outside his residence. He also corroborated Media’s statements. Zuniga was then taken into custody for domestic assault and vandalism.

Whitney Ochab causes crash on Nolensville Pike, tells officers she had shrooms

42-year-old Whitney Ochab had a car accident near Kroger on Nolensville Pike late April 26th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Zirevan Suleyman, a witness, who stated he observed her crashing into two other vehicles, causing damage. When officers approached her car, they noticed she was asleep in her passenger seat. They woke her up, and she appeared to be confused and showed signs of impairment. Ochab needed assistance exiting her vehicle and could not stand independently, so officers did not prompt her with sobriety tests. She told them that she had taken a prescription pill at 5:00 p.m. and later added that she had some “shrooms.” During their interaction, Ochab nodded off repeatedly and had to be woken up multiple times. Officers alerted medics, who deemed it necessary to transport her to Nashville General Hospital for evaluation, where she told them she had taken Xanax before driving. She was informed of implied consent and agreed to provide a blood sample. Ochab was released from the hospital and was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Jason Kromjong punches mother after daughter pours out his alcohol

41-year-old Jason Kromjong had a domestic altercation with his mother, Angel Picone, and his daughter, Ashley Morgan, at their Maxwell apartment on Bell Road late April 23rd. When officers arrived, they spoke with Morgan and Picone, who advised that Kromjong was irate and inebriated. Morgan told them that after she realized how intoxicated he was, she started pouring out his alcohol for his safety. This prompted Kromjong to run after her with a closed fist, putting her in fear of bodily injury. Picone corroborated Morgan’s statements, adding that she got between them to protect Morgan. Then, she stated that Kromjong struck her in the side of her head and her stomach. Kromjong was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault on April 24th.

Devanne Burnett breaks into ex-boyfriend’s home, assaults him during dispute

28-year-old Devanne Burnett had a domestic incident with her ex-boyfriend, Carlos Hall, at his Hickory Manor apartment on Hamilton Church Road in the early hours of February 16th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Hall, who stated he was asleep when Burnett parked outside his building, honked her car horn and started texting him to come outside to talk with her. Hall repeatedly refused via text, which was when Burnett came to his door, knocking loudly for several minutes. Hall then opened his door to stop his neighbors from waking up. After he answered the door, Burnett started yelling and entered his unit without consent. Hall stated Burnett began to strike him in the face with a closed fist. Hall and the witness, Ms. Ghoulston, told her multiple times that she could not enter their home. Hall said that Ghoulston called the police, and Burnett fled the scene. Hall did not have any visible injuries. Officers reviewed camera footage, which showed Burnett yelling at Hall, pushing his door open, entering his home, and lunging toward him. Burnett was taken into custody for aggravated burglary on March 25th.

Cristina Archila charged with DUI after crash on Briley Parkway

34-year-old Cristina Archila crashed into a barrier on the right shoulder of Briley Pkwy before admitting to having a couple of beers before driving. Police found Christina at the scene of the accident on Sunday. Police described her to have bloodshot, glassy eyes, slurred speech, and unsteady on her feet. She told police she had three beers before driving but later admitted to having five beers. She showed several signs of intoxication while performing sobriety tests and refused to give a chemical sample. A witness said that they saw Cristina swerving back and forth over the median line before crashing.

Henry Frasier bruises fiancée’s buttocks during argument over him having a job

34-year-old Henry Frasier was charged with domestic assault when his fiancée, Sariah Alsobrook, showed cops her bruised buttocks from when he pushed her into a desk during an argument about him not having a job. On July 22nd, police arrived at British Woods Dr. and spoke to Henry’s fiancée, Sariah, who said that she and Henry had been arguing about him not having a job. She said that she was irritated with him due to him not paying any of the bills. While arguing, she told police Henry tried to take a pillow from her, which she did not allow, so he responded by pushing her into a desk. Police observed serious bruising on Sariahs left buttocks, and she said that she wanted to prosecute.

Keioka Caldwell charged in assault of ex-girlfriend after bad breakup

33-year-old Keioka Caldwell and her girlfriend, Elonnie Woodard, recently ended their relationship and got into a verbal argument over the situation on June 9. While at Elonnie’s home, Keioka was reportedly intoxicated and began to “talk foul” about her ex to another woman via phone. Elonnie says Keioka began to abuse her verbally, so she smacked the phone from her hand but didn’t cause any damage. Keioka reportedly then began to strangle her ex and pull her hair. The victim says she was choked a second time and nearly lost consciousness. A witness intervened to end the fight and corroborated the events to responding officers.

Juan Jose Rubiano attacks roommate who insulted his family

19-year-old Juan Rubiano Novoa is charged with domestic assault after his roommate, Julian Manuel Unanue-Barahona, reportedly insulted Juan’s family on May 27, causing an argument. Juan punched the victim in the face several times, leaving him with multiple bruises, injuries, and a broken tooth. A witness confirmed the assault to responding officers.

Aaron Scarlett attacks ex-boyfriend with metal candle holder

22-year-old Aaron Scarlett was jailed after hitting his ex-boyfriend in the head with a candle holder during an argument on Plus Park Boulevard. Police spoke with Trey Garriques, who said that Scarlett came to his apartment to pick some things up. When he arrived, they started to argue, and Scarlett started to hit him. He then picked up a metal candle holder and hit Garriques over the head and arms several times; Police could see Garriques bleeding from a cut on his head while he was giving his statement. He also had several minor cuts on his left arm and neck.

Garriques told police that Scarlett lived in the same apartment complex. When police found him, he admitted to arguing with Garriques and hitting him over the head with a candle holder. Officers then spoke with a witness who is Garriques’ roommate, and he stated that he heard Garriques call for help from the living room and he saw Scarlett holding something that looked like a knife while Garriques was bleeding heavily from his head. Scarlett fled once he saw the blood. The officers found blood, broken glass, and the broken metal candle holder as evidence.

DUI: Nixon Agurcia Cruz continued to drive with airbags deployed after crash

21-year-old Nixon Agurcia Cruz was charged with DUI on Sunday after being stopped by police for driving 20 mph under the speed limit. The vehicle appeared to have been in an accident as the airbags were deployed. When Agurcia saw the police, he immediately stumbled out of his car, almost falling over. With the odor of alcohol emitting from his body, he admitted to having two beers before driving and agreed to sobriety tests which he performed poorly on. Officers discovered after running his information that Agurcia did not have a driver’s license.