DUI: Grisell Pirela speeds, swerves between lanes on I-24 East

38-year-old Grisell Pirela was swerving and speeding on I-24 East in the early hours of April 6th. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop. Officers approached the passenger’s side, spoke with Pirela, and requested her driver’s credentials. While she searched for her documents, officers noticed a strong alcoholic odor on her person. Officers then asked Pirela if she had anything to drink, to which she replied yes. They had her exit her vehicle and walk to the front of their patrol car, where she showed multiple signs of intoxication. Then, Pirela advised officers that she had a metal rod in her left leg and had been recently diagnosed with vertigo. Pirela took sobriety tests, performed poorly, and, after being informed of implied consent, refused to provide a chemical sample. Pirela was taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.  

DUI: Gary Satyshur charged after driving on wrong side of road, brought drugs into jail

66-year-old Gary Satyshur was driving the wrong way on Old Hickory Blvd near Woodbury Falls Drive in the early hours of January 11th. Officers observed the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop, noting the car had mud on the right front tire and damage to the bumper. Satyshur was reportedly not able to make sense of his surroundings and had slurred speech, as well as reeking of alcohol. He initially admitted to having one vodka tonic at 6 p.m. He then later said he had two vodka tonics at 7 p.m. Satyshur attempted field sobriety tests but was unable to keep his eyes open or maintain his balance. Medics were called to clear him due to possible low blood sugar. Medics declared Satyshur was medically ok, with regular blood sugar readings. He was transported to booking, where intake officers discovered three Gabapentin pills in his pocket.

DUI: Sterling Inge falls asleep behind wheel while driving

29-year-old Sterling Inge was found asleep behind the wheel on November 24th, blocking traffic. A bystander told officers that Inge had been sleeping at that spot for a prolonged amount of time, blocking traffic. When police arrived, Inge was still sleeping in the driver’s seat and once awake, refused to leave. When officers engaged with Inge, they discovered that he was inebriated. He told officers that he was heading to Gallatin but refused to address his drunkenness. Inge also refused to perform any field sobriety tests and blood samples. Inge was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence and implied civil consent.

DUI: Natali Hossman causes accident, tells officers “There was no crash”

36-year-old Natali Hossman was jailed on November 11th after causing a crash on Broadway and 8th Avenue South. Officers spoke with Hossman, who appeared to be responding slowly. She was sitting in the driver’s seat with her car running in drive and her foot on the brake. The officers instructed Ms. Hossman to park and exit her vehicle. She couldn’t walk normally and slurred as she admitted to drinking alcohol before driving. When asked by officers if there was any physical altercation, she responded by stating there was no crash or altercation. She then performed poorly on sobriety tests and was taken into custody.

DUI: Tydus Boner fights sister’s boyfriend after car accident

21-year-old Tydus Boner was involved in an altercation with his sister’s boyfriend, Serbando Galarza, on Shelby Street. On November 12. Boner was arguing with Nashville Fire Department personnel when officers arrived. Witnesses advised officers that Boner got out of a blue Mustang and began arguing with Galarza, who was in the black Mustang. They stated that Galarza was parked at the red light and tried to drive away from Boner, which caused him to run a red light, leading to a car accident with another vehicle that continued through the intersection. This caused Boner to become angry with Galarza because his sister was in the black Mustang with him during the collision, so he ran up to him and punched him several times in the face, leaving him with a black eye. Boner admitted to consuming liquor shots and a Bloody Mary at Jason Aldean’s Bar with his sister and Galarza before the incident. Police observed Boner to be visibly intoxicated as they found out that he did not have a valid Driver’s License. Boner told them that someone with a valid license was driving, but the alleged person denied being in the vehicle. Boner was Mirandized, read implied consent, and refused sobriety tests before being taken into custody for assault, driving under the influence, implied consent, and driving without a license.

DUI: Cordero Blake runs red light on Old Hickory Blvd

26-year-old Cordero Blake ran a red light on Old Hickory Boulevard in the early hours of November 8th and was observed by officers, so they conducted a traffic stop. Officers smelled a strong odor of marijuana as they approached the driver’s side door, and when they asked Blake to step outside of the vehicle for questioning, he was visibly impaired. The marijuana smell gave probable cause for deputies to search Blake’s car. In their search, officers located a loaded .45 handgun under the driver’s seat. Blake refused to perform sobriety tests or provide a blood or breath sample, so he was placed into custody for possessing a handgun while being under the influence, failure to obey a traffic control device implied consent violation, and driving under the influence.

Destiny Fleming hits parked vehicle, only had “One Drink” at Batters Box Bar

29-year-old Destiny Fleming was involved in a car accident at The Batter’s Box Bar on November 8th. Officers spoke with Erica Scott, a witness to the incident, as they arrived, who advised them that she had seen Fleming drinking in the bar before leaving and attempting to open the door of a car that looked like hers but was not. Scott stated that Fleming then got into her car, began to drive, and backed into a parked truck. Thomas Ruggio, another witness, told officers that Fleming attempted to get in his vehicle after stumbling out of the bar. Deputies spoke with Fleming, who said to them that she went into The Batter’s Box after she got off work and had “one drink.” Officers observed her to be visibly intoxicated as she insisted that she only got into her car to park in a different spot so her friend could come pick her up. Fleming refused to take sobriety tests or give a breath sample and was charged with driving under the influence and implied consent.

DUI: Tyler Blevins flips his car and crashes into light pole

29-year-old Tyler Blevins was involved in a car accident at 11th Ave. N in the early hours of November 5th. Blevins was sitting outside his vehicle as officers arrived, and he advised them that he was driving southbound on 11th Ave. N when a woman with her dog crossed the road, causing him to swerve to avoid them, causing his vehicle to flip over and hit a light pole. Witnesses told officers they heard the crash but did not see any woman with a dog crossing the road. Blevins was noted to have slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and a strong smell of alcohol on his person. Visibly intoxicated, Blevins told officers he did not consume any alcohol and that he had back pain. He refused to partake in sobriety tests, was read implied consent, and was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital. Blevins was taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.

Evans Matthew Adams, 20, charged with DUI after drinking at the Golden Door in Nashville 

20-year-old Evans Matthew Adams traveling at 84 mph on I-65 South early Saturday morning, where the speed limit is 55 mph. A THP Trooper stopped the vehicle, which contained Adams and a passenger, and stated Adams reeked of alcohol. He admitted to drinking “one twelve-ounce beer” at The Golden Door before driving. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and refused to answer how impaired he felt on a scale of 1-10. He refused all further testing and was taken into custody.

DUI: Marcus Lafrance crashes vehicle after leaving graduation party

23-year-old Marcus Lafrance, former Blue Raiders safety, was jailed Friday morning after driving his vehicle into a ditch on Hailey Ave. He explained to officers that he was trying to make a U-turn, didn’t notice the ditch, and got stuck. Officers noticed he was having difficulty keeping his balance. Mr. Lafrance and the other occupants stated they were coming from a graduation party. Police smelled alcohol coming from Lafrance and noticed he was having trouble keeping track of the conversation, repeating himself, and had pinpoint pupils. He refused to perform sobriety tests or to provide a blood sample and was taken into custody.