Ariana Alexander charged with DUI and disorderly conduct after traffic stop for tint

22-year-old Ariana Alexander was seen revving her Lexus SUV’s engine at the intersection of Elm Hill Pike and Fesslers Lane by police on September 13th after midnight. Police reported that her window tint was too dark, and she accelerated quickly, not stopping completely for a red light, turning onto Murfreesboro Pike. She then sped above the posted 40 mph speed limit before the officer conducted a traffic stop.

Police approached Ariana’s vehicle, which smelled of marijuana, and her breath smelled of alcohol. Police reported that in plain view was a burnt marijuana cigarette, so they asked Ariana to exit the vehicle and perform sobriety tests. Ariana told police that she had one shot before the end of her work shift at 6 p.m. and smoked some marijuana the day before. Reportedly, she was loud, belligerent, and could not focus on the tasks she was told to do. Police detained her when she attempted to leave after she performed the tests. While she was detained, she began yelling at friends across the street to help her, yelled loud enough to stop patrons at the business across the street, and refused to stop screaming. She did not consent to any chemical testing. Police searched her vehicle, yielding an empty packet of aluminum foil, rolling papers, and a small amount of marijuana shake.

Downtown bartender Brittany Ozment jailed after late-night DUI

28-year-old Brittany Ozment was standing at the corner of the intersection of Old Hickory Blvd and Rocky Lane when police spoke to her late Tuesday night. Brittany told them that her vehicle was involved in the crash that they responded to. Police reported that she reeked of alcohol, swayed while standing, and was unsteady on her feet while walking. She was told that she was placed under arrest for DUI and refused to do sobriety tests or provide a blood or breath sample.

Zachary Miller jailed for DUI after late-night collision with fire hydrant

Police interviewed 24-year-old Zachary Miller after arriving at the scene of a crash involving Zachary’s vehicle and a fire hydrant around midnight on September 11th. Zachary told police that he pulled the steering wheel too hard, causing him to collide with the fire hydrant. Police reported a strong smell of alcohol on Zachary’s breath and that he was unsteady on his feet. He told police that he drank two or three IPAs downtown around noon that day but had not consumed anything recently. After he showed signs of intoxication on field sobriety tests, he was read implied consent but refused to provide a breath sample.

Ethan Brown jailed after DUI crash in West Nashville

18-year-old Ethan Hunter Brown crashed his vehicle late Friday night on Charlotte Pike, according to police, who say he rear-ended another vehicle. A witness observed Brown throw a ‘Twisted Tea’ alcoholic drink from the vehicle immediately after the crash. Officers located the Twisted Tea and spoke with Brown, who was slurring his speech and reeked of alcohol. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. 

Susan Denton jailed on DUI charge early Sunday morning

49-year-old Susan Denton was seen by police driving erratically in a Twice Daily parking lot around 1 a.m. on Sunday. Police watched Susan pull out from a parking spot at the Twice Daily into the middle of the road, stop, and then reverse back into the parking lot. After that, she moved forward and slammed on her brakes. She waited several minutes until a vehicle pulled behind her and used its horn. When she pulled out the second time, she headed towards the ramp onto I-65 with the officer behind her and swerved off the ramp left back towards the road. Police then conducted a traffic stop on Susan, and she told them that she had two drinks at a local club around 10 p.m. Saturday. During sobriety tests, she showed signs of intoxication, and police found a near-empty bottle of vodka with a cup of orange juice, smelling of alcohol, in her vehicle. After being placed into custody, she agreed to provide a breath sample, but the EC/IR machine malfunctioned, so she was asked to provide a blood sample. Susan said she was uncomfortable with needles and refused to give blood, so she was reminded that the other part of her implied consent stated that she could also be required to give blood. Police booked her into jail on her first DUI and implied consent charges.

DUI: Emily Lucianno “emotional beyond control” after crash

Police say 33-year-old Emily Lucianno was “emotional beyond control” after crashing her vehicle into a utility pole on Franklin Road just before 6 a.m. Friday. She reportedly reeked of alcohol and had trouble standing. She told police she fell asleep at the wheel before the collision and refused medical assistance for reported pain. She eventually admitted to drinking “two glasses of wine” earlier inside the Mall at Green Hills, but was unable to pinpoint the time. She was taken into custody and transported to booking. 

Russell Kerr: 7 beers, anabolic steroids, and syringes, oh my

25-year-old Russell Kerr was found near Palestine Ave. with the driver-side door ajar, asleep in the front seat of his silver Chevy truck on the side of the highway on August 19th. Officers observed Kerr snoring, shirtless, and shoeless while officers were attempting to wake him, but he was incoherent. Kerr could not stand alone and used his vehicle to keep his balance, showing visible signs of intoxication. Kerr consented to conduct field sobriety tests, which he performed poorly on. Later, he admitted to officers that he consumed two beers at 7 p.m. the day prior. Inside Russell’s vehicle, police found a bottle containing Trenbolone acetate (anabolic steroids) with some missing and six syringes. He refused to give a blood or breath sample, so he was arrested for DUI.

Cayley Phillips bites an officer who arrested her for DUI; after her parents turned her in to police

24-year-old Cayley Phillips was driving on Briley Parkway early Friday morning when her parents called police and asked them to conduct a welfare check on her, as they believed she may be intoxicated. Officers located Phillips, who was visibly intoxicated. She initially stated she was “just emotional” but later admitted to consuming “three shots” earlier in the evening. She consented to a breathalyzer but became physically aggressive and verbally abusive when she was woken up to provide the sample. During booking, she began to fight officers and bit one on the arm during the struggle. She then broke some of his equipment. 

Drunken Cookeville Veterinarian Francis Baker goes wild in Nashville during soccer game

42-year-old Francis Seth Baker, a Cookeville Veterinarian, walked out of the soccer game at Geodis Stadium Saturday night in what his wife described as a ‘very intoxicated’ state, taking the car keys with him. When his wife and the rest of the family searched for him, the vehicle was gone, and they contacted the police. Officers were able to find his location using their iCloud account, and as they drove to the location, they spotted the vehicle with Baker driving. He stopped out of the vehicle and was visibly intoxicated. After performing poorly on field sobriety tests, he was placed into a patrol car when he attempted to push himself away from arresting officers. He then lunged out of the vehicle and wrapped his legs around one of the officers. He then claimed to be hyperventilating and was evaluated by Nashville Fire medics. He spit on officers and responding medics and was transported to be medically cleared before being booked into jail. 

DUI: Noah Cooper, 20, found passed out behind wheel of running vehicle

20-year-old Noah Cooper was found unresponsive behind the wheel of his running car early Sunday morning. Police arrived to find multiple people attempting to wake Noah. After intense banging on the windows, he awakened and was safely removed from the vehicle. He admitted to drinking earlier, and reportedly reeked of alcohol. He refused all testing, stating there would be alcohol in his system.