Jerson Calderon-Lopez flees police in Infiniti Q50 after being stopped for illegal tint

20-year-old Jerson Calderon-Lopez was booked on March 16th when officers pulled him over in a white Infiniti Q50 with illegal windshield tint. There were reports of a suspicious vehicle with occupants pulling on car door handles in a parking lot on Premier Drive, and Calderon’s Infinity matched the description. The car sped off when police initially tried to conduct a traffic stop. Aviation followed the vehicle and observed four passengers flee on foot onto the railroad tracks near Briley Pike North. Aviation was able to give specific locations and advised that Calderon was hiding on a rockface in the thick brush behind Centennial Boulevard. Police found Calderon and placed him into custody. He admitted to being the driver and not possessing a driver’s license. Calderon also stated that two of the passengers were under 18. Calderon was then transported to General Hospital for a medical clearance before being transported to booking.

Jason Bell held on 1.3 million bail after stabbing 2 victims & carjacking during getaway

Violent Crimes Division detectives today charged Jason Bell, 29, with two counts of attempted murder, carjacking, aggravated assault, vehicle theft, and evading arrest in connection with a crime spree Wednesday afternoon/evening that began with the critical stabbings of a man and a woman at a homeless camp off of Donelson Pike at I-40.

Kyle Bramer booked on citation for rolling a blunt in 2019

25-year-old Kyle Bramer was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail this week on an outstanding citation from 2019, charging him with simple drug possession. Police Officer (now Sergeant) Tyler Conrads issued the citation, stating he witnessed Bramer “preparing a marijuana blunt in the passenger seat of a vehicle”.

MNPD couldn’t locate any drugs, so they charged him with felony tampering with evidence

When Metro Police couldn’t find any drugs that Billy Medley supposedly tossed into a wooded area, they charged him with felony tampering with evidence – but the court wasn’t having it, and dismissed the case.

Marquez Crawford arrested on multiple drug & firearm charges

Early Thursday morning, Marquez Crawford got off work, ate breakfast at Waffle House, and went live on Facebook talking about what great weekend he was about to have. Little did he know, less than 12 hours later, East CSU detectives would execute a narcotics search warrant at his home, leaving him in jail with a $147,500 bond.

Man calls 911 to report imaginary intruders; Police find cocaine purification operation in home

Zachary Winton, 32, called 911 Friday afternoon to report intruders inside his Nashville home. Officers arrived and entered the home to apprehend the reported intruders, but they didn’t exist. They did find a cocaine purification operation, which Winton said he used to give out free cocaine at local Nashville bars.