Man calls 911 to report imaginary intruders; Police find cocaine purification operation in home

Zachary Winton, 32, called 911 Friday afternoon to report intruders inside his Nashville home. Officers arrived and entered the home to apprehend the reported intruders, but they didn’t exist. They did find a cocaine purification operation, which Winton said he used to give out free cocaine at local Nashville bars.

Nashville Man Calls 911 w/Challenge: “This is a Game… If you find me there’s going to be a problem!”

On Monday (President’s Day), a Nashville 911 operator received a call that stated “This is a game. The point of the game is to find me, and if you find me, there’s going to be a problem. The 49 year old man on the other end of the call would turn out to be Dagan Lara (who changed his legal name from Samuel Joseph Galvan in 1999). According to the MNPD, at 5:32PM the ECC received a 911 call from Dagan Lara,¬†stating that this is a game and the point…