Felon tells officers he fired handgun in street because he’s “upset how life is going”

39-year-old Adam Trubee was charged with a felony drug offense, felony reckless endangerment, drug paraphernalia, felon in possession of a weapon after firing a handgun in the street with 8.8 grams of meth and a syringe in his pocket.

Nashville nurse charged with theft, found with syringe used for rectal injections

37-year-old Lauren Towery was charged with paraphernalia, theft of property, and theft of vehicle when her boyfriend of two weeks told authorities in June that she had stolen his car. She was caught on July 13th and told officers a syringe found on her was used to inject methamphetamine rectally.

Kristi Smith Arrested. DCSO: She had a syringe WHERE?

If you thought your Monday was bad this week, here’s a line from a charging affidavit for Kristi Lea Smith, from the DCSO (Davidson County Sheriff’s Office): “UPON A SEARCH IN DCSO CUSTODY, DAVIDSON COUNTY SHERIFF DEPUTIES LOCATED A SYRINGE IN THE DEFENDANT’S VAGINA.” Kristi Lea Smith was initially arrested on drug paraphernalia charges on Monday, after she was found to have been in a vehicle with someone that had overdosed, who medics eventually found slumped over the steering wheel in the vehicle. Witnesses place her in the vehicle, and…