Heroin filled syringes stowed in tampon inside woman’s vagina during booking for domestic

27-year-old Cynthia Vaughn was charged with domestic assault and contraband in a penal facility after she was placed into custody for punching her boyfriend in the eye and police found syringes loaded with heroin during a search in booking.

Man at Nashville Underground grabs woman by the p***y, attempts to fight her husband

24-year-old Jolly Hurtado was charged with grabbing a woman’s crotch while at Nashville’s Underground and then was confronted by the woman’s husband who Hurtado tried to hit but several people got in between them, per report.

Female fugitive caught stowing suspected heroin in body cavity

20-year-old Ashley Ginter was charged with contraband in a penal institution when she stowed suspected heroin in her female body cavity while she was being detained and it was divulged during booking at the county jail.

DCSO inmate found with “large quantity” of drugs in vagina

Just before sunrise on Monday, MNPD Officers were dispatched to General Hospital to in response to the Sheriff’s Office finding narcotics inside of inmate Samantha Sircy. DCSO Officer Jines stated that during the process of intake they observed the irregularity of an object during an x-ray. A cavity search was performed and a “large quantity” of various pills & tablets were found inside of inmate Sircy’s vagina. They were all believed to be narcotics, and officers were provided with a bio-hazard bag full of pills to be taken into evidence…

Gun in her purse, Drugs in her *****. Bridgette Benson #Arrested

“Benson removed two plastic bags from her vagina”, reads a police report from Tuesday. One bag was cocaine, the other was marijuana. On Tuesday, at about noon, MNPD stopped a silver BMW at 11th Ave N & Wheless, by Elizabeth Park. There was a reported strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The driver, Allister Fenton, and passenger, Bridgette Benson, both stated that had just finished smoking marijuana in the car. During a probable cause search of the vehicle, officers found a Springfield XD semi-automatic handgun in Bridgette Benson’s…

Kristi Smith Arrested. DCSO: She had a syringe WHERE?

If you thought your Monday was bad this week, here’s a line from a charging affidavit for Kristi Lea Smith, from the DCSO (Davidson County Sheriff’s Office): “UPON A SEARCH IN DCSO CUSTODY, DAVIDSON COUNTY SHERIFF DEPUTIES LOCATED A SYRINGE IN THE DEFENDANT’S VAGINA.” Kristi Lea Smith was initially arrested on drug paraphernalia charges on Monday, after she was found to have been in a vehicle with someone that had overdosed, who medics eventually found slumped over the steering wheel in the vehicle. Witnesses place her in the vehicle, and…

ARREST: Rebecca Laux. MNPD recovered 2 needles & a spoon from inside her lady bits

Rebecca Laux was arrested on Sunday, and charged with drug paraphernalia charges, as by the time MNPD officers arrived, she had used the drugs, and hidden the needles and a spoon inside her ‘private parts’ according to a MNPD affidavit. The call for service came into MNPD Dispatch, as a female who was in the restroom of a Twice Daily gas station and has been in there for an extended period of time. Once officers arrived, they made contact with Rebecca Laux, and she consented to a search of her…