Jaeden Coy punches at father’s face; upset his pills were taken

18-year-old Jaeden Coy tried to beat up his father, Paul Coy, according to an arrest warrant. The suspect attempted multiple times to punch his father in the face after accusing his father of throwing away his pills. Luckily, the victim could block Jaeden’s punches and struck him back several times in the stomach out of self-defense.

Teen felon’s ankle monitor leads police to find him in stolen Mercedes; evasion causes 3 hospitalizations

17-year-old David Mays was charged with evading arrest, felon in possession of a handgun, theft, possession of drugs, and violating CoR after evading authorities in a stolen Benz, crashing into 3 vehicles, causing hospitalizations, and fleeing on foot.

Mother tells police she took a Xanax after driving through fence and smashing 2 parked cars

29-year-old Jessica Augustine was charged with DUI and reckless endangerment after she was found unconscious behind the wheel of a vehicle with her four-year-old child after it plowed through a fence and hit two parked cars

If you keep getting caught, you should probably just give up: Kedrick Ross Arrested. Again.

Kedrick Ross, age 27, now has 7 physical arrests covering 24 charges, another 6 citations, and 4 grand jury indictments – all related to selling & using drugs in Nashville, and that’s not counting his multiple probation violation arrests. His most recent arrest was on Thursday, when he was observed selling drugs in the Watkins College of Art parking lot.

DCSO inmate found with “large quantity” of drugs in vagina

Just before sunrise on Monday, MNPD Officers were dispatched to General Hospital to in response to the Sheriff’s Office finding narcotics inside of inmate Samantha Sircy. DCSO Officer Jines stated that during the process of intake they observed the irregularity of an object during an x-ray. A cavity search was performed and a “large quantity” of various pills & tablets were found inside of inmate Sircy’s vagina. They were all believed to be narcotics, and officers were provided with a bio-hazard bag full of pills to be taken into evidence…

35,600 Pills mailed to Nashville from Canada. Timothy Watkins Arrested.

On Tuesday, A USPS parcel containing 2610 Xanax pills was delivered to 430 Tampa Drive in Nashville, by detectives from the MNPD’s Major Crimes Task Force, agents from U.S. Homeland Security, & U.S. Postal Inspectors. They made a  controlled delivery of an intercepted drug filled parcel to the Tampa Drive address. Timothy D. Watkins, 25, arrived and took control of the package, which originated in Canada.  Under miranda, he admitted that the Xanax pills were his and that he sold them. A consent search was conducted at 3527 Albee Drive…

Nashville man mail-orders drugs, MNPD delivers the package

Ashraf Nashed was arrested on Monday evening, after he accepted delivery for drugs he had ordered online from another country – and the MNPD was nice enough to make the delivery to him. Ashraf Nashed ordered 500 Tramadol pills (schedule IV), from outside the US, and had them shipped to his home address in Nashville. MNPD detectives intercepted the package and made the delivery, which was accepted by the suspect. A search warrant of the residence discovered and additional 1334 Tramadol pills inside Nashed’s vehicle, and a pill cutter, digital…

#EastNashville Drug Bust: Jason Boles & Shanna Conn – Heroin, Meth, Cocaine, Pills, Child Endangerment

Just before the State of the Union came on Tuesday night, MNPD served a narcotics related search warrant in East Nashville at 1239 ½ McGavock Pike. There were two adult occupants in the house – Jason Boles(43) and Shanna Conn(40), along with a 13 year old child. Boles is being held on a $37,500 bond & Conn is being held on a $3,500 bond, along with hold for another jurisdiction. Boles was found in the living room at the time the warrant was executed at the home. On the coffee…