Joel Kaizer flees scene of crash, fails to appear in court

21-year-old Joel Kaizer was involved in a car accident on Donelson Pike in December 2022. Kaizer initially fled the scene and did not stop until a traffic stop was conducted. Officers were notified that Kaizer failed to appear in court in September 2022, causing his license to be suspended. Kaizer was cited for leaving the scene of an accident and driving on a suspended license. He failed to appear in court on April 24th and was taken into custody on November 20th for failure to be booked.

DUI: Ryan Terrell crashes car, says he “saw a deer, but that may not be true”

27-year-old Ryan Terrell says he drank two sixteen-ounce “Voodoo Rangers” before crashing his car near Hwy 70 & Charlotte Pike just after 2 a.m. Saturday. After the crash, he exited his vehicle and began walking down the road with bloody hands, where officers located him approximately 1.5 miles from the crash site. He explained he was headed home from work when, “I saw a deer, and that may not be true,” when asked about the crash. He was visibly intoxicated and admitted he was drunk during questioning. After a blood draw, Terrell was transported to booking.

Lazarius McGee charged after fleeing in stolen vehicle

19-year-old Lazarius McGee was taken into custody for motor vehicle theft, evading arrest, theft, and driving without a license on October 13th. Officers were in the parking lot of Fort Negley when they observed a black Volkswagen crash into a light pole. Three black males got out of the vehicle and ran away from officers, but McGee was caught on foot. McGee did not have a license.

DUI: Nickolas Daugherty crashes into woman’s yard

Officers responded to a single-vehicle accident call from Karyn Sloan at Aurora Avenue in the early hours of September 30th. Upon arrival, Officers observed damage to Sloan’s property. Sloan stated she heard a vehicle press the gas aggressively in front of her house before witnessing a gray Dodge Challenger lose control and run into the bushes in her yard. She then told the Officers that her husband got into his vehicle to attempt to follow or locate the Challenger and was able to advise Officers that it was located at Globe Place. Upon arrival, Officers observed 42-year-old Nickolas Daugherty asleep in the passenger seat of the Challenger. Daugherty showed visible signs of intoxication after being woken up by Officers and having to step out of the vehicle. He refused to perform sobriety tests, and then officers read Daugherty his Miranda Rights before obtaining a search warrant for a sample of his blood. He was then arrested for driving under the influence, hit and run, implied consent, and leaving the scene of an accident- damage $ 1,500 or less.

Travis Theel jailed on outstanding East Nashville hit-and-run warrant

30-year-old Travis Theel was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with a hit-and-run from September of 2021. Police say he hit a parked vehicle belonging to Kimberly Benson in East Nashville and fled the scene. He was identified via his license plate and a photo lineup, and a warrant was issued for his arrest a few days later.

Al Edmund Whitt jailed after drinking and operating a watercraft at Pary Cove

29-year-old Allie “Al” Edmund Whitt was operating a small personal watercraft near Party Cove on Percy Priest Lake Saturday afternoon when he took a sharp turn, causing his passenger to be thrown off. A TWRA agent observed this incident and initiated his blue lights to make contact with Whitt. Whitt was visibly intoxicated and was moving a can of Michelob Ultra from between his legs to the outside area of the watercraft. He reportedly reeked of alcohol but denied drinking anything all day. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody.

Hit-and-Run: Isabella Cook flees, says she “didn’t know what to do,” so she did nothing

21-year-old Isabella Cook told police she “didn’t know what to do” after she crashed into another vehicle and fled the scene on April 26. The person she hit was able to capture her plate number, and the responding officer was able to contact Cook. Upon speaking to Cook, who had her grandmother on the phone call, she claimed she didn’t stop as she wasn’t sure of how it worked and what she should do. She left the other vehicle with significant damage and agreed to meet officers to receive a citation.

Taz Kalowala jailed for DUI after mailbox crash with pants around her ankles

44-year-old Tasmeen ‘Taz’ Kalowala was jailed on a multitude of charges after being found driving with her pants around her ankles. Police received multiple calls about her driving, one of which was a report of her striking a custom-built stone mailbox of a two-million-dollar estate on Harding Place and fleeing the scene while leaving parts of her car behind, including the BMW emblem. Officers located her seven miles away on Highway 70 S, where more calls came in about her driving. After observing her continued erratic driving, officers conducted a traffic stop, finding Kalowala in the driver’s seat with her pants around her ankles, and soaked with urine. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and stated she had consumed “two drinks” several hours earlier. Once at booking, Kalowala urinated on herself a second time and vomited in the Sally port.

DUI: Vanderbilt Doctor Derrick Sowder hits motorcycle rider & flees the scene

43-year-old Vanderbilt Doctor Derrick Sowder was jailed on April 15th for a hit and run on Lebanon Pike. A witness provided police with Sowder’s license plate number, and they found him parking his vehicle in his driveway as they arrived. There was significant damage to his vehicle, consistent with the crash that took place approximately a mile away. Sowder told police that he had been hit by an unknown vehicle and drove home without stopping after the crash. Sowder appeared to be intoxicated and admitted to drinking a glass of wine about 3 hours before the crash. His speech was slow and slurred, and he had watery bloodshot eyes. Mr. Sowder’s boyfriend, James Lindsey, took a rideshare to his house after hearing about the crash and told police that He and Sowder each had about four glasses of wine at his house before Mr. Sowder left to drive home. Mr. Sowder hit Elliot Mullins on a motorcycle, and he suffered a compound fracture to his leg.

Erica Rosa takes Xanax inside holding cell while waiting on breathalyzer for DUI crash

25-year-old Erica Rosa was jailed on March 27th after crashing her 2020 Dodge Charger into several parked vehicles on 16th Avenue and fleeing the scene. Police checked surrounding areas and found Rosa on Buchannan Street matching the description from a witness. Rosa told officers that she was drunk but she wasn’t driving the charger. She didn’t have any shoes on her feet, but she did have shoes in her car. She told officers that she lived on Bell Road which was the destination pulled up on her GPS that was inside the car. When her car was searched, an open container of alcohol was found. Rosa agreed to a breathalyzer and later told police that while inside the breath testing room, she took a Xanax.