Bryan Frazier punches mother in the mouth during argument over rent money

33-year-old Bryan Frazier was involved in an altercation with his mother, Emma Frazier, at their Elm Street residence on June 22nd. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Emma and noticed that she was visibly intoxicated and had a busted lip. Emma told officers that she had gotten into an argument with Bryan over rent past-due rent money. Emma claims that during this argument, Bryan punched her in the mouth. Emma added that she had to pull his hair so that she could call the police. Officers then spoke with Bryan, who stated that during the argument, his mother started pulling him by his hair, and to get her off him, he pushed her back with his forearm. Due to Emma’s statements being consistent with her injury, Bryan was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault. While Bryan was handcuffed, Emma attempted to change her story, saying, “Well, I might have fallen, and that could be why my lip is bleeding.” Bryan Frazier was then transported to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

Anjel Hilton attacks girlfriend for telling her mother she was driving while drunk

25-year-old Anjel Monique Hilton had a domestic incident with her girlfriend, Jaileen Santiago, at their Forest Park Road apartment around 3:45 a.m. on February 17th. Santiago told responding officers that Hilton picked her up from work, and she noticed she was intoxicated, so they switched seats and drove home. She stated when they returned to the apartment, she called Hilton’s mother and told her about the occurrence, which upset Hilton, so she started striking Santiago in the face, leaving a laceration on her lip, a knot on her forehead, and bitemarks on her left index finger and forearm. Officers obtained a warrant for Hilton’s arrest, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault on June 13th.

Jacob Young stalks ex-girlfriend after they break up, says he’s in love with her

26-year-old Jacob Young was taken into custody for stalking on May 25th. On May 24th, Jasmine Costabile, Young’s ex-girlfriend, called the police to a Fernbank Drive residence. Costabile advised officers that Young had messaged her 43 times since April 11th, when she told him she did not want any more contact with him. She added that he showed up at her job at The Hustlers Club on Representative John Lewis Way South, where she notified her supervisor to have him leave as soon as he entered the bar. Costabile stated she had since changed jobs, adding that she now works at Midnight Express in Smithville, TN, which Young visited on May 17th when she wasn’t working. Costabile’s coworkers told her that Young asked them if she was there. Then, she said he had visited her residence three times since they had broken up. James Pruett, her roommate, confirmed that Young arrived at their home, adamant to speak with Costabile, but once Pruett mentioned getting the police involved, he left. Costabile said that on May 24th, she received multiple text messages from him stating he was in love with her. Following the investigation, officers obtained an arrest warrant for Young. He was later detained for the occurrence.

DUI: Sean Autry crashes car after drinking at friend’s birthday party

18-year-old Sean Autry had a single-vehicle accident near Mile Mark 94 on I-65 South in the early hours of April 15th. When officers arrived, Autry provided them with his driver’s license and exited his car, where they noticed he walked unsteadily and had a strong alcoholic odor. Additionally, he was very emotional, screaming profanities outside of the vehicle. Officers asked him how much he had to drink, and he told them he did not have much. He refused to take sobriety tests, so they read implied consent to him, where he agreed to provide a breath sample, resulting in 0.120 BAC%. He later advised he had two beers at a friend’s birthday party before the crash. Autry was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

18-year-old Dayton Pennington drives stolen Nissan with another car’s tags attached via duct tape

18-year-old Dayton Pennington ran a red light at the Rivergate Parkway and Blue Boulevard intersection on the afternoon of June 27th, 2023. Officers observed this, conducted a traffic stop, and noticed Pennington had a learner’s permit with a licensed passenger under 21 years old. He was cited for the violation. Then, on December 29th, he was seen by officers on Myatt Drive driving a stolen Nissan sedan with temporary tags attached via duct tape that, when scanned, belonged to a red Ford Escape. While officers were running the tags, Pennington walked around the corner, trying to escape, but returned when officers told him to. When asked about the temporary tag, Pennington advised them that he knew the vehicle was stolen and that it was his friend’s. Then, he told them he was driving the Nissan from one parking spot to another and admitted to smoking marijuana in the car. Pennington consented to a search of the vehicle, where officers located two pipes and a jar of marijuana. The VIN was removed from the driver’s door and covered on the dashboard, but they confirmed that the Nissan was reported stolen on December 15th. Pennington was taken into custody for the theft of a vehicle and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia on December 30th. Additionally, he was charged for failing to book himself on the state citation for not having a license in June 2023.

Madelyn Vasquez assaults brother’s girlfriend during argument

20-year-old Madelyn Juliet Vasquez had a scuffle with her roommate, Diana Laura Monge Tapia, at Myatt Drive late at night on December 22nd. Tapia advised officers that she was having a verbal altercation with Anderson Vasquez, her boyfriend, who is Vasquez’s brother, when Vasquez entered the room, stating, “Do not touch or talk to my brother like that again.” Tapia replied, “And if I do, what are you going to do?” Then, Vasquez got off the couch, charged at her, and began pulling her hair, causing a fight. Officers observed visible injuries to Tapia’s ear and around the back of her neck, including bruises and scratches. Vasquez provided them with a similar story, stating she overheard her brother and Tapia arguing, so Madelyn told Tapia never to touch him again. Madelyn stated that Tapia kept following her around the house, so Vasquez started pulling her hair, initiating a fight. Anderson advised officers that things cooled down once he broke up the fight. Vasquez was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody for domestic assault on December 23rd.

DUI: Thomas Fields drinks “two beers” at Hooters before driving

55-year-old Thomas Fields was jailed on Saturday after causing an accident on Gallatin Pike North and Conference Drive. Fields admitted to rear-ending another vehicle with his Dodge Charger at the traffic light. The driver of the other vehicle was transported to Skyline ER for the injuries he sustained during the accident.  Officers observed Fields using his vehicle to balance himself. He had a noticeable odor of alcohol coming from his breath, along with watery, glassy eyes. He admitted to officers that he had two beers before the accident while he was at Hooters. Fields agreed to a breath sample and blew a .229% BAC on a breathalyzer.

DUI: Nickolas Daugherty crashes into woman’s yard

Officers responded to a single-vehicle accident call from Karyn Sloan at Aurora Avenue in the early hours of September 30th. Upon arrival, Officers observed damage to Sloan’s property. Sloan stated she heard a vehicle press the gas aggressively in front of her house before witnessing a gray Dodge Challenger lose control and run into the bushes in her yard. She then told the Officers that her husband got into his vehicle to attempt to follow or locate the Challenger and was able to advise Officers that it was located at Globe Place. Upon arrival, Officers observed 42-year-old Nickolas Daugherty asleep in the passenger seat of the Challenger. Daugherty showed visible signs of intoxication after being woken up by Officers and having to step out of the vehicle. He refused to perform sobriety tests, and then officers read Daugherty his Miranda Rights before obtaining a search warrant for a sample of his blood. He was then arrested for driving under the influence, hit and run, implied consent, and leaving the scene of an accident- damage $ 1,500 or less.

Russell Kerr: 7 beers, anabolic steroids, and syringes, oh my

25-year-old Russell Kerr was found near Palestine Ave. with the driver-side door ajar, asleep in the front seat of his silver Chevy truck on the side of the highway on August 19th. Officers observed Kerr snoring, shirtless, and shoeless while officers were attempting to wake him, but he was incoherent. Kerr could not stand alone and used his vehicle to keep his balance, showing visible signs of intoxication. Kerr consented to conduct field sobriety tests, which he performed poorly on. Later, he admitted to officers that he consumed two beers at 7 p.m. the day prior. Inside Russell’s vehicle, police found a bottle containing Trenbolone acetate (anabolic steroids) with some missing and six syringes. He refused to give a blood or breath sample, so he was arrested for DUI.

Megan Arnold hyperventilates on the way to jail after DUI crash

37-year-old Megan Arnold was involved in a three-vehicle crash Thursday, and responding officers say she was visibly intoxicated. She reeked of alcohol, had slurred speech, and was unsteady on her feet, according to a police report. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests, and officers located a tumbler that smelled of alcohol in her center console. As she was being transported to jail, she began to hyperventilate and was taken to Metro General to be clear, where she also consented to a blood draw.