18-year-old Dayton Pennington drives stolen Nissan with another car’s tags attached via duct tape

18-year-old Dayton Pennington ran a red light at the Rivergate Parkway and Blue Boulevard intersection on the afternoon of June 27th, 2023. Officers observed this, conducted a traffic stop, and noticed Pennington had a learner’s permit with a licensed passenger under 21 years old. He was cited for the violation. Then, on December 29th, he was seen by officers on Myatt Drive driving a stolen Nissan sedan with temporary tags attached via duct tape that, when scanned, belonged to a red Ford Escape. While officers were running the tags, Pennington walked around the corner, trying to escape, but returned when officers told him to. When asked about the temporary tag, Pennington advised them that he knew the vehicle was stolen and that it was his friend’s. Then, he told them he was driving the Nissan from one parking spot to another and admitted to smoking marijuana in the car. Pennington consented to a search of the vehicle, where officers located two pipes and a jar of marijuana. The VIN was removed from the driver’s door and covered on the dashboard, but they confirmed that the Nissan was reported stolen on December 15th. Pennington was taken into custody for the theft of a vehicle and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia on December 30th. Additionally, he was charged for failing to book himself on the state citation for not having a license in June 2023.

Nicholas Jones booked on outstanding warrant for stealing man’s iPhone 13 in September

29-year-old Nicholas Jones was with an unknown individual at Pie Town Tacos when they were closed on late December 29th. Officers encountered the two individuals while patrolling the area. Officers then engaged them in conversation, and Jones provided them with his license. When officers ran record checks, they were notified Jones had an outstanding warrant for his arrest regarding a theft that occurred at the Whiskey River Saloon in September. Jones was identified as the individual who stole Kevin Keith’s iPhone 13. Additionally, Jones had a glass pipe commonly used to ingest cocaine on his person during a subsequent search. Nicholas Jones was taken into custody for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and failure to be booked on a state citation regarding the Whiskey Saloon incident.

Joel Kaizer flees scene of crash, fails to appear in court

21-year-old Joel Kaizer was involved in a car accident on Donelson Pike in December 2022. Kaizer initially fled the scene and did not stop until a traffic stop was conducted. Officers were notified that Kaizer failed to appear in court in September 2022, causing his license to be suspended. Kaizer was cited for leaving the scene of an accident and driving on a suspended license. He failed to appear in court on April 24th and was taken into custody on November 20th for failure to be booked.

Annette Jones forks lover during breakfast dispute

64-year-old Annette Milligan Jones was jailed after threatening her boyfriend, Jeffrey Ping, with a fork during breakfast at their home on 28th Avenue. Police spoke with Mr. Ping, who said he got upset at breakfast because he felt like Annette wasn’t showing him enough love, and if she wasn’t willing to show him love, then she needed to leave. Annette said she wasn’t going anywhere until Mr. Ping paid her the money he owed her. The argument continued, then Annette grabbed a fork and placed it under his neck, stating, “I am not going anywhere until you pay me my money.” That’s when Mr. Ping decided to call the police; he told them he was not afraid for his safety, but he wanted her to leave. Annette said she made an aggressive move toward Mr. Ping but didn’t make physical contact.

Zaron Smith punches a woman in the face & pulls her hair, during assault in all-female TSU dorm

22-year-old Zaron Phil Smith was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from 2019, charging him with assault. Police say security video shows Smith entering an all-female residence hall at Tennessee State University and waiting in the lobby for Taylor Doughty to come downstairs. Once she was in the lobby, Smith engaged in a verbal argument and then punched the victim in her face and pulled her hair. Smith was issued a citation at the time of the incident, and never appeared for his court date.

Caleb Krantz charged with harassment of (ex) girlfriend; making threats via phone

20-year-old Caleb Krantz was arrested this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with the harassment of Kara Hawkins, who was described as his ex-girlfriend in the July arrest warrant, but who is described as his current girlfriend again currently on social media. The warrant details that on July 15th, Hawkins returned to their shared home on Old Clarksville Pike with a moving truck to pack her things and leave the home. She says she called him before she arrived, and he threatened her, saying, “I’m gonna f*/k you up” if she continued on her way there. She says that due to the previous history of domestic violence with Krantz, this placed her in fear for her safety. A recording of the threat was saved.

Jakob Deal charged with boosting $697 of merchandise from Dillard’s

22-year-old Jakob Deal was booked this week on an outstanding shoplifting citation from December, for which he never reported to self-book. Police say he walked out of Dillard’s with $697 of merchandise.

Kevon Banks booked on an outstanding 2018 citation for rolling a blunt with cocaine

In 2018, 24-year-old Kevon Banks was approached by Metro Nashville Police as he “prepared marijuana for consumption”. A probable cause search also resulted in 0.1 grams of cocaine in his lap. He was issued a state citation to self-book but never did. He was finally jailed on the charge this week.

“I think they put a gun in my waistband”, teen tells police when he was robbed during weed deal

18-year-old Cooper Knestrick is free on a $500 bond, after failing to book himself on an outstanding citation, which stated he told police “I think they put a gun in my waistband” after they responded to a robbery call during which Cooper told police he was robbed of his cell phone while buying marijuana.