Man charged with assaulting former employee outside Nashville courthouse — Robert Joiner arrested

57-year-old Robert Keith Joiner was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Tuesday on an outstanding warrant alleging he grabbed a former employee by the neck as he was exiting the courthouse and pushed him into a wall where he continued to assault the victim and take his cell phone, which he was using to record. The victim was treated for a hip and head contusion at a local hospital. A commissioner released Joiner, who is from Colorado, on his own recognizance without posting a bond.

DUI: Man found asleep behind wheel at intersection, admits to drinking — Jared Beard

24-year-old Jared Beard was found asleep behind the wheel of his car at an intersection just south of downtown Nashville and admitted to drinking prior to driving. Police say he agreed to a breathalyzer, a demonstrated he could blow hard enough, however, when his lips met the actual machine, he wouldn’t blow hard enough for it to register. He also urinated on himself multiple times while speaking to police, and in the back of a patrol car.

DUI: Man drives wrong way toward officer on a closed road, refuses breathalyzer, demands lawyer: Trevor Adamson

34-year-old Trevor Seth Adamson is charged with DUI after police say he drove the wrong way down a closed one-way street with no lights on toward a marked police car while drunk.

Man stopped in Lebanon for driving on a revoked license; has amphetamine in center console

45-year-old Corey Miller was charged with simple possession and driving on a revoked license after an LPD officer noticed a suspicious vehicle registered to a revoked driver.

Unmasked man booked after telling police that “he was not going to get a citation”

27-year-old Deshawn Williams was charged with a board of health regulation violation for not wearing a mask on Broadway and when approached by an officer, he said “he was not going to get a citation” and attempted to walk away.

Antioch Caregiver Assaults Patient in Wheel-Chair with her Fist #Arrested

Barbara Ann Walker, a care employee at an assisted living facility on Ocala Dr in Antioch, was arrested on Friday after she assaulted a patient in a wheelchair, and no one reported it to police until the next day when a supervisor reviewed it on security footage. The assisted living home is a Bethany Healthcare Facility. MNPD was called to the scene and reviewed a pre-prepared copy of the security footage of the incident which occurred the day before (video only, no audio) which shows the patient in a wheel…

East Nashville’s Ruston Kelly Arrested on Outstanding Charge from 2015

When Ruston Samuel Kelly was named one of HuffPost’s Top 10 artists to Watch in 2018, or when he was named in Pandora’s 2018 Country Artists to Watch, we doubt that either meant to watch him get put in handcuffs, but that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday night in Nashville when Ruston Kelly was arrested and booked into the custody of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department. As it turns out, Kelly was pulled over on 11/19/2015 for driving on a suspended license, and was given a state citation to appear in…

ARREST: Antasisa Baker, You Can’t Get a Job w/Enterprise & Steal the Cars! ROR’d on a $27K Bond!

Antasisa Baker got a job working as a temporary contract employee at Enterprise Rent-A-Car at the Nashville International Airport. In November, Enterprise discovered several vehicles missing from their inventory. They reviewed the security Video… meet Antasisa Baker. When a rental vehicle was returned to the rental car garage on November 13, 2017 she removed it and had been driving it for several days without permission from Enterprise rental. Defendant drove the vehicle to work and parked it on a different level in the rental car garage. On 11/13/17, Antasisa Baker…