Teen points gun at his child’s mother during argument

19-year-old Salvador Rodriguez was charged with three counts of aggravated assault after he and an accomplice pointed guns at the mother of his child and two others during an argument about their daughter.

Scorched tent leads to Dollar General showdown

33-year-old Cesar Melendez-Ramos was charged with aggravated assault after he brandished a firearm and piece of wood and forced a man to the ground and threatened his life because he was angry about his tent burning down.

Man accused of pointing gun at dad; curbed by mom and “very cooperative”, per police

25-year-old Eric Brown Junior was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when his dad kicked him out and he brandished a firearm saying he was “tired of this sh-t” before his mom shoved him back in his room to pack.

Man parks next to undercover detectives with a blunt in his hand.. It ends as expected

Timothy Wiseman, 36, was going about his day on Tuesday, when he parked at the H.G. Hill grocery store – except he parked near some undercover detectives who noticed the marijuana blunt in his hand. He is held on $110,500 bond after they also found heroin and a handgun

Man smashed through window to assault woman in East Nashville

Raymond Ware, 26, remains in a Nashville jail this morning, after he was finally arrested on multiple felony warrants from August, when he brutally assaulted a woman in East Nashville, after smashing through a window while she was doing laundry, and the homeowner fired shots at him. $45,000 bond.

Bordeaux Tiger Market Brawl: 45yo beats & drags 27yo across parking lot by hair for “sleeping with her husband”

There was a show-down of sorts on Friday afternoon at the Tiger Market in Bordeaux, as MNPD officers were stopping to fuel a patrol car they observed 45 year old Darnykka Daniel McCray dragging 27 year old Lanika Cartwright across the gas station parking lot by her hair. As officers were getting stopped they noticed Darnykka was also punching Lanika in the head with her closed fist. Officers screamed for Darnykka to “let her go”, and Darnykka immediately complied and started screaming. Despite continued efforts by offers to get her…

Felon w/guns & drugs: Andre Zontell Petty #Arrested

Andre Zontell Petty was driving his green Chevy Camaro while speeding across the Jefferson Street Bridge. Upon contact with MNPD, Petty presented a Tennessee I.D. card. A records check revealed his license status to be revoked. While MNPD was speaking with the Petty, detectives asked for consent to search his vehicle. He gave consent to a search and advised he had a handgun under his driver seat. During the search, detectives located a black Ruger SR40c .40 caliber handgun with a round in the chamber under the passenger seat, accessible…

DUI: Jon Robb, Co-Founder of Music City Light Beer & Copper Kettle Arrested.

Jon Robb, co-founder of Music City Light Beer (Nashville Beer Co) & Copper Kettle, was arrested early Monday morning for DUI, Implied Consent(criminal), Weapon Under the Influence, and Leaving the Scene of an Accident. According to a police report, on 03/12/18 around 0240 hours, MNPD responded to the intersection of Woodland St / S 5th St for a traffic crash involving a gray Hyundai and a utility pole, called in by a passerby. When police arrived, the gray Hyundai was no longer at the intersection. Police canvassed the area and…

Kwik Sak Clerk Said Hermina Shoots Man Stealing Beer – ARRESTED

Kwik Sak clerk Said Hermina, 31, is charged with aggravated assault after he fired shots at a man who fled the market with an 18-pack of beer without paying for it. Jerry Smith Jr., 44, entered the Kwik Sak, 2012 S. Hamilton Road, at 2:30 a.m.  He went to the cooler and selected an 18-pack of beer which he brought to the counter. After his credit card was declined, Smith ran out the door with the beer.  Hermina chased after Smith and fired three shots, striking Smith in the leg. …

Shots Fired At Crazy Horse Strip Club. Shooter says he doesn’t like “Those Places” & Threatens to Kill Employees | Bryan Woodard

Late on Friday night (01/05/18), Bryan Woodard went to the Crazy Horse Nashville, a strip club, parked in the parking lot, got a handgun from the backseat of his vehicle, and began firing shots in the parking lot. According to witnesses, Bryan Woodard then approached employees of Crazy Horse Nashville and said… “I fired those shots, and I’ll kill you and rip your nose off your face” Woodard then pointed the gun at the employees, removed the magazine to expose the loaded 9mm rounds to them. He then returned to…