MNPD shuts down neighborhood alcoholic drink salesman Xavier Nicholson

Xavier Nicholson FEAT

24-year-old Xavier Nicholson was booked this week on a citation after police saw him selling alcohol to passers-by on the streets of downtown Nashville. Officers witnessed Nicholson receive money for the alcoholic drinks and missed him a state citation. During the search of his person, police located a weed grinder with residue inside, a plastic weed container, and three packages of RAW rolling papers.

Tourist Kasey Whitmore punches bouncer Samuel Wells in face at Honky Tonk Central

32-year-old Kasey Whitmore is charged with the assault of a bouncer at Honky Tonk Central on April 2. Samuel Wells was escorting her out of the building when he says she punched him in the face. She was issued a citation charging her with assault.

Ana Vargas charged with reckless driving during rush-hour traffic

34-year-old Ana Vargas was booked this week on a citation from March after speeding through a red light during heavy rush hour traffic, putting other drivers’ safety in jeopardy. During the traffic stop, police discovered that Vargas did not have a driver’s license.

D’Ante VanNuck charged with drag racing in Nashville

25-year-old D’Ante VanNuck is charged with drag racing after police say he rolled down the window of his 2019 black Dodge Charger at a Murfreesboro Pike intersection, interacted with the driver of a red Ford Mustang beside him, and the two raced down the roadway at a high rate of speed after sitting for a period of time after the light turned green. VanNuck was stopped on I-40 after officers caught up with the vehicle and charged with drag racing.

Shacoryia Foxx booked on outstanding citation from 2020 for driving without a license

27-year-old Shacoryia Foxx was booked this week on an outstanding citation from 2020 which she failed to self-book on previously. Police say she was in a car crash on April 14, 2020, and did not have a valid driver’s license. She was issued a citation at the scene and never reported to booking, despite multiple reschedulings.

Katerria Dixon left small children in car while shopping at Ross Dress for Less at 100 Oaks

27-year-old Katerria Dixon is charged with leaving her children unattended in her Ford Fusion after Vanderbilt Police received a call from a concerned citizen. The incident happened on December 18th, and VUPD received the call at 9:50 p.m. stating the minor children were alone in a vehicle in the parking lot of Ross Dress for Less at 100 Oaks Mall. Officers were waiting at her vehicle when she returned at 10:01 p.m., and she was issued a state citation.

Craig Everson charged after plowing through parking garage exit gate

43-year-old Craig Everson was booked Monday on an outstanding citation charging him with vandalism. Police say he was a customer of the parking garage at 210 Commerce Street and had difficulty with the exit gate of the garage. Instead of seeking assistance, Everson drove through the gate and arm, causing approximately $1,000 in damage.

Xavier Rolle issued citations for cocaine & prohibited gun possession in Nashville

22-year-old Xavier Rolle was issued a state citation for cocaine possession and carrying a prohibited weapon after police conducted a traffic stop on his vehicle in late October when they observed expired plates on his vehicle, which was traveling at a high rate of speed. During the traffic stop, Rolle advised officers he had a gun in the vehicle, that it belonged to him, and it was under the back seat passenger’s legs. Officers retrieved the gun, which was a short-barrel shotgun — a prohibited weapon in Tennessee. During a pat down search, a grinder was discovered, which had multiple small baggies of white powder inside that tested positive for cocaine. Rolle was booked on the citations this week and has retained Bobby Ballinger as counsel.

Lacey Jaremko charged in assault over 100 Oaks parking space

44-year-old Lacey Jaremko is charged with the misdemeanor assault of Lavontinett Washington after a dispute over a parking spot outside the Petsmart at 100 Oaks Mall in Nashville. The incident occurred just after 10 a.m. on a Monday when shows that Jaremko was physically fighting with Lavontinett Washington over a specific parking space. She is seen pushing Washington and was cited for assault.

Jamie Morgan booked on charge of stealing school board campaign signs in Nashville

45-year-old Jamie Morgan self-booked this week on a citation charging her with the theft of campaign signs of MNPS School Board candidate Todd Pembroke. Police say that after repeated thefts, a tracker was placed inside some of the signs by the campaign, and they were tracked to her address on Anchorage Drive. Police accompanied the candidate to the pinged location and issued her a citation, and retrieved dozens of signs. During that visit, Morgan lifted her shirt and flashed the candidate, made obscene gestures, and caused quite the scene, which was captured on video (below, in story). Morgan stated she did this for “political reasons.” On her social media, Morgan describes herself as a “Nashville based bipolar pagan intuitive; rape, sexual abuse, trauma survivor; retired drunk trying to be a better mom.”