Purported Bail Bondsman posing as police officer makes traffic stop in Nashville

22-year-old Angel Carrera was driving a black Crown Vitoria and wearing black BDU-style pants with a black polo shirt, and a handgun on his hip, when he activated the light bar on top of his vehicle and conducted a traffic stop near 100 Oaks Mall on March 1. He approached the vehicle, which was driven by a Metro Nashville government employee. He then explained the driver pulled out too far into the intersection and stated, “there are lines for a reason, and they needed to be abided by!” He then chastised them for not following the law and to not repeat their mistake. As he turned to walk away, the driver inquired if he was a Metro Nashville Police Officer, and he stated, “no,” he was a bail bondsman. He was identified by a photo taken of his license plate, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was booked on that warrant this week.

Lacey Jaremko charged in assault over 100 Oaks parking space

44-year-old Lacey Jaremko is charged with the misdemeanor assault of Lavontinett Washington after a dispute over a parking spot outside the Petsmart at 100 Oaks Mall in Nashville. The incident occurred just after 10 a.m. on a Monday when shows that Jaremko was physically fighting with Lavontinett Washington over a specific parking space. She is seen pushing Washington and was cited for assault.

Woman Arrested for leaving child in car “wasn’t aware child couldn’t be left in car with no air”

Amira Thabet Rezk, 32, told officers that she “wasn’t aware that a child could not be left alone in a car” with the motor off, as she was being arrested in front Burlington at 100 Oaks Mall, where she returned back to her vehicle after being gone around 20 minutes. On Wednesday at 4:30 PM, VUPD (100 Oaks Mall is part of the Vanderbilt Campus Properties) received a call that a 3 year-old child was inside of a parked and locked vehicle that was not running, in front of the…