Mason Delatour fired and arrested after drunken debacle at Mother’s Ruin bar after his shift

29-year-old Mason Delatour was arrested early in the morning of October 4th after his shift at Mother’s Ruin bar when he became disorderly after drinking for several hours. Following his shift, Delatour began drinking until he became an issue for customers of the bar, at which point he was let go by the Assistant General Manager. This angered the defendant, and he became more aggressive towards the AGM. When asked to leave, Delatour went outside.

Officers arrived to find Delatour standing outside of his car, which was parked on the street behind the bar and stated that he smelled of alcohol immediately on approach. In addition, he was slurring his words and began to yell at employees attempting to take the trash out, inquiring as to why he was fired. Delatour became “an annoyance” to the employees and was placed under arrest for allegedly refusing an official order from police.

Tourist Zackary Trujillo drunk and disorderly, kicks down door

24-year-old Zackary Trujillo was jailed early Friday morning after officers responded to his disorderly conduct for a second time. Officers initially responded to a call about Trujillo drunkenly causing a disturbance at a downtown Nashville apartment complex. During that interaction, officers assisted himin obtaining a ride to the airport, and he stated he was flying back to New Mexico. A short time later, however, Trujillo reappeared at the apartment, where he had been staying with friends for the weekend, and kicked down a door. He was reportedly extremely intoxicated and reeked of alcohol.

Tourist Jamie Brinkman assaults husband at Nashville AirBNB after a night on Broadway

25-year-old Nebraska tourist Jamie Marie Brinkman slapped her husband, Jorge Hernandez, in the face and about his body, leaving him with a cut on his arm and a red, swollen face from the assault. The victim’s shirt was also torn around the collar. The argument happened at their AirBNB on Monroe Street after they returned from Broadway early Friday morning. The argument started when her husband reportedly threatened to take their child away from her. Brinkman was charged with domestic assault.

Xavier Rolle issued citations for cocaine & prohibited gun possession in Nashville

22-year-old Xavier Rolle was issued a state citation for cocaine possession and carrying a prohibited weapon after police conducted a traffic stop on his vehicle in late October when they observed expired plates on his vehicle, which was traveling at a high rate of speed. During the traffic stop, Rolle advised officers he had a gun in the vehicle, that it belonged to him, and it was under the back seat passenger’s legs. Officers retrieved the gun, which was a short-barrel shotgun — a prohibited weapon in Tennessee. During a pat down search, a grinder was discovered, which had multiple small baggies of white powder inside that tested positive for cocaine. Rolle was booked on the citations this week and has retained Bobby Ballinger as counsel.

Tyler Blevins goes on rampage inside lover Christopher Roach’s Nashville townhome

Witnesses at the Vista Germantown called police after they observed 28-year-old Tyler Blevins forcing his way into a townhome at the location on October 8th. When officers arrived, they found Blevins outside on the sidewalk, arguing with the owner of the townhome, Christopher Roach. They two are in an intimate relationship, and Blevins was highly intoxicated, according to officers at the scene. Inside the home, Blevins reportedly destroyed multiple glass mugs and glass bottles of liquor. The rampage was reportedly over a set of house keys that were taken.

Trio charged after downtown Nashville brawl, including father & son from Alabama

Metro Police say a trio of folks were all fighting the streets of downtown Nashville last weekend, disrupting both traffic and citizens attempting to use the crosswalks. 18-year-old Brody Presnall, of Alabama, told officers 39-year-old David Castillo pushed him and called him names, and that’s why Brody pushed him back and punched him in the face and began to fight, despite officers giving multiple commands to stop. Brody’s father, 44-year-old Clint Presnall, also got involved when he observed his son getting pushed and engaged in the fight with his son against Castillo.

Man kicked off of Greyhound bus charged with public intoxication

22-year-old Trent Debruler was charged with public intoxication after he was kicked off of a Greyhound bus for being drunk and trying to fight other passengers.