Rhet Woodhall breaks into woman’s apartment, tells police he thought it was his Airbnb

25-year-old Rhet Woodhall broke into Maral Akbari’s Herman Street apartment on May 18th. When officers arrived, they observed the door had been forced open, causing visible damage to the door, framing, and lock mechanism. Officers called Akbari and were provided photos from her Ring doorbell camera of the individual, later identified as Woodhall, who entered her home. Then, they went to the adjacent unit and located a male unresponsive on the couch. Officers checked the door and realized it was unlocked, so they conducted a welfare check on the male. As they spoke with the male, officers showed him a photo of Woodhall, and the male told them Woodhall was his friend. The male then went upstairs and found Woodhall, who was intoxicated. Woodhall stated he was confused and thought the residence was his Airbnb. He forced the door open after repeatedly knocking on it before realizing it was the wrong house. Officers detained Woodhall and spoke with Akbari, who advised them that the damage would cost her over $1,000 to repair. Woodhall was then taken into custody for vandalism.

Trio charged after downtown Nashville brawl, including father & son from Alabama

Metro Police say a trio of folks were all fighting the streets of downtown Nashville last weekend, disrupting both traffic and citizens attempting to use the crosswalks. 18-year-old Brody Presnall, of Alabama, told officers 39-year-old David Castillo pushed him and called him names, and that’s why Brody pushed him back and punched him in the face and began to fight, despite officers giving multiple commands to stop. Brody’s father, 44-year-old Clint Presnall, also got involved when he observed his son getting pushed and engaged in the fight with his son against Castillo.

Duo caught drunk on Broadway with no way home

26-year-old Alissa Adams and 42-year-old Michael Rousso were charged with public intoxication after they were approached by police while drunk and did not have a safe way back to Crossville, or a hotel room.

Drunk teen charged after searching for friend in wrong car #sadboihours

18-year-old Jaxon Thomas was charged with public intoxication and consumption of alcohol while under 21 after he was found attempting to get his friend out of a locked vehicle that was empty.

Drunk man attempts to ride along on delivery truck

37-year-old Colin Ochs was charged with public intoxication after he was found climbing into a delivery truck.

2 charged with cocaine possession after reportedly waving handguns around downtown Nashville diner

44-year-old Rick Flores and, 41-year-old Derrick James, are both charged with felony drug possession – and an additional felony firearm charge for James – after an altercation in downtown Nashville escalated to guns being pulled.