Tourist Whitney Busse charged in assault of her boyfriend during Nashville trip

43-year-old Whitney Ann Busse is charged with the domestic assault of her boyfriend, Ryan Langwald, during their trip to Nashville this week. Metro Nashville Police responded to the Drury Inn in downtown Nashville to find Ryan injured, and he explained the couple was in a verbal argument which escalated when he attempted to leave the location to de-escalate the situation. He says as he attempted to leave, Whitney blocked the door and pushed him into the deadbolt, causing a cut on his arm when he attempted to reach around her to open the door. Whitney says he was just trying to leave to go party, and she didn’t want him to miss his work meeting the next morning.

Louisiana Tourist Amos Bennett admits to assaulting wife in downtown Nashville Hotel

54-year-old Amos Bennett and his wife, Katie Bennett, were visiting Nashville this weekend from Louisiana when Metro Nashville Police responded to their room at the Drury Hotel downtown for a domestic disturbance call. Amos met officers as they arrived and stated he became upset with his wife and kicked her in the knee while she was sitting on the ground. Officers entered the room and found his wife sitting on the ground, crying in pain with an obvious injury. She was transported to centennial for treatment, and Amos was transported to booking, where he was charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

Another tourist who wasn’t prepared for Nashville’s liquor — Austin Joseph Barnes arrested

25-year-old Austin Barnes told Metro Nashville Police he was in Oklahoma City when they found him too drunk to stand up at the entrance to the Drury Plaza Hotel in downtown Nashville Thursday. He was unable to provide which actual hotel he was staying at and was deemed too intoxicated to remain safely by himself. With no friends to care for him, he was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Drunk man attempts to ride along on delivery truck

37-year-old Colin Ochs was charged with public intoxication after he was found climbing into a delivery truck.