Devin Gardner drives carelessly; charged with possession

20-year-old Devin Gardner was found carelessly driving on the road by local law enforcement on October 12. When officers made contact with Gardner, they smelt a strong odor of marijuana. Gardner told them that he had smoked in the vehicle the night prior. This statement was probable cause to search Gardner’s car. Officers found a plastic bag full of marijuana as well as a joint rolling tool, scale, and tray with marijuana residue on it, which Gardner also admitted was his. Gardner was taken into custody and charged with possession of controlled substance.

Paulina Ceja Sanchez found with packaged heroin and marijuana during traffic stop

21-year-old Paulina Ceja Sanchez was in the passenger seat of a Jeep Grand Cherokee that was traveling the wrong way on a one-way street in downtown Nashville on January 16. During a subsequent traffic stop, officers smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle, and a probable cause search was conducted. In a zipper bag which she claimed, officers located 13.5 grams of marijuana and individually packaged capsules with a folded piece of paper in each, which contained 0.9 grams of heroin. A loaded Sig P365 was also located, along with scales and a grinder.

Tourist Adam Foulke charged with assault of his girlfriend in downtown Nashville hotel

Metro Nashville Police officers responded to the Sentral SoBro on January 18 after residents reported a loud argument coming from the hallway near the elevator. Officers arrived and could hear 26-year-old Adam Foulke screaming for his girlfriend, Samantha Moore, to go to bed as she screamed for him to let her leave. Initially, neither person would answer the knocks at the door, but eventually, Samantha opened the door, and they both exited. She explained they had an argument over her phone being stolen that turned physical when Adam grabbed her and threw her onto the ground, then pushed her into a wall. Police documented multiple bruises and abrasions on the victim at the scene. Adam denied everything and said she was the one that had assaulted him, and he simply “placed her in the bedroom” to stop her from kicking him. Adam was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

Joseph Conley floated naked in rooftop hottub while police onlooked & awaited his departure

28-year-old Joseph Daniel Conley was charged with public indecency and criminal trespass in the early morning hours of December 26th. Police say Conley was found naked in a rooftop hot tub by the security staff of The Placemakr Premier SoBro apartment complex on Demonbreun St. Police asked him to leave the hot tub. Still, he continued to float naked while they awaited his departure from the water. After police threatened to forcibly remove him from the tub, Conley eventually exited the tub and got dressed for his ride to booking.

British tourist Elliot Williams punches man on Broadway & his wife in hotel room

27-year-old British tourist Elliot Williams faces charges from two separate incidents this week in downtown Nashville. On Tuesday, he and a friend, Patrick Doran, were harassing multiple vendors on Broadway. Williams punched Conor Patrick Wall in the face, causing him to fall and hit his head. The victim was transported to Vanderbilt, where the attending physician said he may have sustained a brain injury. Williams fled the scene back to his room at the DoubleTree Hotel, where police were called a short time later after he reportedly assaulted his wife, Jenny Moore. She states the two were in an argument, and when she tried to leave the hotel room, he blocked the doorway and struck her in the face. She had a busted lip and was bleeding from the assault, along with a small pool of blood on the bed. During this interaction, police recognized Williams from the earlier incident on Broadway, and he was taken into custody for both incidents.

Drunk downtown tourist Thomas Noble believes he’s in 2023 Las Vegas

37-year-old Thomas Noble was staying at the Double Tree Hotel in downtown Nashville Tuesday night. The hotel he returned to after a night of downtown drinking, however, was the Omni Hotel, just south of Broadway and about a 15-minute walk away. Hotel staff says Noble had been at their hotel lobby for “several hours,” during which they kept attempting to return him to his proper hotel. They eventually arranged for a taxi to take him to the Double Tree, but when it arrived, he refused to get inside. Police eventually had to be called and say Noble was extremely intoxicated and believed it was 2023 and that he was in Nevada. He was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Tourist Whitney Busse charged in assault of her boyfriend during Nashville trip

43-year-old Whitney Ann Busse is charged with the domestic assault of her boyfriend, Ryan Langwald, during their trip to Nashville this week. Metro Nashville Police responded to the Drury Inn in downtown Nashville to find Ryan injured, and he explained the couple was in a verbal argument which escalated when he attempted to leave the location to de-escalate the situation. He says as he attempted to leave, Whitney blocked the door and pushed him into the deadbolt, causing a cut on his arm when he attempted to reach around her to open the door. Whitney says he was just trying to leave to go party, and she didn’t want him to miss his work meeting the next morning.

A drunken Alyssa McCoy booted from Tootsie’s & wraps her legs around MNPD Officer Blake Lutz in assault

Police say 29-year-old Alyssa McCoy was ordered to leave Tootsie’s late Wednesday night due to her level of intoxication. She refused and demanded the bouncers explain to her why she had to leave. They attempted to escort her from the venue, at which point she became aggressive with them, and they detained her until the police arrived. Police were going to issue her a citation for the trespass and let her arrange a safe way home, but Alyssa McCoy refused to sign the citation or provide a fingerprint for it. As officers were placing her into physical custody, she used a car to push away from them. Once in handcuffs, McCoy wrapped her legs around Officer Blake Lutz and refused to let go. As officers separated her from his leg, she began to kick him multiple times.

Convention Attendee Casey Seibert found passed out drunk on sidewalk at 3 a.m. in downtown Nashville

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, shortly after last call, Metro Nashville Police observed 45-year-old Casey Seibert passed out at the intersection of 7th Ave S & McGavock Street in the middle of downtown Nashville. Officers were eventually able to wake the man, who was in town for the ScanSource Connect event, but he was uncooperative and refused to answer any questions. Due to his inability to care for himself, Seibert was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Louisiana Tourist Amos Bennett admits to assaulting wife in downtown Nashville Hotel

54-year-old Amos Bennett and his wife, Katie Bennett, were visiting Nashville this weekend from Louisiana when Metro Nashville Police responded to their room at the Drury Hotel downtown for a domestic disturbance call. Amos met officers as they arrived and stated he became upset with his wife and kicked her in the knee while she was sitting on the ground. Officers entered the room and found his wife sitting on the ground, crying in pain with an obvious injury. She was transported to centennial for treatment, and Amos was transported to booking, where he was charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.