Nicole Moore charged with public intoxication after unable locate friend, knocking on random doors

Late Tuesday night, downtown officers were called to Middleton Street on a complaint of 29-year-old Nicole Moore pulling on door handles and knocking on the doors of random apartments and condos in the area. Police noted her to be extremely intoxicated, unsteady when standing, smelling of alcohol, and with slurred speech. She does not live in the area but stated she was visiting a friend who she was unable to locate.

James Harrison deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville — peeing in public

30-year-old James Harrison was deemed to be extremely intoxicated when he whipped it out in the middle of a downtown Nashville parking lot and began to pee in public in front of officers and others. As police made contact he was unsteady on his feet and showed an inability to care for himself. He was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Austin Fowler charged with public intoxication while walking to a downtown bar

27-year-old Austin Fowler was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Saturday night after police found him heavily intoxicated and walking on the right shoulder of I-24W just before the 2nd Ave S. exit. He was reportedly stumbling and smelled strongly of alcohol. He told police he was simply trying to walk to a bar. Fowler was jailed for public intoxication.

Atlanta man charged with assault of officer & hotel employee — Joshua Mumaw arrested

Metro Police say 39-year-old Joshua Thomas Mumaw, from Atlanta, was fighting another man in the lobby of the Noelle Hotel in downtown Nashville Friday night. While attempting to break up the fight, a female member of the hotel staff was also assaulted. By the time police arrived, Mumaw was back in his room, and police explained he had been trespassed from the property and would have to leave. He refused, and while standing in the hallway of the hotel, Mumaw suddenly bent down to a squatting position and then launched his head backward, sticking Officer Krausman in his jaw, causing an injury.

Drunk man found in apartment complex trying to rent a room

19-year-old Brody Caviness was charged with public intoxication and consumption of alcohol while under 21 after he was found in an apartment complex attempting “to rent a room at the hotel.”

MNPD arrests man for 0.5 gram ‘partial joint’ found in vehicle after observing ‘significant smoke’

#MNPD Officer Blake Lutz (who once claimed to smell factory sealed THC Gummy Bears from outside a vehicle) has done it again. On Thursday, he physically arrested a 24-year-old for possession of a 0.5 gram partially smoked joint, after seeing ‘significant smoke’ coming from the parked vehicle. Caleb Brown remains jailed, unable to post his $2,000 bond.

MNPD claims to ‘smell’ THC gummy bear edibles – Gerald Mushi #Arrested

On 04/04/18, MNPD Officer Blake Lutz stopped Geral Mushi for running a stop sign at Blairfield & Ohara Drive. When Officer Blake Lutz approached the vehicle, which Gerald Mushi was driving, he stated he could smell the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.  Mushi denied any marijuana being in the vehicle. Officer Lutz used his claim of ‘smelling’ marijuana to justify a search of the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, Officer Lutz did not find any marijuana plant, or lighters, or anything related to smoking marijuana, or any marijuana…